Hope you guys liked the first chapter. I don't know if you picked up on it, but I made Ness and Jake's relationship have some little similarities to Edward and Bella's before B.D., but it's still different because in my mind, Nessie is totally different to Bella personality wise.

This one's from Bella's P.O.V. Hope you enjoy…

Ooh, P.S. Sorry if the next chapter takes a little while, I haven't started it yet but have patience chums!! :D

Chapter 2 – Ignorance is bliss

'I love you so much.' Edward murmured into my ear.

Even after all this time the sound of his velvet voice, rough and quiet, so close to me forced an electric jolt of pleasure to shoot through my body. I felt his fragrant breath against my neck as I responded.

'I love you too.' My voice was just as hoarse as his – well, as horse as a vampire's voice could get that is.

I turned my head and searched for his lips with mine. They immediately found their destination, Edward hearing at once the desire spoken in my mind.

I had long since perfected my useful ability to share my thoughts with Edward when I wanted to. But, to his dismay and my shameless joy, I could shut him out just as easily.

'You would have thought I would have got used to this by now.' Edward breathed in my scent, trailing his lips tantalizingly along my collar bones. My head tipped back instinctively, giving him access to as much flesh as I possibly could.

'Got used to what? My thoughts?' Even when he could hear me think I still preferred to speak out loud. I smiled and let my current pleasure overtake my mind completely for a moment. I felt like I would drown in the contact between us, in the delicious friction between our bodies. Edward groaned and slammed his lips back onto mine desperately, hearing exactly what I wanted him to, and resisting the temptation about as well as I was – not at all.

We kissed dizzyingly for a while, not needing to break apart for annoying human necessities like air.

Edward eventually, with what looked, felt and sounded like a colossal effort, dragged his mouth away from mine and pulled back slightly so that his face hovered above me. I looked into his deep, fiery golden eyes that mine now matched. They were so beautiful.

'No. Not the thoughts.' He continued the conversation as if there had been no interruption, only his accelerated breathing indicated that we had stopped talking at all. 'Although I don't think I'm quite used to that yet either now you mention it.' He paused, the flames in his eyes leaping higher still. 'What I meant was this. You. You still dazzle me as much as you did when we first met. More, even.' He ran his hand over the length of my body. I let out a soft whimper. 'See what I mean? You've been like me for almost five years and-'

He broke off. Whether it was because he was lost for words, which didn't seem likely, or it was the thought that floated into my mind as he spoke. I was sure it was the latter. I was thinking of my first night as a vampire, nearly five years ago. I knew exactly what Edward meant, even now, years on, every time felt like the first.

He couldn't stay away any longer. His face was glued to mine again. I laughed internally at the control my mind had over him. He nodded in agreement and released a low gravely moan, not breaking away as he heard the thought enter my mind.

His lips travelled up and down my body, kissing and touching every inch of skin he could reach. My fingers ruffled his bronze hair and scraped up and down his hard, smooth back muscles. It was bliss. I wondered if vampires could pass out from sheer happiness. Our combined breathing was quick and uneven. The great expanses of my vampire brain were focussed only on Edward. His heavenly touch. His movements. The feel of him under my fingertips and my lips and my tongue. His noises.

Eventually, a very small part of my brain broke away from my husband and noticed the sun coming up slowly out of the window of our little cottage bedroom, glittering on the tiny ocean that was a reminder of our honeymoon, my human life.

Edward either didn't notice the daylight filtering through the glass or he didn't care. He continued his pleasurable task as if his life depended on it. I was not complaining.

But suddenly, his body was a statue against mine. His lips broke their connection with my skin as his head snapped around so that he was staring out of the window. I felt my shield snap up around my mind again, keeping Edward, and possible danger, out.

'What's the matter?'

Edward's body rolled away from mine in the huge white bed. Instantly I felt empty and, although it was technically impossible, cold without him touching me. And then he was upright, pulling on a loose pair of jeans in one swift move. He turned his head to look at me.

'Jacob and Nessie.'

I instantly relaxed, a sigh of relief shooting out of my mouth. Only Jake and Renesmee, what an overreaction.

'So…?' I questioned. Yes, Edward was known for his slight tendency to over-dramatize situations, and I was fully aware that, with their super-hearing, Jake and Ness probably could hear our every move. If they were listening, which I would be prepared to bet my entire Alice-inspired wardrobe they weren't. So surely, that couldn't be the reason for the pained look on Edward's beautiful face.

It took him a long time to answer. I recognised the expression on his face though. It was the exact same one he wore when human males had indecent thoughts about me, and more recently, Renesmee. This made me worry slightly, what could he be hearing? Oh God, what was Jacob thinking? It couldn't be Nessie, could it?

'Nothing.' He finally muttered infuriatingly, turning away again. His silhouette against the brightening window was extraordinarily tempting. I loved his hair when it was messed up like that. And he still hadn't put on a shirt. It took bundles of self control to keep my mind on task. Nothing? Yeh right.

