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Chapter 3: Paranoid

December 29, 4:40 pm, Fisherman's Joint

Kyle stared silently at the doorway while Mila hid behind his coat like a frightened rabbit.

Looks like the front door is out of the question and even if we make a break for the back door it'll just make me look more suspicious. Gotta think of something...gotta think of something....

Ideas flowed radically through his head yet nothing seemed to stick.

Dammit Kyle, If there's a use for your head it's now!

Kyle whirled around to examine his surrounding... then, Samantha's oily apron suddenly appeared from the kitchen.

Samantha: "What the....hey, what's going on here?"

She looked surprised with the police siren blaring outside and the men in uniform at the door.

Kyle locked his gaze onto the oily figure.

Kyle: "Hey! You gotta help me here. Your boss seems to think that I'm some thief when I was trying to use the phone like you said, now he's even got cops coming after me..."

He pointed at the door.

Before he finished and with the finger in the air, Samantha was already holding her apron in her hand and storming towards the entrance.

Samantha: "Hey! What's going on here? Boss, you being paranoid again?!" She jabbed her finger at the man who seems to be the boss of this place.

Man: "Hey, Sam! Don't you try to meddle with this one!"

Already ignoring the boss, Samantha turned towards the police officer.

Samantha: "Hey Officer, you know how boss gets all these "crazy" ideas about getting catching the crooks. Trust me, that man there is as harmless as you and me. I got this one."

She rolled her eyes a few times when mentioning the boss then she smiled at the police officers like they were family.

Officer: "Of course, Sam. Just try to calm him down. If there's any more problem don't hesitate calling again, k?"

Without hesitation and doubt, the officer smiled back as if it had all happened before.

Samantha: "You betcha Officer, I'll try to get him back to his caretaker now."

Officer: "Alright, good day ma'am. You too, take care. "

The officer touched he's cap and turned back to the car.

The street's already filled with curious spectators and none of them seemed to be concerned one bit.

Samantha: "Hey! What y'all looking at? This aren't some stage show. Shoo!"

She waved her oily apron violently at the crowd. Most people chuckled and turned away, but the kids stayed out to play in front of the restaurant.

Man: "Hey Sam! Why did you do that? I'm telling you! This guy's up to no good!"

He was large and buff, but seemed to lack any ability to resist Samantha. The whole time while she was talking, he stood behind her like an obedient child.

Samantha:" Ok, ok...whatever you say Boss...c'mon, let's get you back home..."

She hushed at the big man like treating an upset child. Suddenly, she turned her attention to Kyle.

Samantha: "Hey, good sir!"

Kyle, still absorbing the shock of the moment, uttered.

Kyle: "....Huh?"

Samantha: "Sorry about just now. The boss, well...let's just say he's not in a good mood today. You know what?...I'll compensate by letting you eat anything from the kitchen."

Kyle winced in confusion.

Kyle: "...Kitchen?"

Samantha: "Yeah, sir. Why don't you stay in this place and stay watch a little. Have whatever you like from the kitchen and I'll be back soon."

Man: "Your leaving the store to him?! Him of all of people? Why you...."

Samantha turned impatiently.

Samantha: "Ok big guy....let's head back to Cynthia. She must be worried sick..."

With that last line, she pushed the big man out of the door. Slowly, the door chimed and closed. The "Store Closed" sign flapped to face the outside and the two disappeared into the street.

Kyle stood in silence for a little while longer, more dumbfounded than usual.

The little tug at his coat brought him back to reality.

Mila: "Kyle? Are you ok?"

Right, Mila

Kyle: Oh, yeah...I'm fine."

He grinned a little, laughing at the situation just now.

Well, well Kyle. You really got dumb now didn't ya.

Kyle: "So, you still hungry? Why don't we head to the kitchen for something?"

Mila: "Um, I really just want to take a look. The burger tasted great, I want to see what place made it."

She smiled as if nothing had happened.

Kyle sighed.

I bet if I do take a look I'll probably never come back for a bite again.

Kyle:" Alright, why don't you head in. I'm gonna stay behind the counter, just in case someone comes in"

Mila thought for a moment, hesitant about leaving Kyle.

Mila: "....Alright, I'll be fast then."

Kyle nodded.

Kyle:" Off you go."

Mila ran into the kitchen, pushing past the big two way door.

Kyle sighed loudly. First day in L.A. and life's already a mess. Looks like Hotel Dusk is going to haunt more than it should. Not to mention the quest still continues.

After all...Bradley is still out there somewhere.


C'mon Kyle, why do you always gotta think of him? Geez...

Kyle shook his head at the thought.

*Chime* The door was opened with a swift push.

Kyle: "Who's there?"

Immediately, Kyle glanced at the door.

A young black boy stood at the door, looking about 11 or 12 years old. He had curled hair and a red nose that seems to explain the none stop sniffling. The sneakers and shorts looked way too old to be worn and he's t-shirt looked about 3 sizes too large.

Boy: "Sorry, sir. Didn't wanna scare you."

He wiped he's nose with he's arm.

Kyle: "Hey, Kid. Didn't you see the store sign? It's closed..."

Boy: "Yeah, I know. That's why I came in!"

He quickly seated himself on to the counter where Kyle's standing behind.

Kyle: "Hey, what part of closed do you not..."

Kyle was annoyed, he peered at the boy.

Boy: "Don't be so quick sir. You look new, wanna hear the story about the boss here?"

