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When Venom Comes to Town

It was early afternoon outside the Madison Square Garden. Last minute checks, prep, rehearsals, all gone to plan. The road crew for the WWE were only awaiting on the last of the three touring bands now. In a bid to provide more entertainment, and seeing as music had become an integral part of the circuit, the McMahons had decided to add musical talent to the show. It would mostly seen by the live audiences that showed up to the recordings and occasionally some part of it would be shown. The last band to check in was another metal act called Venom. An eight piece from somewhere in Australia. They'd just come off a tour supporting Dope and Mushroomhead, and after maybe only a week's break, were hopping on the WWE tour.

Some of the figures lingering the loading bay were not road crew, but superstars trying to be inconspicuous and just chill out before the rabid loyal fans arrived. Oh there were a few lurking about but they weren't doing much but wait out front. Three hooded figures sat atop of a stack of large black and silver lock boxes used for carting around stage equipment. The smoking one pulled his hood back and shook out a rainbow of hair. He balanced the cigarette in the corner of his mouth and used his hands to push the green and purple strands back into a quick ponytail. The gray hooded one began laughing and holding his hands up in front of his face.

"Christ Jeff, I need sunglasses hanging around you" The gray hooded one chortled.

The bright haired one, now referred to as Jeff, half smiled and gave the other the middle finger and continued to use his tongue to roll his blackline ball closure ring around his lip.

"Nice" came the response.

"Phil shut up, it's too early."

The gray hooded one Jeff called Phil threw his hood back and gave Jeff a somewhat over exaggerated expression as he checked his watch.

"Dude, its two in the afternoon." Phil said as he pushed his own black hair back off his lightly bearded face.


The third figure pulled his own hood back and playfully shoved the young one in the middle. Despite the obvious differences between the two, they had the same shaped eyes and jaw, something which could only be determined as a genetic related feature.

"Naw poor Jeffers."

Jeff rolled his green eyes at his dark-haired brother Matt. Their friend Phil, who was on the other side of Jeff, smirked and shook his head. They sat there watching the human traffic that was WWE staff come and go. Occasionally a member or two of Sevendust or Staind, the other two bands touring alongside WWE, would wander out to their buses or back inside. Morgan of Sevendust, a friend and fan of Phil, had struck up conversation while the musician jumped around on a skateboard. They had been talking the music and the music of the other two bands. Morgan had already known the guys from Staind and already liked their sound. He felt his band and theirs complimented each other in this, but was a little blown away by the third band, who he'd only checked out online so far.

"Bad or Good?" Jeff asked joining the conversation.

He'd heard the name Venom, but hadn't had much of a chance to check anything out yet. Morgan fished about in his pocket for a second and dragged out a blue ipod. He offered an ear piece to Jeff and one to Phil, both of which proceeded to hold it to his ear. Morgan pressed the Menu on the touch pad and ran his finger around clockwise to pick a song. He tapped the center pad with his thumb. Jeff waited two seconds and the song started up. It was loud, fast, and the guitars were crunching. He could even pick out tables and samples. The vocals kicked in and he was tapping his foot in time. The voice dropped up and down from yelling and growling to almost melody. He handed the earplug back a little impressed.

"That there is some good noise."

"But you see my curiosity here. You got the 'dust and Staind, and then that."

Jeff nodded. It was definitely an interesting choice altogether.

"But I'm telling y'all, the little lady they got up front, she is something else. As you just heard."

Jeff's eyes widened.

"That was a girl making all that noise?"

Morgan nodded. Phil muttered something that sounded like good lord and coughed a little. Matt looked at them curiously.

"Ok now I'm wondering what the hell you three are on about."

Morgan gave Matt the same demonstration he had for Jeff. Matt started rocking out as the song got going, and then stopped dead when he heard her.

"Holy shit."

Morgan nodded knowingly. "And that gentlemen, ain't even the half of it. These kids look like every day is Halloween." Morgan fished about in his bag that was behind Phil. He pulled out a crumpled flier and handed it to Phil first.

"Damn." Phil's only response, re folded and passed the printed piece of paper to Jeff.

Phil looked at Morgan and they were saying something about being too hot. Jeff unfolded the flier. It was printed in black and white. The venom name and logo sprawled across the top quarter of the page. And then he glanced down at the eight posed figures. They were definitely different. Black clad and spiked, large boots, jackets, one shaved head, the rest had either long hair or short and spiked, two of which even had dredlocks. Then he spotted the one in the middle. Black and white face with a thick strip of black going across the eyes to each temple, and from what he could tell of the photocopied print, black hair. She was slender, heavily tattooed and the top she wore wasn't much more than bondage strategically placed. Aside from the breasts and the thicker piece of material and buckles below them, her torso and arms were bare. The pants were very low cut and some sort of lace up feature with massive platforms. Different, thought Jeff, but intriguing.

