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Blue Coats and Guarding the Rifts

By Colleen

Chapter 11

Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time.

~Author Unknown

Xander shook the last of the sand out of his coat, putting it on before making his way back to the 'body'. Even in the dark, with only a flashlight to see by, it was easy to tell which footprints around the…skin were human and which were not. Strangely, the non-human ones lead away from the body to a storm drain, but there were none going up to the body to begin with.

Xander stared into the darkness of the giant pipe and tried to figure that one out. Did the creature have the ability to leap great distances, or had it simply fallen out of the sky.

"Immortal or not, you go in after that thing alone you're a bigger idiot than I thought." The blond vampire waved a hand towards the giant sewer pipe and the mangled steel mesh that no longer completely covered it.

"Spike, you've given your little warning, you don't have to stick around for the latest offering from the Hellmouth."

"Eh, Dru and the Bastard are out, so it's not like I've anything else to do."

Xander sighed, shaking his head while mentally agreeing that going into the dark underground hole would be just plain stupid. Of course, what that made wandering the beach in the dark with a vampire he wasn't quite sure.

Spike looked up at the stars and calculated the current time. "Hell, Sunnydale must have the worst police force on the planet; they should have been here by now."

Xander snorted. "It wouldn't surprise me if they don't come down here till dawn." He headed back down the beach, making a wide detour around the body and walking until he was out on the pier, overlooking the ocean. He glanced behind to notice a sudden lack of annoying vampire.

"Alone at last."

He chose to ignore the part of him that suddenly missed the bleached wonder.

With a shake of his head he sighed, then walked back out onto the sand to check under the pier. It would be a good hiding place for the… whatever it was he was looking for.

He was a little shaken when he found several piles of clothes, but as there were no weird bodily remains, he hoped they just belonged to a group of swimmers. The hope was verified when a group of students came up out of the surf. Xander grimaced slightly when he realized it was the swim club, but he waited anyway, wanting to talk with them.

He lost the chance to, when someone grabbed him from behind and snuffed out his flashlight.

Automatically he attempted to stomp down on his assailants foot, but whoever it was expected the move, shifting out of the way. At the same time, the attacker grabbed Xander's stun gun.

Never getting the chance to use the thing was seriously beginning to annoy him.

Screaming was his next option. Given the several buff looking guys getting dressed a few feet from him, he thought he'd have some chance at help.

"Shh, quiet. They wouldn't stand a chance and you know it." The voice was a low whisper in his ear. Xander grit his teeth but his voice was a soft whisper when he replied.



They waited as the swim team finished dressing and left, heading back up the beach towards the party, before Spike let him go.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Was fun, wasn't it."


"Sure, me, holding you all angry and scared, heart thumping, blood pumping and knowing that if you called for help you'd just get someone killed. Fun."

Spike had to laugh slightly at the expression on Xander's face. "No I'm not crazy, I'm evil, there's a difference."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that. Stun gun." He said, holding his hand out.

"Uh, uh, and get zapped?"

"Spike." Xander's jaw creaked as he clenched it.

"Fine, but I want something in return."

Xander unclenched his jaw, afraid he would sprain something, but that didn't mean he wasn't still annoyed. "Fine, what?"

"A kiss."

Dead. Silence.

"Spike, please stop messing with my head. My life's already odd enough without adding bad porno clichés." Jack's memories kept identifying the vampire as someone else and Xander did not need the headache of Spike merging in his mind with the many sexual encounters Jack had with his old partner.

"Not likely, but I'm not actually trying to mess with your head. "

"What? "

Spike sighed. "You're the one who smells like sex walking. It's getting bloody hard to ignore and I hate to say it, but I haven't been getting any lately."

"Ah, and suddenly I understand just why you want rid of Angelus so badly. Making time with your girl, is he?"

"Shut it."

"Is that anyway to talk to someone you want to kiss?"

Spike growled. "Do you want the gun back or not?"

Xander swallowed, because that growl… "Fine." His voice was pinched, as was another part of his anatomy.



Spikes face suddenly appeared in the darkness, lit up by Xander's flashlight. The blond turned and stuck the torch into a cross support for the pier so it would light the area without having to be held. Then Spike motioned for Xander to come to him.

"This is a such a bad idea." Xander stepped into his arms, wrapped his own around the vampire's back. He intended to tease and place a soft, almost chaste kiss on the vampire's lips.

Spike growled again and any rational thought went out the window as the vampire's mouth engulfed Xander's. A tongue demanded entry and Xander granted it with a moan, meeting Spike's with his own, to tangle it in battle. Spike shifted and Xander found himself laid out in the sand with the vampire on top of him. He broke the kiss. "Spike," he said, panting out the name. Spike chose that moment to nuzzle into Xander's neck and he jerked and tried to throw the vampire off him. "No!"