He didn't fool me for a second. I leapt out of bed and walked over to where Edward stood. I reached my arms around his bare waist and kissed the back of his smooth, muscular shoulder softly. He still didn't move. I sighed internally, this was ridiculous. I had been a vampire for close to five years and, although he was definitely getting better, Edward was clearly finding the habit of keeping things from me to spare my feelings hard to kick.

'Tell me what's wrong, Edward.' I said it softly, but there was a definite air of command about my tone. I had learnt it from Edward himself.

At my words, he swivelled in my arms to face me. I could still see the horrified look behind his clear mask. What could he have heard? Maybe I was the one under reacting, were Nessie and Jake coming to warn us about something? Maybe Alice had sent them. Were the Volturi on their way? They could be already here. What were we going to do?! At least I would be able to fight this time. Although I was still nowhere near at the standard of the rest of them. And I would need to protect Renesmee; no way was she having any part of this. Maybe this is what was going through Edward's mind when I was still human and then a newborn. For once, I knew exactly how he felt.

Or it could be trouble with the pack. Surely not, not with Jacob so close to the Cullens. But he and Sam could have fallen out again; it had been known to happen. But in that case most of the wolves would take sides with us, wouldn't they? Wasn't it against their rules to put Nessie in danger, being Jake's imprint. But if they were in a different pack, the rules probably wouldn't apply, would they?

But if Nessie and Jake were coming to warn us, I thought as I felt my panic and tension rising, where were they? Why weren't they here yet? Both of them could run so fast they were almost invisible to the human eye – so if they had been close enough for Edward to hear their thoughts a couple of minutes ago, wouldn't they be here already?

My only explanation was that they weren't in any kind of rush. But then why was Edward acting like this?

I felt rather than heard him sigh, sweet breath drifting over my face.

'Jacob and Renesmee-' He was searching for words. I narrowed my eyes, urging him to continue. 'They, well-'

This was driving me insane.

'What, Edward?!' I snapped. I found myself almost growling in impatience.


There was a moment of silence where I was literally too stunned to speak. That is what made Edward look like something terrible had happened? Dear Lord. I wondered if there was vampire therapy I could send him to. I bit back a laugh.

They kissed all the time; Edward didn't usually show that much objection. Jake kissed her on the cheek almost every time he came and went from the house.

He stared at me intently to gauge my reaction. He must have noticed my poorly concealed laugh I was trying to reign in.

'Why are you laughing?' He now looked confused to add to his previous horrified grimace. The smooth emotionless mask had fallen away completely.

'Well,' I began, speaking slowly as if I was explaining something to a very young child. 'Jake kisses Renesmee all the time.' I shrugged. Shock flitted onto his face and he involuntarily stepped back from me. I hastily wrenched the shield from my mind and played back a memory of the morning before when Jacob had pecked Renesmee on the cheek before leaving for a patrol.

Edward's head shook sadly. I allowed my mind to close again.

'Not like that.' He hissed through his teeth.

It suddenly all fell into place. I suddenly understood Edward's reaction.

'They…made out?' I asked without thinking. The surprise prevented me from editing my thoughts before they fell out of my mouth. It was a very human trait which I still, annoyingly, appeared to possess sometimes. Edward almost flinched at my phrasing and nodded.

'How could Jacob do that?! He promised he would wait till she's fully grown, he still has another two years to wait! And I trusted him! He said he didn't even think of her like that yet! You heard him! Has he been planning it? Why didn't you tell me?'

I couldn't believe it. I had managed to forgive Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee over time; after all it wasn't his fault. Not that I cared much about technicalities at first. And this was how he repaid me! He was supposed to be my best friend, what was he playing at, Renesmee was still a child! Carlisle only estimated her physical and mental age at around fifteen, she was still a child.

I looked up at Edward, wondering why he hadn't agreed with me about Jacob yet. Even after five years, however close they had become, Edward still loved it when he had an opportunity to be annoyed at 'the dog'. I was usually the one who didn't agree with the anger.

The tortured look remained on his features. He slowly shook his head.

'It wasn't him. It was her.' The words appeared to cause him actual pain.

'What?!' I screeched. No way.

Edward just shrugged.

'Come on Bella, you know what she's like. Once she decides something, there's no talking her out of it. She gets it from you. Jacob had no chance.' The statement stopped me in my tracks. I knew what he meant. She also got that quality from Edward, and having a double dose of it made her pretty difficult to budge. But still, she couldn't have known what she was doing! The thought was preposterous!

'She knew exactly what she was doing.' Edward's voice broke through my bubble of thought. I started, wondering if I had left my mind open. Nope, it was still as firmly protected as ever.

'How did you- ?'

Edward allowed himself a small smile.

'You know I can read your face just as well as your mind. Remember, I've had a lot of practice.'

I let out a huff of annoyance. 'Don't worry though, love. You haven't lost your amazing ability to constantly surprise me.'

Just at that moment, a noise interrupted our words. Both my head and Edward's snapped around to face the window. They were nearly here. Well, Renesmee was, Jacob was lagging behind.