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"Congradulations Sarah, you beat my labyrinth. And now I've come to give you your prize," Jareth said threw the mirror.

Sarah looked over her shoulder, seeing the owl again, then back to Jareth. "what do you mean prize? I thought that was getting my brother back," she said.

"that is where you are wrong. Should you have wished your brother away, the finish line would have been defeating me, and your prize would have been your brother. But, you wished yourself away, so the finish line was your home, where your brother already was. So you have yet to receive your prize," he said. He conjured a crystal and twirled it in his hands, rhythmically moving it over his fingers like it was nothing but a bubble.

"but I didn't want anything," Sarah said. "and isn't there some sort of catch. There always is one."

"not this one my dear. There is no catch with your prize. Do you wish to know what it is," he asked.

He was silent for a moment, looking at the man behind her in the mirror. "w-what is it," she finally said.

"one rule free wish," he said simply. "no limits."

"you mean, I could wish for anything, and you'd give it?" she asked.

"yes, anything you wish Sarah," he said smiling.

She looked down at her hands thinking. What to wish for? Power? Talent? Money? Fame?

"may I make a suggestion," he said suddenly.

"sure," Sarah said looking at him.

"why not wish to visit my labyrinth any time you wanted? You seemed to enjoy it. And didn't want to leave. But duty held you to the right choice. Now, you could come and go to the labyrinth as you please," he said.

Sarah stilled at his suggestion. It was perfect. She could visit her friends, and be closer to the goblin king. Her eyes darted to him quickly, but looked back at her hands. He was watching the jewel twirl on his fingers, not noticing the turmoil that was passing over her face. Yes, she would accept. For the last few years of her childhood, she would enjoy the marvels of the labyrinth. "t-that would be great. I would like that very much," she said.

"is that your wish then," he asked, looking at her from the corner of his eyes. She nodded slowly. "very well," he said. He dropped his hand from the twirling crystal, though it stayed in mid air. Slowly, it floated over to her mirror, then disappeared inside the glass surface. "now, all you have to do to enter my labyrinth, is touch the mirror and wish to be in the labyrinth. You will switch places with your image, and be instantly in my labyrinth. Just walk out your door to enter."

"and that's all, there's no catch?" she said.

"none," he said.

"alright," she said looking at herself in the mirror. Reaching forward, she touched the cool glass, "i wish to be in the labyrinth."

her image in the mirror waved slightly, then was still. As she looked at Jareth over her shoulder, she didn't see the goblin king, but yet the white barn owl that had helped her on her journey. Turning around in her seat, she found herself looking up at the real goblin king. "how do I go back home," she asked, slightly worried.

"the same as you entered, touch the mirror and wish to go home. When you exit this door, you will find yourself in my castle. The door to your room will always be in my castle, and that is the only way to return," he said. "anything that changes in your room will become the same as it is here. And vice versa, so you must be careful when entering or exiting the labyrinth. If someone is here with you when you change worlds, they come as well, human or goblin. If you are on this side when a human enters your room, they will not see you, though you will see them. The same with a goblin, though they will not be allowed in your room. But sometimes, they get curious. So always be careful."

"alright," Sarah said nodding.

"now, I shall leave you to rest. You are no doubt tired after your journey. Go back to your world and sleep. You are free to come and go as you wish now," he said.

She turned back to the mirror, touching the surface. "i wish to return home." her image wavered again, but settled. She noted that the goblin king was no longer in the mirrors reflection. Turning, she found the owl gone as well. She got up from her mirror and lay on the bed, quickly falling asleep. Jareth, in owl form, watched Sarah fall asleep from the tree branch outside her window, as thoughts ran threw his brain.

His plan had worked, and Sarah would now visit the labyrinth whenever she wished. Of course, that wasn't her true prize. He had gotten her to make that wish so her transition into life underground would be easier. No, her true prize was something different. She would become queen of the labyrinth. With each visit to the labyrinth, she would gain more magic. In a few years time, he'd tell her the truth, and begin trainning her as the next ruler. When 5 years were up, she would become full queen of the labyrinth, and he would become a human, forgetting his time in the labyrinth, and taking her place in the human world. So had it been with him when he beat the labyrinth from the last king, and the same with the last king and the queen before that.

The labyrinth itself didn't want to be defeated, and when it was, it took the winner as it's ruler, so they could make the labyrinth harder for anyone else. But she would have it easier then he had when he had taken over. He hadn't known that when he wished his older brother away, he'd beat the labyrinth and win. 5 years after leaving the labyrinth, he was suddenly sucked back into the world and given extraordinary power, with only a few minutes explanation from the king that he was the new king. He had to learn how to use his new magic the hard way, and because he was so inexperienced, things had gone a little crazy in the castle, and stayed that way.

But now, her adventures really started.

Now, she's a queen, and doesn't know it.

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