Spike looked up, his appearance still human. "Promise not to bite." He gave Xander's neck a lick. "Unless you ask, of course."

Xander groaned. "I suspect that's what I'm afraid of." Spike looked at him confused. "That I'll ask." He explained. There was willing and there was raped and what Angel had done was of the latter. However, even though he knew it was a horrible idea, some part of Xander wanted to experience it again, only willingly and with someone else. He just wasn't sure Spike was that someone.

He almost snorted at himself. He didn't trust Spike, but he trusted him more than he did any other vampire. Hell, he even trusted him more that Jack did his ex. True, that wasn't saying much, but it was still something.

Spike's lips moved up in an evil, evil smile and he unbuttoned Xander's outer shirt. He ran his hands up Xander's t-shirt covered chest; a little sad they'd be doing this with clothes on. Then he planted both hands in the sand on either side of Xander and used the position to arch his pelvis into Xander's. Spike didn't know what the sound was the boy made, but he liked it, so he did it again.

"God, Spike."

Chuckling, Spike ran his hands under the Xander's back, arching him slightly so he could nibble at his neck with greater ease while he continued to thrust against him.

Xander himself was thrusting back eagerly, not certain how they'd gone from a kiss to this, although he knew Jack had used similar situations to his own advantage. Then Spike reclaimed his attention and his mouth, and Xander actually whined, wrapping his legs around the older man for better leverage as the vampire continued to grind into him. His head fell back as Spike kissed along his jaw line before scraping blunt teeth across the sensitive skin of his neck. He continued on down to Xander's chest.

"Oh, fuck," the teen said as Spike tongued at one of his nipples through his t-shirt.

"I think we're already making a valiant attempt at that."

Xander laughed and let his head fall back even further, surprised at some of the noises he was making and that being touched, even through cloth, could feel so damn good.

Spike kissed him again, sucking hard at Xander's tongue and then moved to lick at his throat once more.

"Spike." Xander warned.

The vampire looked up at him, the smile on his face obscenely huge. Then he dove back to Xander's throat, not biting, just licking and sucking at it in a way that had the boy clutching at him and wondering why he wasn't asking.

Spike suddenly pulled away from Xander's throat and the boy made a noise that sounded like loss.

"Screw the cold, get your clothes off. "Spike growled.


"Get your clothes off, I need to feel you."

Xander shucked everything he was wearing at high speed and laid back down on the greatcoat. Spike slid back on top of him, naked and oh, hell, yeah, was that ever better. Xander went babbling inarticulate when Spike reached between them, giving the teen some extra attention. Then he pressed against Xander and started to move. Xander let off with a string of swear words that almost sounded like prayer as he quickly matched his movements to the tempo Spike set. He groaned as the vampire returned his attentions to his throat.



"I'm asking."

Spike lifted his head to look at him. Xander's breath caught as the vampire shifted to game face. For a brief moment he thought to take back what he'd said, and then it was too late.

Spike's teeth sliced cleanly into Xander's neck and he cried out as everything in his body locked in place. Then he was thrusting again, faster and harder. Then it was all just one glorious mess of movement and blood, and Xander was coming, Spike joining him a few moments later.

When Spike stopped drinking, Xander was sliding into unconsciousness from blood loss and actual recovery was probably 50/50. The vampire knew he could walk away, let the boy's friends find him and get him to a hospital. Alternately, he could turn him, although he suspected that the being immortal bit along with whatever it was Dru felt was wrong with him would turn that into a really bad idea. Third option, he could enjoy the rest of the boy's blood.

Given he was evil... it was an easy choice.


"Huh?" Was about all the teen could manage to say.

"Gonna drain you dry now."


Spike didn't know if that was agreement or not, but he took it as such. Teeth back in Xander's throat, he didn't stop until there was nothing left.


When Xander came back, gasping and struggling against the darkness (and didn't that feel a treat, again) he was surprised to find a hand, holding a lit cigarette in front of his face. Xander took it and pulled a drag off it before looking over to the still naked vampire.

Crap, what do you say to the evil undead just after having mind blowing sex with them that got you killed?

Maybe that's what cigarettes after sex were for, so you didn't have to talk?

Spike smoked about half of his before stubbing it out in the sand. He stood and held a hand out to Xander, who put his own cigarette out and allowed the other man to pull him to his feet. Spike dragged him out from under the pier and into the surf until the water was above their waists.

