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Plop! Plop! Plop!

Overcast cheerless, nimbus-ridden sky gradually released its threatening raindrops. It pelted somewhat mellower than a drizzle, which leaves somebody in this crowd feel nostalgic about their first dance in the rain. But for a certain someone who has just broken her heart, I believe, raining meant to add more drama in your less-than-colorful farewell when your whole world started to crumble.

Chilly breeze swept from time to time but to the lovely purple-haired lady sitting at the wooden bench at the train station, she didn't seem to mind at all. It occurred to her that nothing could be more wintry than the numbing pain settling on her soul. Tear tracks were evident, glittering on her pale cheeks. It was as though she was on gallows, suffocated and wounded.

I'm supposed to strong and tough but why can't my tears just cease? Fuuko thought. Another harsh wind blew. Her eyes wandered around the vicinity. A couple of trains pulled along but she never dared to step inside the whistling carriage. As if she's waiting for something or better, someone, to declare that there's no need for her to depart, to flee.

Fuuko's azure orbs landed on a hand-made bookmark lay forgotten on the bench. Perhaps, this belonged to the stranger beside her just a moment ago. She was not in the mood for anything and yet, her piquing interest gotten the best of her. Reaching for the bookmark, she began reading each line that was inscribed on it.

Second Chance

The biting cold, standing all alone
my feet stuck beside an old street lamp
solaced by its weak and unfeeling light
Engulfed by anguish, fear and despair,
my soul , broken once again

Please stop making me feel special, I can never be with you again,
We're worlds apart

I looked up at sullen sky, then the rain fell
I closed my eyes and wished for it
to wash away the sins that I've done
and the feelings that I have for you,

But like the invincible rain,
I can't entrap it in my hands and make it stay,
I can't hold these emotions in, it's really hard
Am I going to be trapped in this turmoil forever?

I opened up my eyes, then there you were,
staring at me with the hazel eyes, that once arrested my life
With tears that I saw for the first time,
begging for me to stay

I fell in love once again,
Without the tender words, with only the sound of the rain,
Shivering and wet, I hugged you tightly,
Then you kissed me, sealed by love, and the promise of forever.


The wind child found herself silently weeping. Her tears were gushing, rolling uncontrollably on her face. She was already shivering from cold. Steady downpour of the rain began to form thin silver mist. Fuuko clearly remembered the reason why she was here at the train station. Strangely enough, there was an unnatural liking to laugh on her self-sympathy. Sardonic smile formed in her pink pout.

Fuuko swiftly ascended to her room upstairs, heavy footsteps echoed around the house. She banged the door to her room, launching herself directly to her cabinet. She snatched most of her clothes, stuffed her other belongings in a couple of knapsacks.

High color of rose inflamed her cheeks as she descended into the first landing. She heard his voice, alarmed.

"What do you think you're doing, Fuuko?" he demanded.

"I need a space where I couldn't inhale your perfume!" she retorted.

Surprise lingered on his eyes. "Put your things back, I mean it."

"No, I'm not going to put it back. I'm leaving and that's final," she wanted to scream at him, however, her shaking voice betrayed her.

"Why do we have to be like this?" Anguish and bitterness laced his voice. Tears partially clouded her blue orbs.

"I'm reflecting on that idea too, for Kami's sake!"

Seconds of silence gnawed their thoughts. Who wouldn't get exhausted, if not weary, of their countless hollerfest and misunderstandings? They were blissfully happy at first, an unlikely couple struggling to overcome trivial obstacles in a relationship. However, frayed edges became more visible as soon as sheaves of calendar tore away.

"You should warn me from beginning that you'll say goodbye, so that I may have at least prepared my heart from the pain."

"Then you should have told me that in by no means, I'll ever have your heart, Mi-chan," Fuuko said in almost croaked voice.

Facing away from him with her knapsacks tightly gripped in her hands, she marched towards the door. Once outside, pearly drops freely braced her cheekbones. Had Fuuko managed to take one last glance behind her, she would have seen how his tears slowly accentuated his marine orbs.

Withstanding the coldness was a forgivable bravery. But to weep, to conceal your agony in the middle of the rain was another thing. Is it tenacity or is it plain stupidity?

Suddenly, raindrops before the wind child disappeared. Fuuko lifted her face; a mixture of happiness and shock roused her.

"I should have known that this was a rather an untimely rain," said a familiar male voice. "You see, there's an imperfect yet lovely angel weeping like there's no tomorrow."

"Raiha," she whispered. Her best friend was here. Fuuko immediately stood up, while her handsome rescuer took his one arm to enclose her in an embrace. He planted a light kiss on her rain-flecked forehead.

Fuuko was relieved that she was now safe and unharmed. Someday, the ensui-wielder would understand why she left and may never come back. She has to face the consequences of her lie. Kami knows that despite their constant bickerings and squabbles, their benevolence and love for each other runs deeper everyday.

She has chosen to break his heart today rather than tomorrow, where she believed that her absence would make his heart harder to convalesce. Tomorrow will never be the same for the both of them. Second chances were highly unlikely to happen.

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