5 year past since Piccolo was defeated. Goku has settled down with his wife Chichi and their twin children a boy and a girl. the boy was named Gohan and the girl was called Gocha.


In the deep woods of mount poaz Gohan was looking for his twin sister, the two were playing hide and seek, Gohan got tricked into seeking her out. He walked in the wood alone, tears formed into his eyes.

" I want my daddy" he said, a little tail popped out from behind his shirt " I wanna to go home"

" Daddy!" he cried, his voice echoed around him " Gocha?" he called out softly no response " any one?". Gohan ran crying, he rested near a log, he looked up to see a butterfly, he dried his tears, he chased the butter fly to a tree. looking around he couldn't find away up, he tripped over a root. He got up to dust him self off. looking up at the tree the butterfly flew away.

on the other side of the woods a little girl looked around the woods. she had a little blue shirt, with fusha colored sleeves, a red belt, and a purple skirt. Her hair was pulled back into a braid that hung down to her back, she walked across a log, she lost balanced and fell into the river. with her little feet and hands she manage to swim to a rock and climbed out. resting she decided not to go near the water again.

"Mommy, Daddy" she heard a voice called out. The girl spotted her brother, quickly she hid behind one of the rocks. She watched Gohan walked past by her, he was upset.

" Gohan" she called to him, getting up from her hiding spot

" Gocha" he cried, he hugged his sister and he was crying " I'm glad your here" he said. Gocha notice Gohan's hat missing

" Gohan what happened to your hat?" she asked. Gohan looked at her

" I'm sorry, a tiger took it from me" he said

" it's ok" she said. Gohan didn't pay attention to her, he spotted a blue bird standing on the edge of a log. Gohan ran over to the log, he climbed up on it. Gocha ran after him trying to stop him

" Gohan" she called to him, he look at his sister he was barely over at the bird, ignoring her he laid down to get a better look at the bird

" do you have a name? " he asked the bird. Gocha wanted to get up there and get her brother off but she was afraid she would endanger her brother by falling into the river, she was afraid of it. " my name is Gohan" he said. the bird flew off.

" hey, wait" he called but the log lost it place and Gohan fell into the river.

" Gohan" Gocha cried, the river drown out her voice, Gohan came back up he grab on the log as the water carried him down the river

" Gohan" she cried " GOHAN!!!" she screamed.

Gocha ran around in circles, screaming. she spoted the nimbus cloud above her head. she knew who it was, she took in a deep breath.

" DADDY!!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. the cloud halted and came speeding down. a man jumped off the cloud. Gocha ran to the man.

" Gocha whats wrong sweetheart?" he asked her. Gocha cried

" Daddy" she cried " Gohan fell in the river" she cried " Save him Daddy" she said. Goku Picked up his daughter and the two of the sped off on the cloud.

Goku found Gohan on a tree branch above a water fall. Gohan jumped into his fathers arms

" Daddy, thank you Daddy" he sobbed, Goku tried to figure out how Gohan got up there Gocha was looking up and down.

" Daddy" Gohan chirped " I lost my hat" he said, just then his hat plopped on his head.

" what, no you didn't it's on your head" he said " now lets get going to master Roshi's you two" he said to his kids, the both smiled " that's my children".

Goku and his children rode on the nimbus, Gohan was in front sitting and Gocha was behind him she was standing. the three watched dolpphins jumped out of the water.

" Hey Gohan" Gocha said, Gohan turn his head to face his sister

" yeah?" he asked

" want to play hide and seek when we get there?" Gocha asked. Gohan turn to his father

" Can we daddy?" Gohan asked him

" can we?" Gocha asked Goku. Goku smiled

" all right" he said " but don't go near the water and do not go in to Roshi's house" he told them. the kids nodded.

The Nimbus cloud started to descend to the small island. Goku held Gohan in his right arm and Gocha in his left. He jumped off the cloud landing on his feet.

" Hey is any one home?" he called out. A old man, a young monk and a blue hair girl came out off the house

" Goku" they cried.

" Hi" Goku said. The three people draw their attention to the two kids

"Hey Goku who are the kids" the woman asked

" are you trying to earn some money by baby sitting?" the monk named Krillin asked.

" their my children" Goku said, Gohan looked up at his father Gocha waved hello. the woman, the monk and the old man had a spaz attack.

" your children?" the old man gasped.

" yup" Goku said putting his kids down " pretty wild huh"

" oh Goku they're adorable" The woman named Bulma said. Gohan spotted the turtle coming up to him

" this is Gohan" Goku introduce his son. Gocha wasn't paying any attention, she was playing with the sand. " and this little scamp is Gocha" he said. Gocha looked up at her father at the mention of her name, she got off the ground and brushed the dirt off her outfit.

" say hello you two" Goku instructed his kids.

" Hello" Gohan said bowing

" hi" Gocha said waving. the old man, the woman and the monk bowed back. Gohan tried to hide from the turtle, Gocha went up to it, she patted the turtle. Bulma came up to Gohan, she came eye leve to him

" so Gohan how old are you?" she asked. Gohan quickly counted on his fingers.

