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By Colleen

Chapter 11

Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time.

~Author Unknown

Xander shook the last of the sand out of his coat, putting it on before making his way back to the 'body'. Even in the dark, with only a flashlight to see by, it was easy to tell which footprints around the…skin were human and which were not. Strangely, the non-human ones lead away from the body to a storm drain, but there were none going up to the body to begin with.

Xander stared into the darkness of the giant pipe and tried to figure that one out. Did the creature have the ability to leap great distances, or had it simply fallen out of the sky.

"Immortal or not, you go in after that thing alone you're a bigger idiot than I thought." The blond vampire waved a hand towards the giant sewer pipe and the mangled steel mesh that no longer completely covered it.

"Spike, you've given your little warning, you don't have to stick around for the latest offering from the Hellmouth."

"Eh, Dru and the Bastard are out, so it's not like I've anything else to do."

Xander sighed, shaking his head while mentally agreeing that going into the dark underground hole would be just plain stupid. Of course, what that made wandering the beach in the dark with a vampire he wasn't quite sure.

Spike looked up at the stars and calculated the current time. "Hell, Sunnydale must have the worst police force on the planet; they should have been here by now."

Xander snorted. "It wouldn't surprise me if they don't come down here till dawn." He headed back down the beach, making a wide detour around the body and walking until he was out on the pier, overlooking the ocean. He glanced behind to notice a sudden lack of annoying vampire.

"Alone at last."

He chose to ignore the part of him that suddenly missed the bleached wonder.

With a shake of his head he sighed, then walked back out onto the sand to check under the pier. It would be a good hiding place for the… whatever it was he was looking for.

He was a little shaken when he found several piles of clothes, but as there were no weird bodily remains, he hoped they just belonged to a group of swimmers. The hope was verified when a group of students came up out of the surf. Xander grimaced slightly when he realized it was the swim club, but he waited anyway, wanting to talk with them.

He lost the chance to, when someone grabbed him from behind and snuffed out his flashlight.

Automatically he attempted to stomp down on his assailants foot, but whoever it was expected the move, shifting out of the way. At the same time, the attacker grabbed Xander's stun gun.

Never getting the chance to use the thing was seriously beginning to annoy him.

Screaming was his next option. Given the several buff looking guys getting dressed a few feet from him, he thought he'd have some chance at help.

"Shh, quiet. They wouldn't stand a chance and you know it." The voice was a low whisper in his ear. Xander grit his teeth but his voice was a soft whisper when he replied.



They waited as the swim team finished dressing and left, heading back up the beach towards the party, before Spike let him go.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Was fun, wasn't it."


"Sure, me, holding you all angry and scared, heart thumping, blood pumping and knowing that if you called for help you'd just get someone killed. Fun."

Spike had to laugh slightly at the expression on Xander's face. "No I'm not crazy, I'm evil, there's a difference."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that. Stun gun." He said, holding his hand out.

"Uh, uh, and get zapped?"

"Spike." Xander's jaw creaked as he clenched it.

"Fine, but I want something in return."

Xander unclenched his jaw, afraid he would sprain something, but that didn't mean he wasn't still annoyed. "Fine, what?"

"A kiss."

Dead. Silence.

"Spike, please stop messing with my head. My life's already odd enough without adding bad porno clichés." Jack's memories kept identifying the vampire as someone else and Xander did not need the headache of Spike merging in his mind with the many sexual encounters Jack had with his old partner.

"Not likely, but I'm not actually trying to mess with your head. "

"What? "

Spike sighed. "You're the one who smells like sex walking. It's getting bloody hard to ignore and I hate to say it, but I haven't been getting any lately."

"Ah, and suddenly I understand just why you want rid of Angelus so badly. Making time with your girl, is he?"

"Shut it."

"Is that anyway to talk to someone you want to kiss?"

Spike growled. "Do you want the gun back or not?"

Xander swallowed, because that growl… "Fine." His voice was pinched, as was another part of his anatomy.



Spikes face suddenly appeared in the darkness, lit up by Xander's flashlight. The blond turned and stuck the torch into a cross support for the pier so it would light the area without having to be held. Then Spike motioned for Xander to come to him.

"This is a such a bad idea."


By mutual if unspoken agreement, Spike and Xander avoided looking at each other, not out of embarrassment, but because they were afraid they would set off another round of sex if they did. It turns out that two mostly immortal beings can do it more than once, even when one of them is crazy enough to let the other temporarily kill them. They dressed, Xander making sure to button his shirt up to cover the bite marks, then they skirted the police activity until they came out on a road. Spike headed off wherever he was going and Xander returned to the party, easily avoiding the cops to slide back into the group.

He found Willow, Jonathan and Cordelia sitting in the sand, with Willow looking close to tears. He sat down beside her and said. "Hey."

Xander grunted as he suddenly found full babble mode Willow wrapped around him.

"I'm sorry Wills, sorry." She punched him in the arm and he considered complaining about it, but figured he deserved it.

"We thought Spike killed you or turned you. He didn't, did he?"

"Uh, no, I still have a pulse," he said, letting her check for herself. Okay, so Spike had killed him, but he hadn't turned him, and he'd kind of agreed to the killing part, which was really whacked when he thought about it too much.

"Spike was just passing along a bit of information. Apparently, Angel and Dru know we got hold of the curse again. He also said something big is going to happen, but he doesn't know what. He suggested we get a move on with the soul mojo. I guess he really wants Angel out of the way."

"So why were you out there so long?"

"Found a dead body, sort of."

"You sort of found it?"

"It's sort of a body. Don't ask Wills, because you really don't want to know. I called it in, anonymously. Afraid it means I'm to blame for Sunnydale's finest being here. I was checking around before the cops mess it up and was lying low till I could sneak back."

And having lots of sex while waiting.

"You okay Jonathan?"

The shorter teen nodded, looking like he really wanted to know what the conversation Xander and Willow just had was about and equally as if he figured ignorance was bliss.

"So, where's Oz?"

Cordelia snorted. "They carted off anyone 'suspicious' for questioning. When Oz said he was in a rock band, I guess that qualified."

Xander shook his head. Yep, Sunnydale PD at their finest. If they ever got their man, it would surly be a sign of an apocalypse.


True sunrise was still a couple of hours off, but the sky was starting to lighten when Spike got back to the warehouse. The place was empty. Dru and Angelus were still out and there weren't even any minions underfoot. Spike grabbed a quick shower to get rid of the sand and saltwater still on his skin and changed into another set of black on black clothing. Once he was done, he collapsed into the wheelchair, completely knackered.

He fully expected Dru to know what he'd been up to, but when she came in she was too full of the news that Daddy found them a lovely Mansion and they would all be moving there the next night. Normally he'd be angry about that, but right now, he was too tired and satisfied to give a rat's ass where they lived.