Tony ( to Gibbs): How'd you do that?


The plane ride back to DC was longer than Gibbs would've liked. "Keep talking like Clint Eastwood, and you can be damn sure I'll make your day…its last."

Tony sighed. "Oh come on boss, you have to admit that whole scene in the desert got your blood flowing just a little?"

Gibbs remained silent.

"I mean watching you go toe to toe with that chopper…it crashing behind the mountains. Saving the damsel in distress. It was awesome."

Gibbs couldn't help but notice the child-like tone in his voice. "If you want I can leave you back in the desert?"

"Very funny boss." Tony went quiet for a few minutes. "But seriously, I mean how'd you do that? That was totally straight out of a movie…"

"What movie?"

"I haven't figured it out yet. But it has to be in a movie somewhere…"

"Well how about you shut up until you figure it out?"

Tony sighed. "Geez boss, you don't have to be rude. I was just giving you a compliment."

"Well don't." He glared at his Agent for a few moments before reclining his seat.

Tony was momentarily defeated until the woman beside him couldn't help but eaves drop.

"So he shot down a helicopter?"

Tony had to smile. "Oh yeah, he's like a slightly younger Clint don't you think?"

The woman examined Gibbs for a moment. "Definitely."

Tony picked up on her tone. "I was there too you know?"

"So why didn't you take the chopper down?"

He went silent for a few seconds. "I uh, well he had a better angle. I was busy keeping the woman we were protecting…protected."

"So you were hiding while he risked his life?"

"Well not necessarily, you see I took a few shots that distracted the bad guys…long enough for him to get to the gun and take the shot."

"Then you're like the sidekick?"

Tony glanced to his right and although something told him Gibbs wasn't asleep he responded anyhow. "Actually I taught him everything he knows." But with one sudden head slap he changed his response. "Now that you mention it, side kick sounds good too…"