Hotel Dusk: Room 215—Angel's Second Wish

For those who don't know the story well, there is a brief synopsis for the story prior to this story. I'll pick up from the main story ending so nothing about the additional scenes and all the other stuff. Think of this as the pick up after the first run-through of the game without the alternate endings.

I'm KylexRachel fan..simply because Mila seems to be too young for Kyle...but there are Mila Kyle moments...

Kyle Hyde: protagonist, the "I couldn't careless" type though has a huge agenda with his pal Bradley for betraying him back at NYPD and tends to receive a lot of heart-to-heart talks with people. After solving the mysteries of Hotel Dusk, he takes off onto the open road and attempts to work out his life beyond his obsession to find Bradley.

Mila Evans: The girl picked up at Hotel Dusk, she's nineteen and was in a coma for 10 yrs since she was nine. Mila left the hotel with Kyle after knowing the truth behind his father's disappearance and his scamming plots. She sticks to Kyle, not knowing what to do about her future either.

Ed: Boss of Red Crown, the door-to-door sales company Kyle worked for after he quit the force. On the surface it's just a sales company, but it has other businesses on the side such as tracking lost items etc. He's friend with Kyle's father, who was a safe cracker, and has a quite mysterious background. Also, Ed's got many connections.

Rachel: Secretary at Red Crown, an informative, smart and sharp woman who seems to be very close with Kyle. Her background is unknown.

Brian Bradley: NYPD officer who betrayed his partner, Kyle, and worked for Nile (large painting smuggling organization). His current location is unknown, most likely on the run.

Chapter One: The Open Road

December 29, 11:00 am, Highway

The car rumbles on the seemingly endless highway. The scorching sun made the surroundings surreal like the bright fuming smoke, sharp for the human eye. Inside the olive green car sat a man and a girl.

Mila: "Mr. Hyde?"

The girl broke the silence first.

Kyle: "Yeah?"

Mila: "Can I call you Kyle?"

Kyle: "…sure, why not." He turned to look out the side window. Flat land stretched endlessly, scarce green bushes scattered like stars on the horizon.

Mila: "Where are we going?" She looked at him, trying to catch his eyes.

Kyle: "… …" He looked straight onto the highway, avoiding her eyes and falling into silence.

Mila: "It's okay. I know." The girl nodded, and smiled a little.

Kyle: "Know what?" Her words caught his attention; he looked at her through the side of his eyes.

Mila: "What it's like to be lost, all of a sudden." The girl looked out her side of the window, and leaned her head against the window.

Kyle: "! … …" His eyes widened for a moment, as if trying to make sense out of the words. Then, his brows came together in a knot and he gripped the wheels tighter.

Mila: "But it's okay now. At least we are the same, and together." Her words were penetrating to him. She looked aimlessly at the passing bushes under the glaring sun.

Kyle: "…yeah?" He grinned a little, sadly. He looked ahead, memories flashed back:

That fateful day, and that moment when the trigger was pulled:


The question has been answered, right? C'mon Hyde, why are you still so worked up about Bradley? The letter's already enough to shake off that old goose chase now. Why are you hesitating? Get this girl a good place to stay and then off you go back to the old routing with Ed, right?


Kyle blinked. A road sign was coming up. It reads: Los Angelus 86 Miles.

Perhaps it really is time to throw out all that crap about Bradley and Dunning and take care of the girl first. She can't always be drifting with a salesman like this.

Kyle: "Mila, so what do you want to do?"

Mila: "I don't know. But I have something in mind."

Kyle: "Yeah? Tell me."

Mila: "I want to find Papa."

Kyle: "...!…"

Mila: "I know. Papa is probably…dead. Isn't he?" She looked blanked out. Her eyes gazing into space, yet no tears came out.

Kyle: "You…" He tried to say something, to persuade her.

Heck, Hyde. You know first hand of these wild searches. Your not really the one to tell her anything after what you did with your life for the past years.

Mila: "I think… he's alive. I don't know why. I…just know it." She looked at him directly in the eye. Her eyes are as clear as ever: "I want to find him. It doesn't matter where he is or what he's done. I…want to see him."

Kyle: "Mila…" He looked at her as well, the eyes collided. He gave up almost instantly: "Ok." He sighed. Those eyes were awfully familiar and personal. Is that how his eyes looked for all these past years?

Mila: "I know you would understand." She smiled again. Like a young child, she's innocent about the world. Yet, she's been through so much, the inconvenient truth behind her father, the disappearance of her friend. She's a fragile 9 year-old in a nineteen-year old body trapped in the cruel world of the grown ups.

Kyle: "…how would you like to go to the big cities for a change?" He remembered the road sign.

Mila: "Big cities?" She looked at him with confusion.

Kyle: "Yeah. Big neon lights, cars, stores…all that. Think you want to pay a visit to L.A and start a fresh there?"

Mila looked at him intently, then, with hesitation, she nodded.

Kyle: "…k." He looked onto the road way again. This time, he did not try to look at her again.

December 29, 3:00 pm, Los Angelus streets

Kyle: "Well, what do you know? Busy as ever, just like the Big Apple." He honked at the yellow cab that just cut in front of him.

Mila: "…"

Kyle: "What's wrong?" He looked at her. She looked worried and scared.

Mila: "Nothing." She shook her head.

Kyle: "If it's nothing then why are you shaking like your at the mid of snow storm?" He grabbed her hand with his right hands as his left hand handled the wheel. "You are freezing!" His brows knotted again.