He smirked and followed it with a sniffle.

Kyle paused.

Well, already here so why ever not.

Kyle: "Fine...keep on talking."

Boy: "That's what I'm talking about!"

He smiled broadly.

Boy: "So yeah. I heard from the old people that years ago, maybe like 6 or 7 or something, the boss opened this place."

That sounds about right...I was here about 5 years ago and it was pretty new. Now it just looked like something the dog chewed up and spat out.

Boy: "Heard that he was an cop who got he's badge taken before opening this thing. MAN, heard that he accidently shot somebody important. So yeah, guy was young back then but he was pretty cockoo in the head."

The kid twirled he's finger around he's head.

Boy: "Everyday, he's always talking about catching the bad guys who took his badge and his gun. Said he' was framed. But a guy that cockoo it's probably a good thing."

Kyle: "So he's been like this since the beginning?"

Boy: "Yeah huh."

Kyle: "...Go on?"

Boy: "That's all I know, sir. I aren't some lame reporter, what do I know?"

Kyle silently told himself: brat

Kyle: "Alright...what do you want?"

Boy: "Wha?"

Ugh, playing dumb huh.

Kyle: "You can't be doing this without a reason. Spit it out...what do you want?"

Boy: "Haha, Sir! Your really something. Ok..ok...I just want something to eat."

He tried his best to do a puppy smile. Instead, Kyle sighed.

Kyle: ".......alright. Head into the kitchen."

Boy: "Alright! Thanks man!"

The boy wiped he's nose one last time jumped off the counter.

Kyle: "Hey! One more thing: my....little sister's in there. Don't you do anything to her."

Boy: "Alright, alright, I got you."

Kyle shook his head as the boy ran into the kitchen.

Alright, now that's out of the way...let's give a call to Ed before any other disaster strikes.

Kyle picked up the phone and dialled the number.


Female voice: "Hello, this is Red Crown."

Kyle smiled at the voice, somehow its familiarity brings some kind of peace to him.

At least someone in this world still remembers Kyle Hyde.

Kyle: "Hey, Rach."

On the other side, a smile appeared on the female secretary's lips.

Rachel: "Hey handsome, I thought you are in a ditch somewhere."

Kyle: "I guess you could say that. Been running into nothing but trouble."

Rachel:" You sound that way too...did you just get tackled by a bear?"

Kyle: "In a manner of speaking, yeah. You are working as psychic on the side now?"

Rachel: "Not as much as you are a retired cop who does good deed."

Kyle: "Somehow you always seem to predict the future huh."

Rachel: "I know you too well...."

Kyle: ".........So how's Ed?"

Rachel: "Always dodging the bullet. Anyways, I'll patch you through to him."

Kyle: "Thanks Rachel."


Ed: "Hey, Hyde. Your call's about an hour late you know, and I won't buy "I'm on the road"."

Kyle: "No, I was dealing with some...trouble."

Ed: "...ok Son, just don't bite more than you can chew."

Kyle: "I got it, Ed."

Ed: "Anyways, I got a little job for ya in L.A."

Kyle: "Yeah?"

Ed: "I need you to track down a cop, last time I heard he's badge got pulled."

Kyle: "!"

Ed: "What?"

Kyle: "Nothing, keep on going."

Ed: "Anyways, client request, says that the guy has something that doesn't belong to him and need to get it back."

Kyle: "...That's awfully shady sounding, not to mention vague."

Ed: "Yeah, but he's paying big bucks for it."

Kyle: "Alright, I got it."

Ed: "Hey."

Kyle:" Yeah?"

Ed: "....Don't lose yourself out there and let me know before you do anything stupid."

Kyle: "Since when have you been the fatherly figure?"

Ed: "Don't get smart with me. Got that?"

Kyle: "Yeah."

Ed: "K...I'll hand you back to Rachel. She's got some intel for you."


Rachel: "So how was the reunion?"

Kyle: "Since he threw me less than a quarter of a bone...I gotta work extra hard this time."

Rachel: "That doesn't sound like you at all. Do I hear the Great Kyle Hyde whining?"

Kyle: "Just a bit tired from today's episode."

Rachel: "Don't stretch yourself out too much Hon. Anyways, I got info on this rogue cop. Apparently he was stripped of he's cop badge when he committed murder over evidence. We don't know much about him since the police record seems to be extra vague. He's name is Bay Johnson and that's just about all we know. Maybe you can look into the local newspaper for some details dating back then."

Kyle: "Well, looking for a Bay Johnson in L.A is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack."

Rachel: "Then I suggest you start early, handsome."

Kyle: "Always the optimist."

Rachel: "Anyways, be careful out there."

Kyle: "....what's going on? First Ed now you? Is there a mysterious sympathy plague I don't know about?"

Rachel: "Well, have you looked into a mirror recently?"

Kyle: "........"

Rachel: "Don't be a grumpy old man. Take care now. "

Kyle: "Take care."


Kyle set the phone back into place.

The sun is almost disappearing from the city sky line. Night time is setting in and it seems that I'm no where close to getting whatever I'm looking for. This Bay Johnson...could he be related to that mental lump of muscle? What are the chances? I have to settle in, Mila too. I could really use a good night of sleep. Maybe tomorrow will all be better.

Woot! UPDATE! Being in engineering has really grinded away most of my literary energy..if I had any...but still...not sure if I style is changed or what...please RxR