Somewhat chilled and figuring this was all about getting clean Xander started to rub his hands over his body, freezing when he felt Spike come up behind him. The vampire ran cupped water over Xander's chest from behind and rubbed it in, paying most of his attention to Xander's nipples. Xander made a surprised panting noise and turned his head so he could kiss Spike and the vampire pressed himself harder against Xander, grinding his erection into the cleft of his ass. He reached around Xander and grabbed hold to pump him in time to his own thrusts.

"Oh, fuck."

"Once again, I'm pretty sure that's what we're doing."

"Yeah, but I wasn't expecting to do it again."

"Want me to stop?"

"Ah, ha, no, but could you maybe not kill me this time?"

"No promises."

Xander's next sentence consisted mostly of vowel sounds as Spike turned him around, ducked under the water, taking Xander into his mouth.

Even if he didn't need to breath, it was a difficult thing to do and after a few passes Spike came up spurting water. He pulled Xander to him, kissing him again before pulling him out of the water and back to their spot under the pier.

Xander soon found himself with a mouthful of Spike. While Xander didn't have any hands on, or rather mouth on experience with this activity, his theory on the matter was extensive, came with plenty of mental diagrams and was easy to implement.

Spike surprised him by moving away, forcing him to give up the activity just as the mental and physical parts seemed to balance out. He gave the vampire an annoyed look as Spike got up and moved to the edge of the pier, looking out over the beach. "Look's like the police did make it here." The distant flashes of blue and red light announced the presence of several police cars at the party.

Xander annoyance was suddenly forgotten. "Oh, crap."

"No worries. Don't think they're willing to explore until sunup and they must be keeping all the kids at the party together. Probably why we haven't been disturbed yet."


"What, you think that friend of yours didn't tell the other's you were in trouble? I'm sure the cops are the only reason they haven't tracked us down yet."

"Oh." Willow finding him doing Spike, yep, that would have been scary.

The blond walked back to him. "Don't suppose you have anything useful in that coat of yours?"


Spike knelt down, grabbed hold of Xander's flagging erection and pumped it a couple of times before running his thumb across the tip of it. "Yeah, useful."

"Well, I have two stakes, a cross, a pack of gum..." Spike squeezed and Xander started to pant. "I also have a tube of lube, some condoms and a pair of handcuffs." He fully blamed Jack's memories for carrying that collection of items. "And I really shouldn't have told you about that last item, should I have?"

Spike's eyes lit up at the mention of the handcuffs, but he went searching for the tube instead. "The lube will do for now. I doubt we need the condoms."

Xander stalled up, wincing as Jack's memories screamed warnings at him. "Ah, can a vampire get someone pregnant?"

Spike laughed. "No, but that hardly matters in this case, you're..." He faded off as he saw the look on Xander's face. "You're kidding me?"

Xander shook his head. "What can I say, what we lack in numbers, we make up in weirdness."

"You can get pregnant?"

"Don't think they can hear you back at the party Spike."

Spike opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it. "Maybe we'd better use the condoms."

"Good choice."


In the end, when Spike notice a, well, a spike sticking out of a nearby post, close to the ground he moved them and the great coat over to it and bent the piece of protruding metal up. Clapping the handcuffs onto Xander's wrists before the boy even realised what was happening and hooking the chain to the spike, Xander ended up laid out flat on his stomach with his arms pulled out in front of him. Spike ignored the teenager's protests, running his hands down the boy's body before getting on with the preparation. He enjoyed every second of it, watching him jerk and pant and moan as he was stretched. Then the blond vampire got Xander to his knees, with his ass in the air. Spike put on a condom, lubed it and pressed in ever so slowly. By the time Spike was completely seated inside of Xander, both of them were panting, even though technically only one of them needed to.

"Spike, if you don't move pretty soon."

Spike pulled back and thrust slowly forward to Xander's drawn out "Ahhhh."

"Ah, fuck mate, are you ever tight."

"Maybe you're just big."

Spike laughed. "You realized that I'm hardly going to argue that one, don't you?" He said, as he pulled back and pushed in again with agonizing slowness.

"Spike, please."

He moved again and then again, gathering speed on each stroke. He shifted slightly, making sure to hit Xander's sweet spot on each thrust and wondered if listening to the younger man lose his ability to speak coherently would ever get old. He reached around the boy, wrapping his hand around him and letting him thrust into his fist.

He pushed Xander forward a little, using the movement to unhook the handcuffs so he could pull the younger man up against his chest. Xander gasped at the change in position and leaned back against Spike.

