As you can probably tell, I haven't written for over a week.

Truthfully, Erick has burned out. Although the story hasn't truly run it's course, I honestly don't have the desire to complete it. The amount of emotional imput for this series, frankly, is very draining and (at times) scary, given the depressing nature of the works. Not only this but I feel that I have actually strayed far away from my original intention for "Watchman". Things have become more and more generalized. Rather than an biopic on a character gone tragically wrong, it feels as though its become yet another "Superhero" story where the main character will never die nor will he ever evolve. Feels like a cheap Dragonball Z arc.

After watching the Watchmen movie, re-reading the book, as well as took a look at the series in general, I get the impression that this work isn't over... it was only the first, initial draft. I'm including "Green Rabbit" and "Never Fear" in that list of First Draft because, truthfully, you can see the evolution of writing from the beginning to this point.

But, its not a bad thing. I think I can reboot this series. Learn from the mistakes of the first draft, improve to make an awesome new take on this saga I have going.
I'm sure some of you might be upset that this is over, and I'm willing to take your criticisms and complaints (and if any would like to know how I planned on ending this, feel free to ask.)

Until the reboot, thank you for your support, however unwarranted or (at times) un-reviewed.

- Erick von Long