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Grading papers and waiting for his next class Severus sighed. Now that the war was over he wondered why he still taught. He could have taken off to work on his experiments, gotten away from England and all the idiocy of the wizarding world. Yet, there was the supreme satisfaction he found from tormenting students. He found himself sighing again; if only they knew how much they did for him.

Reading yet another abysmal paper by a fifth year, he heard foot steps and assuming they were a students' did nothing but continue what he was doing. When he heard them coming closer and then he saw a pair of high heels too conservative and expensive to ever be a students he looked up. To his shock in front of him stood Ms. Munroe.

"Good afternoon Ms. Munroe. How can I help you?" Standing up he walked around his desk so he stood in front of her. In the time they had been here he didn't think that any of the mutant professors had ever visited any of his or his colleague's classes.

"Madame Pomfrey was busy at the moment as well as McGonagall so she sent me to ask if you could make a few potions. She's running a little low in her stocks she said."

"That's impossible. I made a brand new batch of everything only a few weeks ago. She can't have gone through it already," he frowned.

"Yes, she said that too. But apparently one of your students was badly pranked in the dinning hall. Considering that she thinks that she might have need for these soon." She handed him a list and he looked it over. Nothing extraordinary: sleep potions, bruising balm, burn salve, blood-replenishing, calming draught, pepper-up; all which would only take a few hours. While looking over the list he heard Monroe sigh.

"If only we had things like that. Something that could instantly heal bruises, burns and broken bones. It would be a God send to have things like those." She looked almost longingly at the list. Looking at her, the part of him that usually would have scoffed was quiet. Instead he explained.

"It's not so simple as that. They do not instantly heal nor are they fool proof. It all depends on the quality. The half-brains some of my students are could brew the exact potion as I, yet theirs would do nothing other than fill a gut or make a mess. And while I have exceptional skills, potion are still not the miracle workers you believe."

With a curious smile on her face she answered. "Still, to have something that did work as well as potions do would be wonderful. If only it were possible." Turning around she left, yet Snape began to wonder. No one really knew what would happen if a mutant took a potion. It was just assumed that they would react the same as a muggle; that it either wouldn't work or would act as a poison considering the ingredients. Yet…what if?

Brought out of his pondering he realized Munroe was gone and his students all there. Starting the lesson he yelled, insulted and flat out verbally injured them all. Just like any other day. But his class noticed he had less acid to him than usual and he found his mind kept wandering back to his earlier thoughts. It was definitely something to look into.


Harry sighed. It had it been such a long week. Too long to even want to think about. First the new arrivals from Hell and then it seemed all his classes were replaced with torture sessions from the inquisition's time. Fred and George were lucky they cut out before their seventh year. Harry could only imagine what he would have done if he had, and in every scenario it was always a hell of a lot more relaxed. However, that really seemed unlikely knowing who he was thinking about.

"Hey Harry!" Turning, he saw that Rogue and Hermione were walking up to him. After yesterday with what had happened in class the mutants had taken to going after magical students again, mostly Hermione. There had only been pranks pulled on her but it surprised him how many there had been. Yesterday there were four, all after the one at lunch. Harry didn't even know how many had tried today. Seeing Rogue with her he found himself smiling.

There were the few who had proved they were true friends. Kurt, Amanda, Poitr, Kitty, Sam, and Rogue. It was the last who help the most though. While Kurt and Amanda yelled and screamed and terrorized anyone who even thought about anything to do with Hermione, Rogue was the one who had stopped them. After dinner last night, it had been decided that someone should always be around and Rogue was the one who volunteered. Not that he complained, it gave him a reason to see her more.

Since the dance the two had been dancing around each other and it had only grown odder after his invitation to go with him on the trip. He didn't regret it but while the both of them wanted to be…close, it was hard to see that becoming possible. Harker had said nothing more about something for Rogue, but it wasn't like Harker really talked to anyone. Rogue he found was very uncomfortable putting so much trust in the girl.

Hermione briefly smiled at him and then made her way over to Ron, leaving Harry and Rogue alone. As Harry spoke they started to walk. "Hello yourself Rogue. What are you doing now?" There was nothing in this direction except the gym and while he was on his way to a self defense class, he didn't know why she would be heading there.

"Same reason as ya." Looking over he saw her smile almost coyly at him. Or, maybe he did know? He could only look back shocked with a hint of amusement.

He raised a brow again at her and asked hoping to get a little bit more of an explanation. "You are on your way to, on quote, 'a remedial self defense class in which we are all likely to die'?"

"What?" She asked. Rogue looked half confused and half amused. He mused he probably looked the same when he had first heard Kurt explain the class to him too. Shaking his head he explained, although he thought the whole idea was to get her to.

"Kurt, when he found out that all us magical students were getting a class from Professor Logan on self defense, started to inform everyone exactly what we were in for. He was exaggerating just a little, right?"

Rogue looked away for a second and had a very hard time hiding her smirk. He looked almost nervous and with all rights he should be. She just didn't have the heart to tell him how much Kurt was probably under-exaggerating. And she really felt sorry for him because he was not going to be walking straight afterwards tonight. She couldn't imagine what he was going to do tomorrow in his game.

"Yea, he was just tryin' ta scare ya. Ya know him and how he joke's." She couldn't look at him as she fought the smile of her face. It was horrible, she knew that, but at the same time too funny. She like every other mutant here remembered her first 'remedial class' with Logan. There simply was nothing that could be said to prepare anyone for them.

Letting out his breath he smiled again. "Good then." He sounded so relieved that it took every ounce of her control not to laugh sympathetically.

The two talked for a few more minutes, in which Harry never did get his answer, until they entered the gym. Walking in they immediately saw that Logan was waiting for all the upper year wizarding students with about a dozen of the older mutant students who Rogue went join. He guessed he got his answer. He also saw Amanda and Kurt were there as well as Sam, Poitr, Kitty and Keller. The others Harry didn't know except for Harker. Looking around at each other the magicals wondered what exactly all that was about. When told about this it was explicitly said that more older and experienced students would be helping out. All the others were either older or at least their age, while she was sixteen. Then again, Harry was still in a bit of shock that Rogue and the others were there as well.

