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Warnings: Dialogue only fic! Implied naked-ness! Sam/Spencer! Or, well - Sam/anyone but Carly (but it's Spencer, just sayin'). Short fic! Extreme fluff!!

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"Do you ever think about how weird this is?"

"Mmm? What?"

"Me and you. Naked. In bed. Together."

"All the time."



"Sure? Or yes?"

"… What was the question?" – OW! Sam!"

"This isn't funny!"

"Yes it is. Owww. Is that really necessary?"

"Yes. It is."

"… I do, sometimes."

"… mmm so warm."

"Do you?"

"… …"

"Hey, I – no. You know that…"

"I – it's you. And me. And… she thinks I'm crazy."


"You and me… it is crazy. There are so many… this shouldn't… it feels too good."

"Baby… there's nothing wrong with being happy. You make me – you make me so happy I can't stand it sometimes."


"… Sam …"

"But there's Carly. And people – and it's weird."

"Sam… "

"But this works. I fit. It can't be weird if I fit. If this is so comfy – it can't be weird."

"Sam, there's nothing weird. … I love you."

"… that's what's weird – I love you too."

A/N: The "she" who thinks Sam's crazy... that's supposed to be a kind of Paul (except female and Schneiderverse crazy, at least a little). If you know who that is, and think he's a cool dude - you're cool. XD If you don't - think guidance counselor.

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