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Giving InChapter 1

Bella's point of view

I sat in my room, or what used to be my room, and pouted. It wasn't fair! I loved it here and I know he did too! It was our real home. I closed my eyes to the now barren room and I imagined it how it used to be before I packed.

I breathed in deep looking for the hints of my old room. I could smell old leather, probably one of my many classic novels. I smelt the flowers in the garden outside my window. I could smell Edward in here of course. He was everywhere I was. I opened my eyes to see how my room looked now.

The walls were still the same dark blue color, but there were no more frames filled with Edward's and my life together. The dark brown wardrobe no longer held my clothes. The bed was stripped out the blue sheets I'd never need. The beautiful little vanity Edward had bought for me in Rome, so many years ago, was empty.

Just like my heart.

I had been in love with Edward since I first woke up from the searing pain and looked into his topaz eyes. They looked full of anguish and self hate. I had raised my hand and stroked his cheek. He told me what I had become and he hated himself for it. He also had said he didn't just want to watch me die. I was too young he had said.

That's why my heart was empty. I was too young. Oh, how I hate the word that cursed me to walk besides him but never have him as my own.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Edward's soft, velvet voice traveling up the stairs. "Bella? We have to leave now."

I turned away from the door and crossed my arms over my chest. He couldn't make me leave. Nope, he couldn't. I heard his soft footfalls as he climbed up the stairs.

"Don't be like that, love. You know we have to leave. I love London just as much as you."

I just continued to ignore him hoping he'd get the message. I. Was. Not. Leaving.

He crouched down in front of me and ran his hand through his bronze colored hair, a sure sign that he was stressed. I didn't want to stress him. I just wanted to stay. I sighed and uncrossed my arms.

"Fine, Edward, lets go." I answered in defeat. I would have given in anyways. "I'm just going to miss our real home."

He grabbed my hands and the tingling feeling I had gotten used to started up. "You know our home is where we are together. Now come on love, or well miss our flight."

He scooped me up into his arms and he spun me around the room. I started laughing and he joined in. He smiled down at me and I could swear my dead heart had fluttered.


We had made our flight just in time and we had occupied our time by Edward telling me about our new home. We were moving to the rainy town of Forks. Oh joy.

We had arrived in Port Angeles around two in the morning. It was raining heavily and the humans all smelt like wet dog. The passengers were all disoriented from lack of sleep, but Edward and I were fine.

Edward said he had a car shipped here so it should be in the parking lot. We walked out the airport after getting our belongings; the other items were being shipped to us by tomorrow.

(Start song if you would.)

He grabbed onto my hand and opened the umbrella and held it over us; must keep up the charade.

But instead, I slipped out of his grip and ducked out from under the umbrella. I loved the rain and my daddy had always said, "If you didn't dance in the rain, then life would be no fun." I could barely remember my human life, so I held on to what I could.

I breathed in deep; the smell of the rain was comforting. It smelled so pure words couldn't describe it.

I twirled around the rain and I could care less that I was being stared at or that my clothes would be getting soaked. I knew Edward loved the rain, but he always had to act like the adult. He was twenty, so apparently, if he had any fun, he would give us away. I didn't understand his reasoning, but I could ponder that later.

I heard his quiet chuckle and I looked over to him. I lifted my shield in my head and said, come on Edward! Have some fun! He simply smiled then walked towards me, luggage in one had and the other extended towards me.

"Come on my silly Bella." I sighed but grabbed his extended hand, He led us over to the car and I smirked at it. Of course, it was a silver Volvo. Edward couldn't live with out his beautiful car.

He opened my passenger side door for me and helped me in. My Edward, always the gentleman. I breathed in the smell of rich leather. He went around the back and put in the luggage. Before I knew it, he was in the car.

He looked at my dripping wet form. "Bella, if you ruin this car I will be forced to kill you."

I smiled and laughed, "Sure Edward! What would you do with out me? Your life would be very boring."

He looked deep into my eyes, topaz to topaz, and agreed, "Your right love… What would I do with out you?" He raised one hand to my face and brushed away a piece of my wet hair that had fallen in my face.

I felt my breath get caught in my throat and I hoped with all my heart, that he would close in the tiny space between us and kiss me. But of course, He leaned back in his seat and started the car.

I felt rejected and angry. I turned toward the window and rested my forehead against it. I glared out the window as the rain silently fell from the sky. It was like the sky was crying for me.

He sighed, knowing he had upset me. He started to say, "Bella, your too-"

I cut him off and hissed, "Don't you dare say I'm too young! Don't you dare! I am sixteen, I'm only four years younger!"

I hadn't moved my face from the window so I couldn't be sure of his expression, but I was sure it was surprised beyond belief. I never spoke to him like that.

He reached over and grabbed one of my hands and whispered, "I'm sorry Bella." I could hear the anguish in his voice so I squeezed is hand once so he'd know I was ok.

Even though I wasn't. I would never be ok. I would always be just his best friend. His too young best friend. Never would he return my feelings. But I so wished he would.

How much I wished he would.

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