I looked down at Renesmee's beautiful face, and suddenly started singing without even opening my mouth!

There's a big white house

In a little hidden wood

Little rainy town

In a myth-filled world

Little half-vamp

With her little pretty face

Showing me things that I have never seen

Does she know what it's all about?

Is she brave enough to figure out?

My throat's still burning and it feels like fire

Am I strong enough to carry out?

I feel her

I need her

Believe her

But they call her Nessie

She looks

So nice

So cute

But they still call her Nessie

I feel her

And I won't kill her

I know

They won't forgive me

I know that

I feel her

I feel like

I am finally her mom.

She has a vampire grandpa

And a human granddad, too

It feels so good to say to her,

"I love you."

My little half-vampire, looks like she's growing so fast.

I hope that I'll be able to make her childhood last.

With her little funny gift of showing

Everybody what she thinks about

She will convince us all that she is perfect

Jacob didn't think she could do that.

I love her

I need her

Don't take her

Away from me now.

I'm stronger

With control

I just know

That she will be okay

I need her

The way I need him

I need her

She's my only daughter

A new life

I feel her

Heart beating

I know that she's my daughter.

Take her now

I have to lunge

I am so mad

This is so bad.

You know I love her, go on

I feel her

She's breathing

Her heart beats

She's half-human as well.

I'm trying

And flying

So high

My beautiful girl

I love her

And I won't kill

I would not

Forgive myself.

She is mine

I have her

I hold her

She's my only daughter.

She's my only daughter.

She's my only daughter.

She's my only daughter.

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