Our love is eternal

Edward had Baffled Carlisle on their return. He confirmed our suspicions but no one could quite work out how it happened. I decided to not seem fickle and tell them I wished for this. Not exactly for this, but I did wish to be able to give him everything he wanted and being human was a big priority on his list.

Everyone seemed genuinely pleased for us although it must have stung a little deep down for Rosalie. She spent most nights outside after that, like she was constantly on the lookout for another roaming star.

My life with Edward continued to move forward. He never complained about being left behind by anyone, or when Emmet would tease him and he couldn't retaliate like he used to.

He found that he was right about his love of pancakes after all, especially with maple syrup and he loved being able to hold my hand and walk along the beach front whenever we went to visit my mother.

His favourite part though above all others was being able to dream.

He did mumble to himself at times when he needed a human moment or two, which I found hysterical.

The day I told him I was pregnant with our first child the look on his face was incredible. He cried, for the first time in over a century. Then when Elizabeth was born, He cried even more; even after I'd threatened to cut of his manhood if he ever went near me again with it.

I still let him near me with it and we wound up with number two on the way after just a year.

He cried again when William came along and again I threatened him.

We lived in the Cullen home with the rest of our family and our children were spoiled rotten by their Grandparents and aunts.

I played the bad guy when I'd have to tell them that they couldn't have any candy before their meals and Edward would be the one sneaking them it while he took a cut for himself.

I no longer minded the thought of getting old anymore because Edward would go through that too.

We went to every one of Williams little league baseball games, and all of Beth's Ballet recitals.

They were quite the accomplished kids, having family like ours. They became fluent in the many different languages, Learned many different skills and were taught by their father to play the piano beautifully.

He never stopped playing. He even wrote our children their own lullabies. Between them, Beth and William decided that Edward needed one too because he was the odd one out. So they set to one day while he was out and composed a very fitting piece for him in return.

I couldn't have asked for a better husband or father for my children. He adored us and made sure he showed us how much he loved us everyday. Eventually they grew up all to fast and married and started their own family's. Edward loved to play the grandparent now because they could all go home after. Not that he minded having the house full but he still liked his 'alone' time with me and we weren't as young as we once were.

It came the time when Carlisle and the others felt the need to move on, and we said our goodbyes, with promises of visits that we kept

I once asked Edward if he missed anything about being a vampire.

"I have everything I ever wanted right here with you. Why would I miss any of that for something as trivial as being able to read Emmett's mind?

We'd laughed about it.

Edward got his wish of a long and happy life with me after all.

And now here I was back in a familiar situation, facing my own death.

Edward had passed away a few moths earlier and I felt my heart breaking apart and dying piece by piece everyday since. Our children were with me at the time. I'd made a mental note to thank Alice for that.

"I'm so proud of you guy's you know that right?" I spoke in barely more than a whisper.

"Yes mom, we know that" their cries cut my heart deeper but that helped my cause, I was already dying of a broken heart quite literally. It had started to die the moment My Angel did

"Your father did too" I added

"I love you both so much and I'm sorry that I'm not strong enough to go on without him for you.

I felt my self getting sleepy and couldn't fight the urge to close my eyes any longer.

"I love you"

Then everything was black.

"There you are love" His voice was perfect and crystal clear and I knew it immediately.

"Edward!" I closed my eyes as I felt him walk behind me.

"You took your time and kept me waiting" Even here he could still find it in himself to tease me. "You're here with me now though. We can be together forever."

I replied with the only thought I had in my mind

"Nosso amor é eterno"