As soon as all were there that were meant to be Logan stepped forward. "Welcome to self defense class. Now, before we start I want you all to run ten laps around the gym, go as long as you can… Well, what are you waiting for? Get moving!"

Scared at being growled at before the class had even started they took off. Most didn't make it to the fourth lap, poor Neville not even the second. Draco and Harry both made it to the end along with a very few others, most of whom were quidditch players, but they were winded to the point they were bent over, trying desperately to regain their breath.

Panting for their breaths though did not hinder their ability to hear what the mutants next words were. "One of the main problems with the wizarding school system is you have no such thing as a fitness class."

Seamus, who had barely made it to five laps, was the one person in the entire school who was actually stupid enough to fight the burly mutant on that. "We have our D.A.D.A. class. Always been good enough before."

At this Logan's entire attention was turned to the Irish student. At the taller man's stare Seamus cowered. "Really? If you were to get into a fight with any student in this school you would loose, simple as that. Without your wands, which ain't to be used outside of your classes and dorms, you'd be down in a second. Even the youngest of my students could take you all and because you have never had any decent classes you are also massively unfit as a whole. Only a few of you were even able to finish your laps, and those were easy compared to what else you all will be doin' in here. In this class not only will you learn how to fight well enough to defend yourselves, without your magic, you will also be kicked, and if need be beaten, into shape. Now today I want you to start with some stretches. Guys, go ahead and lead them in that." With those instructions he gave the reigns to his students. As he turned he saw a few of the magicals slack jawed. Probably figured he never talked. Truth was the was the most he had all week.

Snape and Malfoy, who had watched from the shadows since the beginning, watched as he came over. Logan thought to himself about Malfoy as he walked. Who knew what blonde was going to say about this. He already looked outraged by what his kid was doing. Wheezing for breath must be an un-Malfoy thing to do Logan mused. He chuckled. He would bet Summer's bike that those would be the first thing out of the pretty boy's mouth.

Coming to a stop he glanced back at the students. He found it funny seeing the next generation of X-Men teaching already. Charles would probably get all shiny eyed right about now. Thinking about it he probably was.

Turning back to the two he chuckled again. Snape had his hand on the blonde's arm. It didn't look like much but he could tell it was the only thing keeping the other from drawing his wand. Well since the fire was already there. "Like what ya see?"

The reaction was instantaneous. The aristocrat, the oh so posh and proper well mannered high citizen of the wizarding world, blew up.

"How dare you! Treating my child like a mere grunt foot soldier! My son is the heir to one of the oldest families in the entire whole of the wizarding world and you have him running in silly circles!"

Lucius at this point broke away from Severus and stormed over to the mutant. He stopped just short but was close enough that if either of them took a deep breath they would be touching. Logan found himself face to face with an angered wizard; he didn't even flinch.

"Now, you had better tell me one good reason for such trivial things like running and trying to touch your toes or I swear, you will know why the Dark Lord placed such great value in me above all his other Death Eaters."

Taking a moment Logan pondered if that threat really counted to him. He was half tempted to test it but decided not today. Someday yeah, he would and he would enjoy it, but at the moment he had a gym full of kids who didn't need to see nor be caught in that. From behind him he could hear that the children were close to finishing up so he decided to do the same.

"How do you expect them to fight if after a few punches they get tried, if they have the reflexes of a tree when they have to dodge something up close? Fighting with magic and fighting with your body are two completely different things. If they are to learn what they are here for, they can't fall over in the first couple of seconds. Now, if you don't mind I have to get back to my class."

Holding back the urge to throw a punch just to see him bleed Logan turned and walked back over to his class. When he turned however he saw that all eyes were on him. Great. Coming to stand in front of the group he found that there were a number of them who were winded by the stretches. He took a deep breath. This was going to take a lot of patience on his part. Why the Hell couldn't Scott do this?

"Alright, since most of you all look about to fall over why don't you take a seat. To start off with, the first thing you will be learning in here will not be how to us swords or how to fight. How this class will go is first we will start off with the basics mixed in with getting you into shape. Break falls, blocking, things to get you to the point where if you are in a fight you will last long enough to get away. Then we will build up to teaching you to fight and if any of you get far enough, we may add weapons in there somewhere but I doubt that any of you will. Now-"

"Wait, so you mean we won't even be learning to fight yet?" Blaise called out.

"No, not right away-"

"Isn't that the whole point of this class, to learn how to fight? Why even be here if all we're going to be doing is sitting around and listening to lectures?" Seamus called out. A murmur followed agreeing.

Logan glared at the child. He guessed that he was going to be a pest the entire time if nothing was done right now. "That's right Bub. At the moment not a one of you is actually ready to fight. But if you think you can I welcome you to try. If you can land one punch on any of my students then that what we'll do. If not, you listen to me."

Seamus hesitated. He hadn't expected that. "It wouldn't be a fair fight. They have their powers and we can't use our wands, like you said."

"No powers. Come on, you want to prove you are ready to fight then this is how you can do it."

"Ok than." Standing up he slowly made his way to the mats. Harry watched as the class cheered him on but he couldn't help but think this was going to end badly. Seamus was an ok fighter, with magic, but this was entirely different. And Harry thought Seamus was being an idiot to question the Professor. While he didn't think just following peoples words was what should be done, Harry thought that every point the man made was valid. Seeing how winded some of them were just from running ran that point home. So staying seated, he watched as Seamus waited for the Professor to choose who it was he would fight.

Logan had the perfect person in mind for this. Something to knock that ego down just a little bit more. He had nothing against the kid, it was just in this class, in his class, you have to listen to him. In science or in English you got a few points taken off. In here, you get hurt, or others did. Stopping in front of Harker he motioned his head. "You're up midget."

Her only response to that was to walk over to the mats. Seamus first looked disbelieving not thinking that they actually wanted him to fight someone who hardly met his chest. And then he laughed.

"You're joking right? You want me to deck a fourteen year old? No, no; get someone else. I won't hit a kid and I sure as hell won't hit a girl." Crossing his arms he stood back, waiting for a different opponent.