"She looks lively" Matt quipped from Jeff's left. Jeff handed it back to Morgan.

"I know I'm married, and happily, but that girl, is a whole lot of, well, damn." Morgan chortled looking at the slightly three stunned men. Phil nodded mutely. Jeff opened his mouth to speak, but stopped short when two large black buses, with Venom in silver down the sides, pulled into the arena's back lot. The windows were slightly opened and music was blasting full volume. The four men were all on their feet now, standing together by the loading bay.

The bus designated with a large number one on it's door snapped open and a young man with red and black dreds jumped out closely followed by another about his age with short black spiky hair. They were both in shorts, military style boots and black tanks. They were laughing and yelling. They both were young and boyish good looking in the face, neither seemed to have facial hair. Shoving each other playfully they started tackling and carrying on. A slightly larger fellow came out after them, dressed similar but had dark brown hair that came down over his eyes at an angle. Four others had joined them from the second bus. The two younger boys were shorter than the rest. The stocky blonde one was very tall as was the skinny one with long thin looking black hair. The one with the shaved head was about as tall the larger one that came out of Venom bus one. The last of that bus had a full head of messy dark blonde dreds that were quite long and came down his back. So far that was seven.

The young one with spiky hair jumped back inside Venom one, and then came back out laughing. A small back pack shaped object came out of the darkened bus and tagged him in the back of head. A figure in a long black trench almost dove out from the bus shoving the young man over. She stood up and was laughing. And looked every bit the picture.

She checked her pockets and put something in her mouth and then gave one of the others the middle finger and left the group, striding towards the four men still watching them. The long leather trench flapped about and billowed as she walked very confidently and naturally in the massive platforms.

"How the hell does she walk in those?" Matt said a little loudly.

She stopped in front of the quartet. Even with the black and white make up they could tell she had heard him and was amused.

"A great deal of practice friend," she smirked with her Australian accent. Up close they could see various piercings like the septum and her bottom lip on both sides. The object she had placed in her mouth they discovered was an unlit cigarette.

"Anyone got a light? My idiots," she motioned behind her, "conveniently lost them all."

Phil, Matt and Morgan shook their heads. None of them smoked. Jeff pulled his out and stepped forward lighting the flame and offering it. She bent slightly and drew breath lighting it up. She sighed. Then rolled her dark brown eyes when she heard complaining behind her. She spun on her heel and tipped her head to the side. From this angle they could see the sides of her head were shaved down and the medium length mohawk was teased and spiked back. The sharp v fringe's point rested neatly between her eyebrows.

"Oh my god" she muttered.

They seemed to be having a problem shifting one of the lock boxes with band gear in it and the bigger band members weren't helping finding amusement at the two younger ones trying to push it. She sighed and shook her head. She turned back to the quartet and unbuckled the the trench and tossed it in Jeff and Phil's direction. Her slender curves and ample bosom obvious under the scarce shiny leather she wore.

"Hold that."

They glanced at each other and Phil lumped the section he held in Jeff's hands. Jeff slung it over his shoulder and watch intrigued as she sauntered back towards the rest of her band calling them various expletives.

"Damn what the hell is that?" came a new voice. They turned to see John Cena standing behind Morgan.

"That, is called Logan Venom."

"That is a well built girl more like it."

A few agreeable nods. They watched as she shoved the two smaller males out of the way and then rammed her shoulder into the lock box on wheels forcing it to move. They moved around on either side of her and helped push. She dropped back to collect her coat from Jeff, who held it out for her to take.

"Mm thanks doll." She said. "They're supposed to be metalheads and they act like weak little girls." she continued loudly. Something that sounded like bitch came out from inside the loading bay. She smiled and took a puff of the cigarette and then craned around John to look inside. She tapped her foot and listened to the two sing out a few other things.

"Oh yeah I got one for 'em" she muttered and then looked up in their direction. "Pussies!" she yelled loudly in return. She waited for a comeback. There was none.

In the meantime Matt and Morgan had fell away laughing while Jeff almost choked on his own cigarette. John laughed loudly and clapped. She looked at the five men and shrugged with a smirk, and then, as if she was looking at Jeff discretely, she winked and wandered off into the loading bay. Jeff could've sworn he was holding his breath the entire time she stood there.