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Just One Kiss Beneath The Mistletoe

~/I am going to kill Fred and George!/~ It was Christmas break once again at Hogwarts, and the devilish duo were at it again. This time it wouldn't be so easy to forgive and forget though....

Harry lifted his eyes to glare into the silver-gray ones that matched his own expression. Draco Malfoy! ~/DRACO **BLOODY** MALFOY!/~ Of all the people still staying at Hogwarts he had to be stuck here with him! ~/Yup! I am *definitely* going to kill the twins./~ he thought to himself

Here he was locked in some sort of spell box that he couldn't escape from with Draco Malfoy.... *under a mistletoe*!

Fred and George had thought it would be funny if all around the school they placed little strands of enchanted mistletoe; so that if any two people stepped under it together a barrier of light would surround them and not free them........ until they snogged for *at least* one minute. Different mistletoes had different times'. Fred and George had been... erm... nice enough to mention where most of the traps' were, but unfortunately enough Harry had been in a hurry and had forgotten all about the snog boxes', as they were now being called.

He had not been paying attention and had walked under it' the same second, as Malfoy had been walking in the other direction. Seeing as both were in a hurry they had not noticed each other until the cube had been set around them bouncing them back against each other as they hit the walls. At the same exact moment, after turing around to face their companions, they both shouted BLOODY FUCKING HELL NO!

That had been about 15 minutes ago. Now that Harry thought back about it, Fred and George had forgotten to mention this specific mistletoe to Harry; so even if he had been paying attention he would have not know to avoid it. They had *also* *not* mentioned that every time you fought against the barrier it got smaller and smaller, pressing the two inside closer and closer. *Obviously* both boys had fought against the barrier for all they were worth. Where as the cube of light had originally started out as 5 feet wide and 5 feet long... it was now about a 2 by 2; and Harry was very aware how close they were.

Dra-*Malfoy's* knee was inbetween his and Malfoy's hands were wrapped abound Harry's waist to give them more room. Harry's own arms he had decided to lift toward the ceiling of the box, his finger tips touching the top. He was also *extremely* aware of how tired his arms were getting, and fast. He couldn't take it any more and against his own will' he slowly lowered them so that they were now resting on Malfoy's shoulders,

Draco looked up at him curiously then a small smile tugged at his lips. Harry's eyes widened. ~/He almost looks cute when he does that.... *cute?!?!?!?* ACK! WHAT IN BLOODY FUCKING HELL I AM THINKING??/~


Potter.... can't we just get this over with? As much as I'd utterly *loathe* to do this.... ~/Well actually just the opposite.../~ I mean, I'd rather kiss.... *Pansy* than you.... ~/Ack! Yeah right... I'd kiss you now Potter.... If you'd only let me.... Argh I probably just ruined any chance I had.... Yeah like I had a chance! STUPID, STUPID DRACO!/~

Harry growled.

I am very hungry right now ~/Yeah hungry for you.../~ and we are already late for dinner... and I *don't* want to be stuck here for the rest of my life! ~/Oh but I do I do! Why can't I just shut up???/~ Draco continued, ignoring Harry's interruption.

What?! *No Way*!! We'll just have to wait until someone comes this way and then they can go get Fred and George so they can let me free and I can kill them!

~/Yup I ruined any chance there was...../~ Malfoy's gaze softened Harry..... please?


Harry was absolutely speechless. All he could do was gape at Draco. He had *never* called Harry by his real name or used the word please; much less in the *same sentence*! ~/Wait since when have I been calling him Draco??/~


~/I'm saved!/~ thought Harry. As soon as the student came in sight Harry started yelling at the top of his lungs.

Hey You! Kid! I am talking to you!! HEY KID!!

The boy who seemed to be about 2nd year just passed on unfazed.

*Fred and George are dead!!!!!!!!*

Draco looked up at him.

Not *only* have they made this cube sound proof but they made it *invisible* too!!! Harry whined.

Draco's eyes widened and his face almost broke out in a smile. He tired to catch himself; but it was too late Harry had already seen his expression, as a final try to cover it up he replaced the look with a blank one.

Well... It seems that there is only one way out of this..... he tried again .....*Please Harry*?

Harry was shocked once more, he just stared at Draco this time. ~/Why on earth is he.... asking' me if he can kiss me? If he wanted to get out *that* badly he would have done it already...... It is almost as if he wants to......?!/~ Harry was so deep in thought that he hadn't even noticed when Draco started to inch forward... although he didn't have far to go. What astonished Harry even more was to learn that he himself was slowly inching toward the other boy.

He came to his senses and pulled back violently hitting the wall and knocking it closer in on the two boys. Now they were *Reeeeaaaaalllyyyy* close.


~/Well that didn't work all to well... but at least I wasn't the *only* one leaning in for a kiss.... I guess it is good that we are closer together.... *much* closer... but if I stay like this for much longer... without kissing him.... my mind is going to be so full of dirty' thoughts that I'll have a *rock* hard on./~ he chuckled quietly at his joke and met Harry's eyes again.

~/At least he doesn't look angry anymore... just confused./~


And confused Harry was, *extremely* confused.


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