"Don't worry about it." Logan called behind him, saying nothing about the curse. Walking with his students they went off to the side and sat back to watch. A few of them were wearing small smiles Harry noticed. They all seemed to be expecting something, the same something Harry found he had thought was going to go wrong. Besides him he saw Draco shift and turned to see him watching intently. Harry mused that Draco was probably looking more forward to the fight now that Harker was in it. He was practically bouncing in his seat, if that was possible for a Malfoy.

Turning back, he saw Seamus had stepped back up. Looking at the two besides each other, anyone would think that Seamus didn't have anything to worry about. She was more than a head shorter than the Irish student. But the professor wouldn't have chosen Harker if he wasn't thinking something about this fight would knock something into Seamus. Harry guessed that was why he chose her; because no one would think she would win.

"Hey, look I'm sorry about this. I don't be wanting ya crying when this is all over but-"

Harker tilted her head, "Why, you'll be the one to hit the mat." She waited, arms behind her back. Seamus, who had grown up in a muggle home and knew a little about fighting, took up a boxing stance. It was sloppy Harry noticed, much like Dudley when he was first learning. Seamus, trying to show what a tough guy he was threw a few fake jabs which had no affect on Harker. Seeming to get fed up with not being able to get anything out of Harker he went to make an actual hit.

The entire room was stunned. He hadn't even come close.

The throw went wide. It went really wide. Grabbing as it passed Harker shoved him down. Seamus was eating mat and Harker only went back to the other side, arms behind her back again.

"See, there was no reason to apologize." She said it in her normal no emotion voice. There was no teasing or taunting in it, she was just stating a fact. Yet Seamus was seemed more angered by this than if she had.

Red faced, he got back up and charged at her. This time she didn't grab him, just tripped him as he went by. Again he went to the mat. This time though when he tried to catch himself he landed badly, to where the whole room heard a very loud snap.

He held his injured arm to his chest as he got up, with the help of Logan. "Just so you know, she's actually sixteen and the youngest member of the X-Men team. Ever. Now, why don't you get to the infirmary."

Logan had turned away towards the class but Seamus wasn't giving up. "So you had me fighting one of your best? Well then you have to do the same. She has to fight the best we have."

"Oh really? Well I don't think your teachers would really be up for that-"

"I don't mean Snape or Malfoy! I mean the head of the D. A. Harry was the one who taught most of us to fight in the first place, he'd be a match for her." The Irish student sneered up at Logan. And Logan found himself taken aback. Not that he was being glared at by a kid with pimples, no, he go that all the time. No, it was the fact that this kid was still fighting him and pulling in someone else to do something he couldn't.

No one noticed Harker or how her breath suddenly became hitched.

In fact at Seamus' words all eyes in the gym turned to Harry and all he could do was drop his own for a moment. He should have expected this. Turning his head back up he shook it. "No. I have no problems with how you're teaching this class Professor Logan. Sorry Seamus, but I won't finish something you started, not when I don't think you were right."

After a moment Snape grabbed Seamus by the arm and practically dragged him out of the room, sputtering the whole time. Harry in a small way felt bad, but really, there had been no reason for him to be so outright troublesome. While Harry no longer simply followed everything told to him he listened to Logan and what he said had made sense. Also Seamus proved with his wrist that going straight into fighting at this stage could not have been a wise thing.

"Well, as mister Finnegan just proved, sometimes the actual fighting is not the part you should worry about, but the falling. If you try to catch yourselves wrong you can easily break something. So the first thing you all get to learn is how to fall." And for the next four hours that was all they did. They fell in every way possible, with intervals of about every half hour where they would do more laps and then a few stretches. Not a single one of them was able to walk out of the room without some form of help. Harry and all the other quidditch players dreaded tomorrow, because by then all the adrenaline would have worn off and they would have to play feeling beat to hell.

As Harry and the others began limping out they were all talking about the class and the prospect of the game the next day. But before Ron could take more than a couple of steps he saw Harker and the instructor talking. After what Hermione had said she heard yesterday, he decided this could be something to hear. Calling to the others to go he walked over to the bleachers again and sat down to tie his shoe. He also just so happened to be close enough to hear what they were saying.

"-Logan, this is like any other job."

"I know small pint, but like most others ya had some back up."

"Not since I was fifteen."

"You're only sixteen now and the Professor only let you go on one job by yourself and on it you disappeared for a good few months." He gave her a sharp look.

Ron was shocked when he heard her hesitate to respond to that. He hadn't thought it possible to do to the girl. "…True, but I can do this on my own. It's only protecting some paranoid businessman for a few days."

"Yeah, only protecting." The man scoffed but Ron thought it sounded more like something an animal would produce when annoyed. "Fine then, I'll leave it alone; but I still think you should call Jack on this. The little empath could probably keep you from doing something stupid."

"Thank you but no. Jack has a gig in two days, something I will not drag him from. Don't worry Logan, I will be back in a week. Good night." With that she walked away.

"Yeah, just don't get killed. I don't think Jackie boy would appreciate it." She didn't answer, merely kept walking. Ron listened as she did, his head still down. He hadn't heard anything else and looking up he saw that Logan was staring at him. He didn't move as the mutant walked towards him but his heart was pounding, to the point he thought he could actually hear it. And if he could, the man in front of him surely could.

"I don't know why you're interested in Harker, or why any of your friends are, but a word of advice, ya might want to be careful. She don' look it but your pal Seamus can tell ya just how painful she can be. 'Night." With that reminder he walked off, leaving behind Ron as the lights went out, too stunned to even move then.


The game had started and up in the air all the players thought everything was going as it was supposed to. So did all in the audience. Except for a certain four.

Already four hours had passed in the game and even while every magical student and teacher there was used to such a long time for these games, the mutants were not. Many had long grown bored of the excitement coupled with them watching people on actual brooms. And Harry was not at all happy either. It just seemed like the snitch had disappeared all together. He had not even seen it once and he could tell that neither had the second year Slytherin seeker. Of course, it was the youngster's first game ever so he couldn't hold it against him but Harry was starting to wonder if perhaps something had happened to it.