Mila: "It's…scary here." She pulled her hands away and rolled herself into a ball in the front seat.

Kyle: "You've got nothing to worry about." He placed his right hand back on the leather wheel. The iciness remains in the center of his palm.

Mila: "Huh?" She looked at him.

Kyle: "I'm here, right? When I'm here, you know you got nothing to worry about. I can handle it." He tried his best at putting the macho man act.

Smart move, Hyde, to place yourself like this, that slum of that hotel has really turned you into a sap.

Mila: "…thank you." She smiled again at him and nodded slightly. Her body relaxed a little.

Kyle: "… …"

The car fell into silence again.

December 29, 3:35 pm, Downtown

Kyle: "We are here." He grinned. The diner he parked in front of was called "The Fisherman's Joint". "Best fish burger I ever had, got the price that compliments the taste too." He looked at Mila.

Mila looked at the dinner through the window. Her face was almost pressing against the window, like a child looking at some toy through the showcase.

Kyle: "We're here." He pulled the keys and opened the door. The moment his feet laid on the ground, he grinned again.

The big metropolitan feel, it's like a rush to the head, brings back some fond memories back then, when life was still under the sun.

Mila also stepped out, timidly. The large city seemed to have shocker her. She looked blankly at the street. People rushed by without seeing her and busy cars and pedestrians filled the narrow street.

Kyle: "Let's get you a bite to eat." He walked up to Mila and looked at her. "Let's go."

Mila nodded, and quickly, she grabbed his left hand.

Kyle: "!"

She looked at him blankly: "What's wrong?"

Kyle: "No…nothing." He gripped back on her hands.

Don't be an idiot like Louie, she's still a kid. What's wrong with holding hands? Grow up, Hyde.

The two walked into the diner. The small wooden door creaked as the bell rang upon entry. The small diner unfolds in front of Kyle's eyes.

The same old, same old, huh

Kyle grinned to himself again. The small diner has only five tables, and the entire place is empty. At the counter in the middle was one big woman, probably the new waitress. Mila snuggled closer to Kyle.

Kyle: "It's fine." He looked at her and walked towards the waitress with Mila clinging to his arm.

Waitress: "What can I get you today?" She looked drowsy and bored, probably from standing too long without any customer.

Kyle: "Can I grab two large fish burgers, one plate of fries." He looked at Mila, who glanced intently at the surrounding. "…and two cups'o coffee please." He added.

Waitress: "Com'ing right up. Take a seat anywhere sir." She turned and walked into the kitchen without taking another glance.

Kyle: "Mila, take a seat now." He led her to a small table in the corner and sat down across from Mila. Newspaper clippings and photos covered the walls, and the smell of grease seems to be lingering in the air too long.

Mila was silent, her eyes glancing out the window at the busy pedestrians.

Kyle: "Not too fond of this big melting pot, huh." He picked up a napkin from the container on the table and started fiddling with it. There isn't much on the table except the one bottle of sugar and a box of napkins.

Mila shook her head.

Kyle: "Then what's wrong?" He looked at her curiously. What's got the girl so worked up?

Mila: "It's strange, to think that Papa might be amongst these people." She said curiously, her expression serene and calm.

Kyle: "…"

Still worrying 'bout her old man, guess that's better than sulking.

The door dinged, and a figure walked in.

Kyle: "Who's coming in?"

A young woman walked in alone. She was a brunette with bobbed hair and a suit. She looked around the diner and saw Kyle. She smiled a little and nodded before taking a seat right at the counter.

Just another customer

Kyle turned to look at Mila again. She was still looking at the street outside.

Waitress: "Grace! Long time no see!!" The loud mouthed waitress reminded Kyle of Rosa, but what's more important for that moment, was the name she called out.

Grace? Isn't that…

Kyle perked up his ears and looked at the counter. The woman was talking with the waitress.

Woman: "Hi Samantha." She smiled politely, her eyes weary.

Samantha: "How now, Gracie, you don't look so well. Did your son of a bitch of a boyfriend beat you again?" The waitress waved the oily spatula in her hand in an angry gesture.

Woman: "No, Samantha. It's…not him. And I need to repeat again, he's not my boyfriend, just a co-worker. " She smiled again at the waitress, looking tired as ever.

Samantha: "Well, girl! You outta leave that one devil of a man! I mean, for God's sake! You told me you got a husband and a daughter before. I know I'm repeating but why do you never try and find them." The waitress looked excited and passionate.

A husband and a daughter…could it be?

Kyle wanted to continue to eavesdrop on the conversation. Suddenly, the door was opened again, this time, in a rush.

Man: "Grace! What are you doing here?" A man stormed him. He looked aggressive and infuriated.

Typical thug-look.

Kyle told himself. Years of police experience lets him see someone upon first glance, especially the street runners.

Woman: "Well, Ken, I'm just…" The woman stood up, her expression panicking.

Man: "Just shut up! We got a bunch of items coming in and you need to be at the transaction!" The man grabbed her wrist and pulled her with him.

Woman: "Ah!" She gasped and was dragged out of the diner. It happened so fast Kyle didn't even straighten out the scene in his head.

A woman name Grace? Is it just a coincidence? She has a husband and a daughter, and she's not going back to them? Can this woman be related to the Woodward fellow and the kid Melissa?

Looks like it's going be another long night.