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A lot things come and go in our life. But through writing, we usually find ourselves expressing our thoughts, memories, feelings that our devious lips cannot utter. I dedicate this fic to my fellow friendly writers who bolstered up my life through supporting my fics (and you know who you are) and as well as those who heart 'tofuu' forever.

Fuuko propped her elbows on the study desk. She turned her gaze on the window. Outside, the dark blue sky was illuminated with the moon's golden glow while specks of stars glittered like diamonds. Owls hooted while crickets chirped. She messily scratched her violet tresses.

"Oooh...I'm going to be so dead by tomorrow!" Fuuko muttered darkly.

Lying atop at her wooden desk was parchment-like stationery. A couple of lines were filled with romanized letters. By next day, Fuuko knew that she must submit their class homework for English Literature. That piece of homework would be to write a poem. In English, of course.

Another school year has started for Fuuko. She was at her sophomore year, taking up Biology in the prestigious Tokyo University. She was having a hard time studying alright, but she was up to the challenge of what college life has to offer. Her never-say-die spirit would be her weapon.

She casually glanced at her waste basket; it was already half-filled with crumpled papers. Her black pen seemed to wait for her. They were supposed to write a poem about love because they had just finished discussing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for their lesson. Fuuko took her stationery, holding it against the desk lamp.

Sighing, she said, "This…probably will do!"

I'm not exactly the world's greatest poet, so our professor can't complain with this! No matter how hard she tries, words couldn't seem to pour in. There were no rhyming words, no style or whatever. Just a blank verse would do. Fuuko pouted her lips. On her paper were the words scribed:

Shades of Fall

As I met Love on the crossroad

He gave me colors in a box

"These are the colors of your love," he said

Spectrum of tints, crayons of my life

My hands trembled as I opened it

First shade from the box was blue

And I remember all too well

The melancholia creeping in my soul

Sitting alone in those azure sparkling zenith

I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Hoping that blue could heal my misery

Of pointless waiting and countless weeping

Believing that someday he'll wake up beside me

Gray freed itself, eager to escape

But the turmoil in my heart remained unset

He had me frozen like steel

He had me broken like crystal glass

Grayness painted my vision

Somehow, life without him is dreary

Like bleak clouds on a cloudy afternoon

Hopeless against the silver linings

Black sat motionless at the bottom

An inch it had never moved

I saw my own black pitch descend

Wish that some faded light would come

Chains kept my soul in the dark

Where pain and love bound me to stay

In his arms I can only find my repose

His lips will release me from shadows of sadness

Love chose those right hues for me

For my love was never red nor rainbow

Just blue, gray and black

Shades spilling on my canvas of existence

Vivid images in sepia color entered her mind. Fuuko was fighting the tears to slide down her face. But then, something heavy pound and throbbed inside her head. Pain kept growing at its worst.

"Oh no…not again!" Fuuko groaned.

Without further interruptions, her lovely face smacked down at her desk. Fuuko had passed out.

Yay! This was my first try in composing a poem so I apologize if it's not that good. Just like Fuuko, I'm not the world's greatest poet.

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