Floating over to the Slytherin end he saw Draco motioning towards him. Smiling inwardly he thought about the second he came on to the field to see the blonde in front of the goal post at the end. Half his team nearly fell off their brooms when they saw he was the keeper, Harry included. Thinking back to the conversation he had had with Draco he groaned. It seemed ironic that the advice and criticism he had given was to Draco and he had not even known it! Shaking his head and returning back to the present he decided he had nothing else better to do so he went to see what he wanted.

Coming to a hover nearby Harry asked. "Yes oh glorious prince?"

"Faithful subject, have you seen anything yet? As much as I love to beat you, this is growing a little tiresome." It always amazed Harry that the snob never got a bloodied nose with how much he stuck it up in the air.

Laughing he answered back. "One, you have never beaten our team, not once, in the whole of six, going on seven, years so don't pull out the polishing rag quite yet for the cup. Two, no. If I had you could bet I wouldn't be just hovering." He grumped. This was starting to border on ridicules. Yes, there were such things as games that went on for days but never had one happened at Hogwarts and never had there ever been a game in which he played that lasted over three hours. The snitch in the school games was not as fast and elusive as professional ones.

In the crowd three of the brotherhood and one other had grown bored of their own little game. "Alright, this is so stupid now. Why don't we just let this go?" The blonde mutant held out the snitch in her hand which Julian had caught at the beginning of the game.

"Because you idiot, it won't work anymore. If you let it got Regan, it will only fall to the ground." Snatching the ball from her half-sister she showed her by throwing it at her head. After hitting Regan it fell, just like Martinique said.

"AH! You stupid skank!" Regan lunged for the other girl but a dark blond stopped the two of them before they could go at it, yet again.

"Hey, cut it out! I think I have an idea as to how we can make this game a little more fun. They need a ball, so why not give them one, and maybe a few more. You two up for it?" Looking at him curiously for a moment the two nodded their heads. "Julian? It would be a way to get at that kid you hate." Keller hesitated. Then, after a look towards one of the goal posts and seeing Potter just chilling out, he turned and nodded too. With that, Pyro pulled out his lighter.

Suddenly, Harry felt it before he saw anything. Warning alarms were screaming in his head and his extra sense suddenly leapt to the forefront of everything. Once he realized what happened and got used to it he looked around. His broom fell ten feet from his shock.

There were now about another twenty extra bludgers on the field but that wasn't what scared him. What they were made of did. He could tell to everyone they looked like normal balls, a glamour or illusion covering them, but really they were very compacted fire balls. Looking around with half normal, half magical view he saw that most of the others hadn't realized. In fact, one of Draco's beaters was just about to smack one with his bat.

"No!" But it was too late. With the impact of the bat the explosion was instantaneous. Fire was everywhere, engulfing the Slytherin in an instant. Covered in fire he started to fall.

Chaos filled the field as others noticed the odd happenings, yet now the balls seemed to be aiming for the players. The fallen student luckily hadn't been too far from the ground but that was all Harry was able to think as now a bludger was coming after him. He realized that there was nothing he could do magically, his wand could easily miss it and if anything else it might endanger everyone there. He still didn't fully understand, nor he could he fully control, his raw magic and now was not the time to chance that it might work.

Speeding along the field he dodged and swerved, noticing he had company. From behind him Draco yelled, keeping close on his tail, "What the Hell is going on Potter!"

"I don't know!" Below them the field was swarming with more of the balls and that drove all the players upward. Some who had been lower down were lucky and had been able to land and then get away, but there were still three of his players and two of Draco's in the air. While they were going up to try and avoid the balls below, they were still being followed and with the higher they climbed the worse the fall would be for any hit.

"We have to do something Potter. My younger members aren't used to this. They can't keep this up!"

"I know!"

"Can't you do something?"

"Not unless I want to put everyone in more danger than they are now," he yelled, dodging one that flew an inch over his ear. "This is like second year all over again!"

"I would prefer that one bludger to this any day!" As they swept around they saw another two get hit but not who. The flames caught them and they plummeted over a hundred feet. Any attempts to catch them were stopped by the other faux balls. Nothing could be done as all watched them fall.

Suddenly they stopped. Everything stopped. The balls, the falling players, everything. The two injured players Harry could see were lowered to the ground and the balls still remained where they were.

Thinking it was safe, Harry started to make his way towards the hurt players to help if he could. He never saw the new ball created or that it was headed right towards him. If it hadn't been for the yelling he wouldn't have thought to look around. When he did he saw that it was a foot at most away from him and there was nothing he could have done.

It exploded before it hit him, almost like it had hit a wall or something. That same something kept the heat and shockwave from hitting him when it exploded. He flew straight through the flames and smoke, for as good as he was, there was no way he couldn't have. The wall gone, he just cut through it, the heat brushing his face, bits of the flame staying with him. He didn't stop to put it out, just kept heading for the ground.

Landing, he took no notice of what was happening around him and just tried to get to the players. In the air he couldn't tell who they were but now, through gaps and fleeting chances, he saw that the two who fell were his; and one of them was Ron. In that second of time, seeing a glimpse of his best mate covered in burns, Harry just stopped. After years of adventures, of fighting for their lives and he still…seeing this pain in one of the few he loved, he would not be used to seeing it come in another hundred years.

Rushing over he tried to get to Ron, yet there were too many people. Not a one would move! He was growing so frustrated, why won't they just move dammit!? He was almost to the point of hexing every single one of them and had been going to draw his wand when suddenly he found himself picked up and carried through the throng of people. Looking he saw that Poitr was the one holding him while in front Kurt and Sam were parting all in their way. Had he not been so flustered he would have been embarrassed to be held and picked up like a girl but he was too worried to care at the moment. Ron was hurt and the damn bastards wouldn't move! Finally, finally! They came through the final circle of people and Poitr let him down but didn't let go completely. If he had Harry wouldn't have still been standing.

Ron was completely covered in burns. Where the skin wasn't an angry, agitated red from the burns, it was covered in black from the smoke. Most of his uniform was nothing more than a few wisps of crisp rags, hardly anything left. Snape stood over him working, casting spells and summoning vials and administrating them with quick but effective movements. Madame Pomfrey was working on the other who had fallen with Ron in the same manner.

"Severus, we need to get these three to the infirmary now."

