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It was wrong, Catherine thought to herself.

She gasped sharply as she felt burning hands push her against the freezing tiles, biting her lip to keep from moaning.

So very, very wrong.

The kind of wrong that had given her so much pleasure when she'd dance.

The kind that set her blood on fire and made her think that if burning alive was the cost of feeling so damn good, it would be worth it.

Insatiable need left her breathless, and she could barely feel the water pouring down on both of them when her lover's body was pressed so tightly against her own.

She had thought that she was done feeling this way—desiring someone so badly that everything else felt cold to the touch.

She was supposed to be the one in control, but when her partner pinned her hands above her head and kissed her savagely, drawing out the moan she had been trying so hard to suppress, she knew that neither of them had any clue what control was anymore.

Of course, if she had thought even a little bit more about Sara outside of work, she would have known that she would never stop feeling it for as long as she lived.

Sara's fingers traced torturously over her skin, making the muscles in her stomach tighten and burn unbearably.

But somehow, thinking about Gil's girlfriend more than necessary hadn't seemed like a good idea.

At all.

Warm breath and teeth grazed her neck, and her hands struggled against Sara's grip, desperate to hold onto something so that she wouldn't lose herself in the waves of pleasure Sara's movements were causing.

Ignoring her had seemed like a much better idea.

…At first.

Sara loosened her grip, releasing Catherine's hands and gasping as her coworker's nails dug into her back.

But that had… apparently… frustrated both of them. They had had so many fights in the past few weeks, and each time Catherine had put aside the overwhelming want that told her to push Sara against the glass walls and have her way with the brunette.

She let out a sharp cry as she felt Sara nip at her neck in retaliation, and she moved one of her hands to grasp Sara's wrist, silently urging the brunette's hands lower as her blood burned feverishly.

She didn't think she could put that feeling aside anymore.

Which… really caused some problems.

The locker room's door slammed shut, and Sara jerked away, the dark, passionate lust that had consumed her only a moment before fading into shock.

Catherine turned off the water that had gone cold long ago and leaned against the wall of the shower, shivering as she became aware of her chilled skin.

It had been so wrong.

Sara leapt up, eyes widening almost comically as she tried to mumble out an apology and step backwards out of the shower.

Catherine stayed on the floor, cursing whoever had decided that now was a good time to enter the locker room and praying that the freezing water dousing her skin would be enough to quell her desire.

But it was the best kind of wrong, and Catherine wanted more.