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Well without further ado I bring chapter one of Resentment! Enjoy!

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I've always heard follow the light at the end of the tunnel. It will bring you to a beautiful place. What happens when the light goes out before you reach the end? Are you forced into the darkness forever? For me I would have to say yes, that it is very true. Especially when you're dealing with dying for the second time.

The last few moments before my true death were such a blur.

There were people. No, not just any people the Cullens. Thinking of the name still pulled uneasy strings on my heart. There was Alice…crying. Carlisle….And dare I think the name. No I can't do that. But he was there too.

The light was beginning to wrap around me and the voices had started to become muddled. I opened my eyes so slowly to see the sight of a broken angel. Yes, he didn't love me anymore but I couldn't bare seeing him suffer. I mustered up all my strength to speak.

"Edward." I struggled with the name that burned off my lips as well as my lungs working against me. I had to let him know that he shouldn't be upset. "I'm sorry." I tried to communicate with my eyes that I meant it, that this was all my fault. "For all of this."

My eyes began to close against my will. The light was growing brighter, almost blinding.

I felt a pressure by my ear and all I could make out of the soft muddled words was sorry. I wanted to speak more but I was losing the fight with my body. Just as the light was going to consume my entire being it seemed like I was falling and the light was beginning to disappear.

A burn unlike I had ever felt before paralyzed me. I couldn't even scream or move it hurt all too much.

Instead of focusing on the pain I tried to think of better thoughts, happier thoughts. Jacob's face came into my mind and all the time we had spent together. The days at the garage and all the reckless adventures we had. Then like a flash forward blur I remember these last few months. Victoria had killed him to gain me and torture me to this death and ultimately his death also. It was then I stopped trying to become distracted and let the burning and guilt consume me.

It was my fault people I cared about were dead, Jacob, my Jacob dead. I tried to move on to something else. Seeing the look on Edw…, I still couldn't think of him it hurt, his face. That was shattering. But he didn't love me, he left me alone completely shattered and broken. I quickly came to the conclusion he was only upset because it was one of his kind to have killed me. That was the only logical explanation.

The burning was a livewire never stopping for one single moment. I could still hear noises though they were still muddled. I could swear I picked up on screaming and crying but none of it made sense. Then a pattering noise seemed to repeat for a bit and I tried concentrating on that rather than the pain.

All of a sudden the burning got so much worse. I found the will to scream. I could not handle it anymore. And then just like that it stopped. Everything stopped. There was no more pain, no burning, no light, just the darkness and silence.

I opened my eyes to find nothing but black. Where was I? This couldn't possibly be hell could it? After all the suffering I had gone through to end up in nothing. Was I in some sort of purgatory? I tried to extend my arm to find it hit something hard above me. I began to feel around my new surroundings.

It was long and very box like. I let that sink in my brain for a second before it clicked. I had been buried alive. I had been buried alive! I began to panic. I started to scream for help but being six feet under wouldn't do me much. I started to pound on the top of the casket when my hand shot right through it.

I marveled at the fact that caskets must have not been mad to sturdy just to look pretty. Good things zombies didn't actually exist or we'd have quite the problem in civilization. I smiled at my amusing thought but was quickly cut short when dirt began to flow steadily into the casket.

I debated for about half a second on what to do. Get smothered alive or try to dig myself out. I chose the latter. I punched my other arm through then created a hole big enough for me to slip through. The dirt was cascading down quickly. It was then I realized I should hold my breath but I was not breathing in the first place. The thought of me being a zombie crossed my mind for a quick moment before I started to claw my way up.

It didn't take nearly as long as I expected and when my head broke through I gasped for air to fill my lungs. Maybe I had just acquired amazing breath holding skills in my near death experience. A slight burn was forming in the back of my throat. But I figured it was from the screaming and lack of hydrates for I didn't even know how many days that caused it.

I pulled myself out of the hole in the ground and saw that the dirt was relatively new a few days at most perhaps. I began to wipe the dirt off my clothes when a rain drop hit the side of my check. I turned around to look at the sky and gasped at what I saw.

I stood there marveled. I just couldn't grasp it. I was staring straight at my grave. The base was a beautiful white so pure and clean. I slowly looked over each letter, each word so very carefully.
Isabella Marie Swan
September 13 1987 – March 16 2006
Loved Daughter and Friend
Angels exist among us and heaven has received one more.
You will be forever missed.

The grave stone molded up into a beautiful angel pointing to the sky. The look on her face was so content. I reached out and stroked her cheek softly.

A wind began to pick up along with a slight drizzle. Suddenly the burn in the back of my throat flared and I almost went into shock. I had put the pieces of the puzzle together.

I wasn't dead. I was a monster. I was one of them.