"Alright." Immediately two stretchers appeared underneath them with a simple wand swish and with another they were three feet in the air and making their way into the school. Harry barely noticed the first player to fall being added to the following. He was about to go after them when a hand, wrinkled and weathered on his arm stopped him.

"Let them do what they need to Harry." Dumbledore said. "Pomfrey and Snape will be able to heal them, most likely completely but they need to do so with no distractions. There are others who need you more, people who need their friend and their captain."

Harry wanted to growl at the headmaster. Right now, Ron needed him. It was Ron and another one of his teammates who was hurt. He needed to be there, if not right there than right outside that door so he would be there the second it opened, to be there to help or to be the first to go in to see them or, hell, be the first they told! Yet Dumbledore, mighty Dumbledore wanted him to stay and keep others calm?! To be the one to keep them, everyone, together? That wasn't his job anymore! This was his best friend who needed him, his teammate and one of Draco's that he should be there for. He was no longer the golden boy who should have to stand in front of others and lead them. The war was over and so was the time where he would let himself be pushed into doing such.

"No Headmaster. It is Ron and my other teammate who needs me." Here he saw Hermione and Draco make their way to stand besides him. "Let the teachers, whose job it is, be there for the other students. Right now, I am going where I need to and that is to the infirmary."

With that he took off at a run with the other two right alongside him, leaving Dumbledore standing shocked and gaping, staring off after them.


It was three days of waiting on a couch outside the frost covered glass door of the infirmary before the three heard anything about their friends. The other two who had fallen were a fifth year Slytherin beater who had been the first to fall and who had the least damage, the other a third year Gryffindor chaser who had been the one to fall with Ron. He and Ron had been caught before they had hit the ground by one of the mutants but it seemed the fire balls had only grown more powerful as they went. Sever third degree burns had covered most of their bodies and they had been more than lucky that Snape had only just brewed a batch of very powerful burn healing potion or else they may have been permanently scared or maimed for the rest of their lives. If it had been older than even a few days it would have lost the extra amount of power it had to it, the same amount needed to make a full recovery for all three of them, barely.

Tuesday they were all sitting there, ignoring the fact that the teachers who passed every so often would throw a glare at them for skipping class. They didn't care. They were going to wait as long as it took until they could actually see that the three were alright. No amount of slipped sleep charms or evil death glares were going to make them move.

Hermione was leaning against Harry's side and Draco had his head set back against them wall, all at various point of slipping off into sleep when the door they had been watching for threes days opened and a smiling mediwitch stepped out. Immediately the three were up and rushing for the door. She had wisely stepped aside as the three stumbled, tripped and almost fell completely over after three very long days of little sleep or food and very much worry. In all her years she had never seen children more loyal and dedicated to each other than the ones right in front of her. Malfoy was a slight shock to her, yes, seeing him especially as a new addition to the group but not something she would ever throw scorn at. She rather liked it this way, him being their friend instead of the one putting them under her care.

Harry went to his player, Draco to his and Hermione to Ron. Harry wanted to rush over and make sure his best mate was alright but he had seen how the past days had torn at Hermione. She needed this time for herself and to make sure everything was alright. The events at the game had done more damage to her than even he could conceive. So he checked on his teammate.

"Hey Charlie, how you doing?"

"Good Caption. M' wondering when he get our rematch though?"

Harry laughed. "Haha, it was decided that there wouldn't be one. We will just leave it with the points we had before…everything."

The young chaser looked over at the Slytherin a bit worriedly. "I'm guessing Malfoy wasn't happy about that?"

"You kidding me? That's a given. He cursed for six hours straight when he heard that. He only shut up when Snape hit him with a sleep charm. Cursed another two when he woke up." The two laughed again and then after a few minutes of talking they finally got to the heart of what had caused this whole mess.

"So, what happened out there?" The three who were not attached to beds looked at each other. This was the part not a single one of them was looking forward to. Shifting in his seat Harry took point and explained all that happened. After about fifteen minute of summarizing the last three days silence hit the room. The three injured players were taking it all in. The fact that a few of the mutants had taken setting other people on fire as a mere prank angered not only them but the other three as well.

"Tell me Xavier is kicking them out, that they are in some way being punished for this?" Ron asked angrily.

Dammit Ron, that just had to be the first question you asked. In fact, none of the mutants involved had been punished at all by Xavier. Instead it had been Magneto who had done so. Harry hadn't heard exactly what that pertained to, and he couldn't be sure if Magneto handing out the punishment was better or worse than if Xavier had.

At Harry's hesitation Hermione took point. "No. Xavier can't do anything about the punishment for them. Magneto said flat out he would deal with his own. There were three of them. A fire starter named, ironically, Pryo and two illusionists who are sisters. I think they were more afraid of what he would do than what Xavier would have. When we saw them walking by, they looked like it was a Dementor that was waiting for them."

The six were silent for a few moments, all lost in their own thoughts. Some were thinking over the punishments they wished to happen, some going over how the entire thing happened again. Harry found himself wondering just what happened to the three mutants. Nothing had been heard about them since they first were handed over to Magneto. They had walked by the infirmary on their way to the dorms and Hermione hadn't been lying. They had looked so scared. He wished he knew what had happened. They had looked hard, like they couldn't care less about anything someone said to them be it a teacher or law officer. He wanted to say misfits but he could be called that so he didn't, but whatever the elder Brotherhood leader decided for them had scared them. So much that they had to drag one of the girls by. What could have been so bad that three who couldn't have cared about anything someone with authority said, looked like they were essentially walking down death row?

Suddenly Draco said something, interrupting all from their thoughts. Only Harry, Hermione and Ron really heard him though, the other two had gone back to sleep. "Well, I guess it was a good thing Harker put up that shield or else you would have been right here Harry."

Harry smiled a bit at that. Now that he thought about it he should go and thank Harker. Like Draco said, if she hadn't-

"But she wasn't there." Immediately the three zeroed in on Hermione. "Harker left for some job right after our training session on Friday. She still isn't back and she most defiantly wasn't there for the game."

"Yeah, I even heard her talking to Professor Logan about it. She left right after the class." Ron added.