" 4 and a 1/2" he said holding up his hand. Bulma turn her attention to Gocha

" and what about you Gocha, how old are you?" she asked. Gocha look down at her toes.

" I'm 4 and 1/2 too" she said.

"oh" Bulma said " so your twins" she said " who's the oldest"

" I am" Gohan said.

" Gohan is the oldest" Gocha said agreeing with him. Bulma smiled

" it's not so bad being the youngest" Bulma said " being the youngest you don't get in trouble that much" she said

" Hey!" Gohan said. Bulma and Gocha giggled.

" do you 2 want to be like your dad when you grow up?" Bulma asked them

" Chichi doesn't let them fight" Goku said

" so what do you 2 want to be when you grow up?" she asked them.

" A orthopedist" Gohan said

" uh.. a orthopedist" she repeated, her face went a little blue " oh wow" she got rid of the the though and turn to Gocha

" and what about you Gocha" she asked

" I want to be an astronaut" she said

" thats sounds like fun" Bulma said.

Gohan tried to hide from the turtle again, Gocha pushed her brother toward the turtle.

" I think he wants you to pet him Gohan" Goku whispered to his son. Gohan touched the turtle on the head, he continued to pet him. Bulma notist the tail on Gohan

" a tail" she asked.

" yup he was born with it, just like me" Goku said

" What about Gocha?" Bulma asked. she look at Gocha but didn't see if she had a tail

" she has one as well" Goku told her " she like to keep it hidden like she doesn't like it". Gocha let her tail slip out a little then it when back under her skirt. Bulma got up from the ground

" oh man " she said " Goku does anthing stange happen at night with the kids?" she asked

" what do you mean?" goku asked not cathing on to what his friend is saying. Roshi came zooming up to him

" she means has Gohan or Gocha looked at the moon when it's full?" he asked.

" well" he started he though for a few seconds " no we all go to bed pretty early"


" well there alot different from you when you were a kid" he said Gohan sat on the turtle's back as it gave him a ride to the shore, Gohan got off from the turtle but ran back cause the water scared him a little. Gocha stood away from the water.

" I know, Chichi makes them study all the time" Goku said " she said marital arts is a waist or energy". Gohan came runny back to his dad

" oh how neat their's a dragon ball on your hat?" Bulma asked.

" yup it's the fourstar ball and I wanted Gohan to have it" he said

" What about Gocha?" she asked " does she get a dragon ball?"

" Chichi forbids her to have a dragon ball" Goku said " I don't know why the dragon ball won't harm her" he said. " Gocha has helped me find the three start ball and the six star ball since she doesn't get to own a dragon ball of her own" he said.

" wow we had some amazing adventures trying to find those things" Bulma said. Gocha poked her brother

" Gohan let play hide and seek remember" she said.

"ok" Gohan said the two did rock paper siccers to see who's going to hide

" I win" Gocha said. Gohan turned around and started count. Gocha quickly ran behind the house.

" so what are you going to wish for when you get all seven?" Krillin asked, he picked up a rock and tossed it across the water.

" that's a good question" Goku said picking up a rock " come to think of it i really don't want any thing" Goku threw the rock like Krillin did but with more force and the rock flew faster and father across the water.

Gocha found a spot behind the house. she dove into the bushes to hide. She waited for 5 minuets, then ten. Gocha got out of the bushes, she needed to use the bathroom. she peeked out of the corner of the saw a strange long hair man, her father on the ground and her brother being held by the man and was crying. Gocha didn't like what she was seeing. No one hurts her brother

" Hey" she screamed at the man. The man turn to the small child, Goku lifted his head up

" No Gocha don't" Goku said, the man turn back to Goku

" so Kakarot you have another child" he said " I'll take her as well" he said. He started to walk over to the child but Gocha anger rose to the point that she started to charge at him. Raditz's scouter started to beep

" what power level 80?" he said Gocha ran up to him, jumped and kicked him in the shin. Raditz dropped Gohan to check his shin. Goku watch in amazement that his own little girl could do that?. Gocha ran over to her brother

" Gohan are you ok?" she asked. Gohan nodded. Raditz came up behind them. grabbing Gohan with his right hand and Gocha with his left hand he lifted them up. Gohan started to Cry again and Gocha started to kick.

" like I said Kakarot I'm taking your son and your daughter, you got till tomorrow try to enjoy it" he said lifting up into the air

" put me down DADDY!!!" Gohan screamed. Gohan and Gocha were tucked under Raditz's arms

" I expect great things from you brother don't let me down" he said laughing.

" GOHAN!!!!" Goku yelled " GOCHA". Raditz sped away with a scream Gocha and a crying Gohan

" Daddy, help me DADDY!!!" Gohan screamed the sound of their voices died out.

ok this is chapter oneof this little fan fic. i don't know how long it will last but I will not add another chapter if any one gives me bad reveiw. I think this story will only go up to the Namek saga