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Leaving off where the anime ended here is the most recent fanficiton-

Center Stage: Prolouge…

"Yukio, the phone is for you!" Tanaka's mother called from down stairs, stirring her teenage son from his sleep. Groaning, Koyuki tossed the sheets off of him and dragged his feet of the bed. "Coming…" He shouted in a tired voice. Scratching his black hair, he stretched.

Today was his first day back from the America tour. For a year, Beck had toured around America, singing and gaining fan members. It had been fun. Each one of them had a learning experience. Everyone changed in their own way. But for Koyuki, it was a big change. While he was over seas, puberty had finally found him, making his grow another couple of inches and starting him with a straggly beard. His feet were a big bigger and he had a bit of muscles that he had formed from practicing martial arts with Chiba. Although he looked more mature, he couldn't say that he felt any different. Especially since last night he and Mahou had went to the next level. Every thing was supposed to feel different, but it didn't. It felt like he was… home.

Steeping on the bottom step, Koyuki picked up the phone. "Hello…?"

"Koyuki?! It's me! Hiromi! Remember, from Ichieda Gakuen Private High School?"

It took Koyuki a few minutes to remember exactly who he was talking to. It suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. His pupuil who he helped learn a few bars before his American tour. "Hiromi! It's been a while!"

"I know. Hey! Wanna get together for a bit? Saku told me that he'd come see my band!"

"Wow! You've got a band too huh? Alright. I'll get dressed. Where do you want me to meet you at?"

"We're just rocking out at center park. Find me there!"

"What time?"

"Well…Saku and I are leaving in a half hour. I'd be kinda cool if all of Beck could come and see us. But if not, then don't worry about it. So meet us at the park in like.. 45 minutes?"

"Alright, I'll see you there." Koyuki replied before hanging up the phone. Hiromi had improved a lot in a year for her to be in a band and just play in the park. Question was, when did Saku get over her house? He voiced that question to Chiba as he invited Chiba to the concert.

"Well I had planned to go past the Ramen shop and see if they needed any help today, but why the hell not?.. OH! Saku that old dog. He probably got some last night!" He laughed.

Koyuki blushed and shook his head. "Chiba! So dude, meet us at the park in 40 minutes alright?"

"Yeah yeah, I'll be there." With that Chiab hung up the phone. "A new band huh…." Stretching he started away from the phone and to his closet to get dressed. "Can't let the ladies see me like this. Or else I'l never catch up to Saku and Koyuki…"