Draco though was confused. "But if she wasn't there then how-"

"That doesn't matter right now." Harry interrupted. Figuring out how a shield had been put up wasn't what he wanted to think about. Over the last three days he had thought a lot over it, in between worrying over his friends and contemplating what was to happen to the three responsible. In all his thoughts he never found a conclusion he liked to anything. Lowering his voice and moving over to Ron's bed, Draco doing the same, he continued. "Right now we shouldn't be worrying about how I didn't end up in here-"

"Harry-" Hermione tried, but was interrupted by him.

"Hermione, what we should be thinking over is the fact Harker is gone. This right now is the perfect opportunity to find the Horcrux, if she does have one. We will never get another chance like now."

"Harry, do you really think-"

"Yes I do. This is most likely the only shot we'll get. We need to make sure, because even if it isn't Voldemort's or even a Horcrux it's dark magic… For some reason there is something in me saying to trust her, to believe she isn't dark, but my mind and my logic and everything we have seen so far say different. We know she has this and now might be the only time to look for it."

It was Ron who tried to reason with him next. "Mate, she could be getting back this very moment. And do you really think she would leave something like that unguarded and unprotected? She can create unbreakable shields Harry! Think about this-"

"I have and I still see this as the only time. It's perfect. No one will think anything about us being in that part of the school because we go there all the time. If there is something in there we need to get it!"

"Ok, let's say we do this. What if we can't even get in? Like Ron said she creates shields. What if there's one to keep us from even getting in her room? And this is Harker Harry. We know nothing about her. Jumping to conclusions-" Hermione explained but again was cut off. She was beginning to get very frustrated with her friend.

"You say what if there are shield keeping us out? I have a solution. Kreacher." With a pop the elder house-elf appeared. "Harker's shields are around the school and we know house-elves can apparate inside the wards of both Hogwarts and Malfoy manor; look what Dobby did second year. We now know they can get in here too it seems." Turning to the house-elf, he gave it his request. "Kreaher, I need your help tonight. Would you be willing to take me into a certain room within this school?"

Last year Harry and Kreacher had come to an understanding. Neither liked each other and Harry still had a lot of problems with him, but with the promise of having any of the possessions of Sirius's mother that Harry had found in the Black vaults that Kreacher wished, Kreacher now obeyed him, some, and stopped with the constant insults. "Of course Master Potter."

"Thank you Kreacher. I'll call for you when we get everything ready. Right now I need you to go back home before anyone finds you here."

"Yes Master Potter." Snapping his fingers the elf popped out of the infirmary. Silence hit Harry and when he looked up he saw a very pissed Hermione.


"Harry this is completely insane! This isn't a plan; this is a half a thought in that thick skull of yours that you are saying is a plan. We have no proof of anything and you are jumping as if she's already been tried and sentenced. Remember how many times we thought something about Snape and every time we were wrong?! Not only that but-"

"Hermione!" His yell cut off any other words she was about to say and shocked the other two. Taking a look to make sure the other two hadn't woken and that no upset school nurse came for him he exhaled. Turning back to Hermione he saw he upset her. He shouldn't have yelled at her. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this Hermione. I have to find out if the thing inside me that's screaming at me to trust her is wrong. I have to know whether the things that makes me trust you three, that has lead me through every encounter with Voldemort and has kept me alive for seventeen years, is wrong right now. I'm not going to condemn her, I'm going to try and clear her. I need you to understand this Hermione, please. Please, trust me here."

He looked at her pleadingly. There was nothing more he could say. He could beg her to trust him, but really, he knew that wouldn't help. He just needed her in on this.

After a few moments Hermione nodded her head. "Alright then. We can't let you do this by yourself. Knowing you you'd be caught by Harker and killed by Summers. But Harry, if you ever yell at me again there will be no one for Kreacher to follow because I will put an end to the Black line, I swear."

"Actually, the Black line would carry on to me if anything happened to Potter," Draco said absently.

"Keep it up Malfoy, and that threat will still stand." At her glare he shut up. Harry could see he wanted to say something but even Snape shut up sometimes when it came to Hermione. Turning to him Hermione continued. "So tonight. If this goes wrong Harry, I'll kill you."

Dinner time had hit, and while everyone was in the dinning hall, Harry and Draco were in the corridor leading to the mutant dorms. Draco was the lookout that would remain right outside the door while Hermione and Ron were placed down the way to give them the heads up using the coins from fifth year.

They came to a corner that Harry stopped and peaked around. At the end were the three Brotherhood members who had cause all the problems at the game. Behind him Harry could feel Draco tensing up and he had to grab him before the blonde could do anything.

"Wait Draco." Throwing his invisibility cloak over them the two listened. It wasn't hard to hear anything said even though the three were all the way at the other end of the hall.

"I can't believe Magneto did this!! Our powers, our POWERS!!! That damn bat and his fucking suggestion!" Bat? Harry and Draco looked at each other, both confused. "I'm not some lab rat that they can simply use-"

"Shut up Regan! We all lost our powers, not just you, so just shut the fuck up!" Martinique shouted.

"Why you bitc-"

"Enough, the both of you." Harry noticed the dark blonde with them. He was the one who actually created the fire balls. "Magneto said the potion was only temporary-" Potion? Bats, potions, experiments... Harry was beginning to maybe see where the idea of their punishment came from and what exactly it was.

"To a magical, not to us." And there it was, the answer. "We don't know how this will affect us, John."

Immediately the blonde had the brunet against the wall. Regan did nothing at all, except maybe look excited. "You ever call me that again and I'll kill you." Glaring at the girl his hand clenched around her throat before he stepped back. Martinique however didn't look fazed in the least and merely smirked at him.

"Fine, Pyro from now on then. But back to why idiot and us are here." The blonde behind her let out an enraged growl. "Why is it that there are only three of use that got the potion instead of four?"

"Because no one thought there was anyone involved. Julian got out of trouble because he was smart enough to have not said a damn thing."

Both Harry and Draco stared, stunned, at the three in front of them. Keller had been a part of it? Sharing a glance the two almost missed the new comer. "No, the reason I didn't get caught was because Xavier is too trusting. All he'd have to do is look in your heads, but that would be invading privacy."

"Julian! I swear I should go and tell old wheels' myself. If we have to be experiments then so do you!"

