Chapter One

"We really shouldn't be out here this late, Schuyler." Alice mumbled under her breath.

I knew she was right, but I really needed to talk to Ryan about our relationship.

"Quit worrying. We're, like, the only people out here. Plus we're almost there." I say and take a turn onto Ryan's street.

"Theres someone down there! Theres three of them! Schuyler, lets turn around!" Alice whispered furiously.

I had already seen them. "Just stay cool and don't even look at them."

Beside me Alice whimpered. We were three doors away from Ryan's house when we were able to see the peoples faces.

They were really hot. Okay don't stare. Look at their eyes! Wait, I'm looking at them. Shoot. I glance down at Alice (shes about two inches shorter than me) and notice that shes staring at them too.

"Alice, come on." I grap her arm and towed her across the street.

"Why are we over here? I want to talk to them." Alice said then started pulling at my grasp.

"What are you doing?" I ask tightening my grip and turning around. I didn't want to talk to Ryan anyway.

"I want to talk to them! Let me go Schuyler!"

"No." I was running now towing her behind me.

All the sudden Alice goes limp and falls to the ground.

"Alice!" I screech and bend down next to her. I check for a pulse and breath a sigh of relief when I feel her heart beat under my fingers.

"Do you need help with that?" A voice says from behind me.

I turn to look at the person and relize that he was one of the men (men?) from the group.