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At Roshi's house Bulma, Chichi, Ox king , Plaur Oolong, Baba and Roshi watched from a TV, the Scouter that Bulma worked on ended up exploding off her ear, so much for that thing. Tears came to her eyes when she saw Yamcha

" Y..Yamcha" she spoke, then threw her self on Roshi

" NO...YAMCHA!" she cried, Roshi tried his best to comfort her but ended up getting a slap for being perverted. Plaur on the other hand was pressing her self to the Tv screen and was crying. Chichi was getting her self ready to go and get her two children,after seeing what Piccolo did to them she wouldn't alow it, in her hands she had a shot gun, and a backpack full of supplies. nothing wasn't going to stop her. it took Ox king and Roshi to calm her down and she broke down crying.

Yamcha's death cause Krillin to snap and activated his limit break, he shot power full Ki blast hitting the remaining sabamen. he missed one, it lunged at Gohan and Gocha, Piccolo grabbed the sabaman before it could do any harm to the kids, punching it in the stomach he threw it and shot a Ki blast from his mouth destroying it. Tien and Chaozu were glad Piccolo was on there side.

now it was Nappa turn, no one could stop him, Chaozu sacrifice him self but the sayain lived, Tein had lost a arm in battle but with the last of his strength is wasn't enough, he colaps dead. all that were left was Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Gocha.

Vegeta gave the remaining z warriors he gave 3 hours for Goku to come, in that time Nappa took off to destroy a military crew on water, he took them out leaving the ocean stain with blood.

Nappa return , his armor destroyed, the 3 hours were up, now Nappa was ready to fight them.

" where that coward Kakarott?" he asked. Gocha didn't like the sayain calling her father a coward

" he's not a coward" she cried

" you better watch what you say little girl!" Nappa scolded, this made her hush up. Krillin charged at Nappa,

Piccolo Came up with a plan to distract nappa while he went and grabed his tail, but it backed fired, Nappa and Vegeta have over come the weakness of the tail and the Namek was knocked out.

now it was Gohan, Gocha and Krillin, The giant sayain went ahead and kocked the boy out, next he targeted Krilin. The small man held out his arm and a small ki turned into a disk,

" I call it destruct O disk" he threw it, Napa barley dodged it only having his cheek cut, the disk ended up destroying a mountain with a guy calling out riccola.

Angry, Nappa attacked Krillin, his fingers started to collect energy and he threw it at the small man, Krilin barley dodged it while shilding his face from the bright explosion. Nappa charged again but was hit by Piccolo

" I'm Back" Piccolo said . Nappa turn to the Namek

" your gona regret doing that" he said , before he made a an attack Gohan had kicked him, sending the sayian crashing into a boulder cumbling on impact. Poccolo was amazed at Gohan power and how he manage to send the gaint sayin flying, The attack didn't last long, Nappa stared to power up his eyes glaring at Gohan's.

" now you learn what happens when you get me angry" Gohan couldn't move he was scared stiff,

" Gohan!" Gocha called, ignored the cry Nappa hand trusted forward sending a power full blast enough to kill him. Gohan couldn't move, he felt him self get Shoved out of the way, looking up Gocha had pushed him. There was no time to get out of the way. and Piccolo knew he had to stop the blast, quickly at the last second he put him self in front of the blast protecting Gocha.

Piccolo screamed at the attack hit him, once the smoke cleared the Namek fell. Gohan scrambled to his right side while Gocha crawled over to his left

" Piccolo!" Gohan called to him. Piccolo opened hies eyes facing Gohan

"hey.. you take from here" Piccolo spoke, Gocha was trying to hold back the tears, Piccolo with little strength turn to her

" Gocha.. you did..well" he said " you..improved from the start...when..I almost..gave up.. on you..."

"P...Piccolo don't go" Gocha cried. Piccolo smiled

" sorry" he cough out purple blood " stay ..alive.. both.. of ..y..." he closed his eyes for the last time, looking real closely a tear fell from his eye.

Piccolo the Namek, once Goku's enemy teacher of Gohan and Gocha now dead along with the dragon balls

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any way there was a time when Piccolo was going to give up on Gocha and focus more on Gohan but he was wrong. and if your wondering Piccolos bond is stronger with Gocha's then it is with Gohan ( he even lets the girl give him a manicure, that's how strong the bond is)

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