Spike nuzzled at Xander's neck, kissing and sucking. The young man made a whimpering needy sound and the vampire couldn't stand it anymore. Shifting into game face, he buried his teeth in the boy's throat. Xander screamed then, coming hard and Spike continued to pull at the young man's erection, milking it dry. He pulled his teeth out of the boy's neck and growling, thrust hard into Xander another two times before he came himself.

Both of them slumped to the ground, with Spike still buried in Xander. He pulled the young man close to him and ran his hands over his body, making him arch back against him.


Spike kissed him on a shoulder, then pulled carefully out of him, sat up and disposed of the condom. He looked down at Xander stretched out beside him, thin sheath of sweat across his body, hands still handcuffed in front of him and fang marks in his neck. The vampire groaned as he felt his dick stir again just at the sight of him like this.

"Spike?" Xander asked, wondering what was wrong and then gasped as the vampire wrapped his lips around him and started to gently suck. "Spike, we can't, ah, we really need to leave now."

Spike pulled away from Xander. "I know," he said and then he swallowed the young man again, bobbing his head up and down along his shaft.

"Ah." Oversensitive, it was somewhat painful, but Xander still, amazingly found himself getting hard again. "Spike."

Spike released him and climbed up Xander's body, raising the boy's still handcuffed arms above his head as he did. "One more time Xander, we have that much time."

They started to rut against each other, legs tangling and Spike carded his hand through Xander's hair before using it to pull his head to the side, exposing his throat. "Xander?"

Xander groaned and exposed his throat further.

Spike wasn't one to turn down an obvious offer. His teeth were once again in the boy, only taking a taste this time.

Xander leaned his head back as much as he could with his arms in the way. He matched Spike's movements once more until they came, wringing the last of their orgasms out of each other.


Once their minds rebooted from the blue screen of bliss, Spike un-cuffed Xander and they quickly cleaned themselves off in the surf before throwing their clothes on. Xander shoved the cuffs, his flashlight and the stun gun Spike quietly gave back to him into a coat pocket. A coat he was carrying as the poor thing was now in desperate need of dry-cleaning.

By mutual if unspoken agreement, Spike and Xander avoided looking at each other, not out of embarrassment, but because they were afraid they would set off another round of sex if they did. Once they were dressed, Xander making sure to button his shirt up to cover the bite marks, they skirted the police activity until they came out on a road. Spike headed off wherever he was going and Xander returned to the captive party, easily avoiding the cops to slide back into the group.

He found Willow, Jonathan and Cordelia sitting in the sand, with Willow looking close to tears. He sat down beside her and said. "Hey."

Xander grunted as he suddenly found full babble mode Willow wrapped around him.

"I'm sorry Wills, sorry." She punched him in the arm and he considered complaining about it, but figured he deserved it.

"We thought Spike killed you or turned you. He didn't, did he?"

"Uh, no, I still have a pulse," he said, letting her check for herself. Okay, so Spike had killed him, but he hadn't turned him, and he'd kind of agreed to the killing part, which was really whacked when he thought about it too much.

"Spike was just passing along a bit of information. Apparently, Angel and Dru know we got hold of the curse again. He also said something big is going to happen, but he doesn't know what. He suggested we get a move on with the soul mojo. I guess he really wants Angel out of the way."

"So why were you out there so long?"

"Found a dead body, sort of."

"You sort of found it?"

"It's sort of a body. Don't ask Wills, because you really don't want to know. I called it in, anonymously. Afraid it means I'm to blame for Sunnydale's finest being here. I was checking around before the cops mess it up and was lying low till I could sneak back."

And having lots of sex while waiting.

"You okay Jonathan?"

The shorter teen nodded, looking like he really wanted to know what the conversation Xander and Willow just had was about and equally as if he figured ignorance was bliss.

"So, where's Oz?"

Cordelia snorted. "They carted off anyone 'suspicious' for questioning. When Oz said he was in a rock band, I guess that qualified."

Xander shook his head. Yep, Sunnydale PD at their finest. If they ever got their man, it would surly be a sign of an apocalypse.


True sunrise was still a couple of hours off, but the sky was starting to lighten when Spike got back to the warehouse. The place was empty. Dru and Angelus were still out and there weren't even any minions underfoot. Spike grabbed a quick shower to get rid of the sand and saltwater still on his skin and changed into another set of black on black clothing. Once he was done, he collapsed into the wheelchair, completely knackered.

He fully expected Dru to know what he'd been up to, but when she came in she was too full of the news that Daddy found them a lovely Mansion and they would all be moving there the next night. Normally he'd be angry about that, but right now, he was too tired and satisfied to give a rat's ass where they lived.