Regan turned around and was beginning to walk away when Martinique grabbed her. "No, why tattletale dear sister," Harry heard how she practically spat the word, "when we can use it? Julian here is probably wound tighter than 'stick up the ass' Summers. He would do anything to keep people from finding out. Xavier would expel him, and the magicals would hunt him down."

"Yeah, with something like this we'd own boy coward here." Pyro added.

"I'm no coward." Julian tried to defend but even with his back turned to him Harry could see him almost quivering.

"Yes you are. If you had any kind of spine you would have been right there with us, taking that damn potion. But scared little you probably hid in a closet somewhere until they already had us hauled off." The three laughed while Keller scowled at them.

"So what do you want?"

After a moment of thinking Pyro spoke. "Nothing now. But we'll think of something." With that the three walked away. Keller watched them as they went, hand clenching and unclenching. Then turning he walked in the other direction, right past Harry and Draco. Draco held Harry, thinking the other would likely jump Keller. Keller merely walked past though, never realizing the two were there. After a minute of waiting to make sure the hall was clear the two pulled off the cloak and were off again. Both almost missed the door they were looking for because of how deep in thought they were.

Yet Draco did stop and grabbed Harry to do so as well. Unlike all the other doors in the hall Harker's was completely bare. All there was on it was a nameplate. Amanda's door that was to the right had pictures of her and Kurt, some even of the Halloween party. Harry even saw one of himself on hers and he felt a stab of guilt in this. He needed to know yes, but he also knew that if Amanda ever found out she would hate him forever. Putting that aside he called Kreacher.

With a pop he was there, and with another they were on the other side of the door. Draco stayed outside to be the last lookout. Looking around, the door outside was a very good indication of the inside. The room was so bare that Harry would have guessed no one lived in it if not for the small signs. The desk was filled with books, all orderly stacked. The bed cover wasn't the standard issued one for newcomers, and last, there was one picture pinned to the wall. In it were Harker and Jack along with three other men and an older woman. Harker looked about thirteen maybe.

The only thing that was really out of place was the door in the corner. Harry had seen both Amanda's and Kurt's rooms and neither had a closet. There was a dresser, but not a closet.

Beginning to search he brought his extra sense out to help. Immediately he noticed two things. One, that the door was magic, likely a magic-me door. Second was, he felt the Horcrux.

On the desk in a little cabinet it pulsed to him. It was dulled down; he could hardly even feel it. Then, the realization of whose it was hit him hard. It was now impossible to ignore what it was. Not two feet from him was the last Horcrux, the last true Horcrux, of Voldemort. Harry could feel his ominous soul and black presence. In the back of his mind he could hear echoes of all those who had fallen because of him. The dozens upon dozens of muggles he saw tortured, raped, and killed. Order members, wizards in the streets, Mr. Weasley, Sirius, his father, his mum.

Walking to the desk his mind was half lost in the echoes. So lost he, almost absently, reached forward and tried to open the drawer. But before he could even touch it his hand hit a wall.

"Dammit, one of her bloody shields!" His whispers seemed to bounce around the walls, returning to scream at him tauntingly. Standing there he thought about how he could get it. As far as he knew there was nothing that could break one of her shields. The only thing that might work was…

Gathering his hands in front of him he started to summon some raw magic when in his pocket one of the coins went off. His first warning. Ignoring it he continued. He tried to gather his magic to break through, but it was almost like it was refusing. It fought and shuffled away from his grasp, but he needed it! He needed to destroy what he thought he already had. Yet it stayed out of his reach until both the second and then third coin went off as well, blazing almost red hot against his leg. Stopping and silently cursing he called for Kreacher and was outside the door. Immediately he grabbed Draco and the two popped out and right into the Gryffindor common room, right as the first mutant walked into the hall. She along with a few others heard the pop but thought nothing of it.

In the Gryffindor commons Harry turned to the elf. "Thank you Kreacher, we would have been lost without your help." The elf merely bowed but both Harry and Draco saw the shine in his eyes. Having a master that appreciated him was something the elf never had in Sirius, Harry knew. Like all house-elves, Kreacher merely wished to serve a master he approved of.

With another bow Kreacher popped out and a few seconds later Hermione and Ron came in, huffing and puffing. The three turned to Harry and he answered what none would ask.

"It's true. She has the last of Voldemort Horcrux."

Hermione stepped towards him, hesitating for the first time in her life to ask a question. "Then the locket, what was that then?"

"It was a Horcrux Hermione, I know that. Only now, I don't know whose."

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Now, below is that list of mutants I promised.

Mutant list...................................................................................................................................

Professor Charles Xavier: Telepath. Among the most powerful telepaths in the world. Can manipulate the minds of others, ranging up to 250 miles, warp perceptions to make himself seem invisible, project mental illusions, cause loss of particular memories, and induce pain or temporary mental and/or physical paralysis in others. Within close range, he can manipulate almost any number of minds for such simple feats.

Logan: Wolverine: Accelerated healing process and his skeleton is reinforced with the nearly-indestructible metal adamantium. The steel claws which he is known for are made of such.

Jean Grey: No alias: Telepathy which allows her to read, influence, control, and communicate with the minds of others and generate telepathic force blasts that can stun or kill others. Also pocesses very strong telekinesis.

Scott Summers: Cyclops: Emits red beams of very high powered energy from his eyes

Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy: Beast: Possesses superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed, despite his bulk. He possesses the agility of a great ape and the acrobatic prowess of an accomplished circus aerialist. Is covered in clue fur.

Warren Kenneth Worthington III: Angel: Flight via his large feathered wings. His wings have super strength, and they have a very flexible skeletal structure

Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake: Iceman: Can freeze ambient water vapor in immediate area into ice of any shape and form he wishes.

Ororo Iqadi T'Challa, née Munroe: Storm: Make and control almost all forms of weather and what all pertains to them. Ex: hurricane strength winds, lighting seemingly out of nowhere inside a buildings.

…...............…………………………..Xavier Students……………………………….................

Anna Marie: Rogue: Has the ability to absorb thoughts/personalities and abilities of individuals or several beings and sometimes their memories and certain characteristics as well.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin: Colossus: Transform his entire body into a form of 'organic steel' making him practically invulnerable and is super strong in both that form and his normal one.

Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde: Shadowcat: Can pass through solid matter.

Kurt Wagner: Nightcrawler: Teleportation. Unique physiology provides him superhuman agility, superior night vision, walk crawling, a prehensile tail, blue fur.

Harker: Impasse: Can create shields that are unbreakable, both around physical things and around the mind.

Julian Keller: Hellion: Telekinetic and able to fly at subsonic speeds, create telekinetic force fields, unleash powerful blasts of telekinetic force, and levitate and manipulate objects from afar. Has much power, almost one of the most powerful in the school, but not enough control.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock: Psylocke: Telepathy. She can read and project thoughts over long distances; control minds; subdue and tap into other's powers; affect people's memories; project psychic waves (psywaves); and generate psi-bolts that could stun, injure, or kill others. She could scan entire towns with her mind, and leaf through the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their condition or intentions. She could also probe individuals to check up on their status.

Samuel Zachary Guthrie: Cannonball: Can bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy is used as thrust to propel his body through the air like a rocket, at great heights and speeds with considerable maneuverability.

Joshua "Jay" Guthrie: Icarus: Red-colored, feathered angel-like wings allow flight and produce extensive regenerative enzymes allowing him to recover from normally fatal injuries. However, this healing factor comes from his wings.

Roberto "Bobby" da Costa: Sunspot: Absorb solar energy and convert it for use as physical strength.

Jamie Madrox: Multiple Man: Creates an identical physical living duplicate of himself upon any physical impact, possibly via extra dimensional mass acquisition. This process is spontaneous and cannot be prevented by Madrox.

Theresa Cassidy: Siryn: Possesses sonic powers similar to those of her father Banshee, although she is able to use her powers in ways that he apparently could not.

Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee: Wondera: Possesses the mutant ability to generate what she calls her "fireworks": energy globules that vary in degrees of power and intensity.

Tessa: Sage: Possesses a cyber-pathic mind that functions like a computer with unlimited storage capacity. Sage is able to record and analyze vast amounts of data, including the entire genetic code of another living being, and can also calculate complex statistics in mere seconds.

Davis "Davey" Cameron: Slipstream: Can generate a warp portal in the fabric of space and ride the resultant warp-wave akin to a surfer riding a wave. Can use this ability to travel to virtually any point on earth at faster-than-light speed, and can ferry others through the portal with him. While on a warp-wave, Slipstream's vision is narrowed to a pinpoint focus directly ahead of him to better allow him to safely transverse it.

James Proudstar: Warpath: Enhanced strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and senses; flight. In response to his mutant his body has grown to compensate, so he is about 7'2.

Rahne Sinclair: Wolfsbane: She has ability to transform herself into a wolf at will, while retaining her human intelligence, or into a transitional form which combines human and lupine aspects, looking similiar to a werewolf.

Hepzibah: Cat like mutant, possesses enhanced agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, hyper-keen senses, and superhumanly acute night vision and sense of smell. She also has retractable claws, and the ability to emit specific mind/mood-altering pheromones at will.

Victor Borkowski: Anole: Can stick to solid surfaces, and enhanced agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, and balance. Mutation has given him a reptilian appearance.


Storm-Leader of the Morlocks.

Callisto: Possesses enhanced senses of sight (including night vision), hearing, smell, taste, and touch, and possibly moderate degrees of enhanced strength and agility.

Caliban: Superhuman speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, agility and claws.

Spyke: Can extend self-repairing exoskeleton and projectile spikes.

Christina: Angel Dust: Superhuman strength and speed temporarily granted by her ability to chemically supercharge her adrenaline levels.

Maria Callasantos: Feral: Cat like appearance and abilities.

Shatter: His entire body is composed of a blue-black, diamond-hard, crystalline substance, which renders him invulnerable to most conventional attacks. He can regenerate lost limbs, and possesses the ability to crystallize any liquid substance he comes into contact with, such as water, oil, and presumably blood.

Cell: Can fuse his molecular structure into a uni-cellular organism that can harmlessly absorb attacks, disintegrate into a semi-liquid state to expand and stretch, release a digestive acid to metabolize food inside his body or burn into matter upon contact.

Electric Eve: Electrical generation. Could generate small bursts, or enough energy to kill a man and short circuit computer systems.


Leader: Erik Lehnsherr: Magneto: Manipulate the electromagnetic force to achieve a wide range of effects.

Jason Wynyard: Mastermind: Can perform illusions which affect all five of the senses.

Martinique Wynyard: Goddess Mastermind: Can perform illusions which affect all five of the senses and has limited telepathy.

Regan Wynyard: Mistress Mastermind: Can perform illusions which affect all five of the senses.

Raven Darkhölme: Mystique: Shape shift into the form of any person.

Victor Creed: Sabertooth: Accelerated healing and superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those possessed by certain animals.

St. John Allerdyce: Pyro: Can control and manipulate fire, yet not create it.

Pietro Maximoff: Quicksilver: Super speed.

Wanda Maximoff: Scarlet Witch: Hex bolts and flight.

Dominikos 'Vance' Ioannis Petrakis: Avalanche: Cause seismic vibrations.

Fred Dukes: Blob: Powers relate to the mass, strength, resilience and indestructibility of his obese body.

Mortimer Toynbee: Toad or The Terrible Toad-King: Can leap much similar to a toad and has many characteristics of a toad.

…………………..…Unassociated, graduated or other……………………….

Jack Mercer: Empath: Telepath and empath and can project emotions and thoughts to other people.

Remy LeBeau: Gambit: Has the ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy upon touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on impact. Gambit is unable to use this power to charge living objects. What he mostly uses this on is either playing cards or his staff.

Sean Cassidy: Banshee: He creates powerful sonic waves with his voice with which he can achieve various effects, often with the assistance of limited psionic abilities which function only in unison with his sonic power.

Emma Frost: White Queen: Possesses telepathy abilities almost matching those of Charles Xavier. As a result of undergoing a body-wide secondary mutation, Frost possesses the ability to transform her body into a flexible organic diamond form.

Alison Blaire: Dazzler: Turn sound vibrations into light.

Dr. Moira MacTaggert: Non-mutant: Geneticist.

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