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The vast dance floor was absolutely swarming with bodies, all in minimal clothing and thrashing about indecently with each other. Lights flashed over them, making the dancers appear to be a sea of rolling, tumbling multicoloured waves. The music was so loud I couldn't even hear my own thudding, erratic heartbeat as I took in the scene.

A long, brightly coloured bar bordered the room, and people were standing on tiptoes and leaning over it, bellowing drink orders to the dozens of bartenders. A DJ danced on a high platform overlooking the dance floor, headphones crookedly hung over one ear.

I spotted Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice already dancing with abandon at the centre of the floor. The rest of the dancers seemed to be giving them a wide berth, whether it was because of humans' natural aversion to vampires, or the fact that they were simply so breathtaking, I didn't know. All I knew was that they looked amazing.

Rose and Emmett were all over each other, sexy and graceful at the same time, long legs and hips and Rose's glimmering hair were sensuously being thrown around in a way no human could get away with. Alice and Jasper only had eyes for each other; it was as if they were the only people in the club as they moved. They were nowhere near as over the top as their brother and sister, but they were just as striking.

I felt a cool, strong pair of arms slip around my sequinned waist.

'Do you like it?'

I gulped and nodded stiffly. I didn't think I had ever been so nervous in my life, Edward had better not expect me to dance like the rest of his family. I cringed as I thought about how mortifying that would be. Not to mention the fact that it would probably cause some sort of serious injury, if not to me, but to some in close vicinity to me.

Edward lowered his head so it was resting gently on my shoulder. He was pressed softly against my back. I had to admit that wasn't helping me calm down much. He kissed my cheek lovingly and I felt my cheeks fill with colour.

'You don't have to do anything you don't want to, Bella. You know I wouldn't do that to you.'

I felt my whole body visibly relax as his words were whispered into my ear over the pounding of a song so loud it was unrecognisable. He was right; I could just sit and watch. That would be fine. Maybe even kind of fun. I span around in his arms to face him. My breath caught as I looked for maybe the millionth time at his face. It was just so beautiful. I really couldn't help but stretch upwards and touch my lips to his again.

Like in the parking lot, Edward responded enthusiastically. The coolness of his hands flitted up and down my back making me shiver.

'Break it up, guys! You're blocking the stairs!' A voice boomed so loudly I felt sure everyone in the club had heard, which was quite an achievement considering the volume of the music.

Edward growled against my lips and slowly pulled his head up. My lips stung from the recent contact and my cheeks burned. We were being stared at by a large group of people who were, indeed, unable to reach the stairs because Edward and I were embracing right at the top of them.

I turned the other way, in the direction the voice had come from. Right in front of us, a few stairs down was the entire Cullen clan, led, as I had guessed, by Emmet. He hade an enormous grin plastered on his handsome face as he stared up at us, arms crossed, shaking his head.

Alice looked just as amused, watching me from underneath her long eyelashes. This only made me more embarrassed. Jasper and Rosalie however, didn't look amused. Rosalie wasn't even looking at us, but staring off into the depths of the club, mouthing the words I couldn't make out to the song playing. Jasper fidgeted uncomfortably, his newly golden eyes flicking between us and the rest of the club. I knew the emotions in this place were probably driving him crazy, and the smell of hundreds of humans packed into such a small space thrashing around probably wasn't helping much. I realised guiltily that the waves of lust that were no doubt flowing from Edward and I were only adding to Jasper's discomfort. I hastily shoved Edward and what I wished I were doing with him to the back of my mind to calm myself. Jasper shot me a grateful glance.

Edward started down the stairs, throwing an apologetic expression to the cluster of waiting clubbers behind us. He dragged me with him, steadying me in my heels and ridiculously constricting dress as we went.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Edward and I followed everyone else to one of the high tables that sat at regular intervals around the room near the bar. Alice rushed over to me as soon as I was seated and began to fix my hair. Apparently my recent activities had not been very hairstyle friendly. I couldn't really say I cared, but I held still for the sake of Alice as Edward watched my face intently, holding my hand.

'Bella, what are you drinking?' Came Emmett's thunderous boom. I looked up at him. He was standing beside me, looking down expectantly.

'Umm…' I had no idea. 'A coke?' Emmett looked disappointed, but after a stern glare from Edward, he shuffled off to get me what I wanted.

I stared out at the sea of dancers as we waited. It was astonishing how many people were crammed in here. It was huge, but the amount of people was definitely larger. Alice quickly got bored and after failing to convince Jasper, headed into the throng of dancers with Rosalie who had also evidently grown tired of sitting with us.

Edward and Jasper seemed to be having some kind of silent conversation, where Jasper looked both exited and like he was in pain.

What? I mouthed at Edward. He leant in very close to my ear. I felt the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end at his proximity.

'Jasper's having a hard time. You wouldn't believe how many emotions are in here right now, and he's being influenced by all of them.' I shot a sympathetic look at Jasper who nodded back at me. He also appeared to be holding his breath. Then I realised something.

'But what about you?' I asked, knowing that even though a human wouldn't be able to hear me over the din, Edward could. He grimaced.

'It's bad. But don't worry, love' He assured me with a grin, seeing the look on my face. 'I'm easily distracted.'

Before I could open my mouth to question how exactly he was distracting himself, His lips landed on mine for the third time that night. He stood up from his seat beside mine; we were now almost the same height with me on the tall barstool. He placed his hands on either side of my face as I kissed him back as hard as I possibly could; only sparing a tiny thought for what this must have been doing to poor Jasper.

I badly wanted to move my legs so that my knees were on either side of his hips, pull him closer, but the restricting tightness of the dress made that impossible. I wondered for a second if Alice had made me wear it for that very reason. She made me mad sometimes. Though, it probably wouldn't have been good if we got too carried away in the middle of crowded club, perhaps she had a point.

Again, we were interrupted, much to my annoyance, by Emmett, who leant his face extremely close to where Edward and my lips connected and coughed loudly. I let out a little squeal of surprise and had to be saved from falling straight off my stool by Edward as he gave Emmett a very frightening death-glare.

Emmett only chuckled and turned his back, presumably to locate Rose in the crowd. I took a deep breath and shakily ran my fingers through my hair, not caring in the slightest if I ruined Alice's hard work.

I was suddenly very hot in the overstuffed room, and with nothing but Edward's hand on mine, I wasn't touching enough of him for his icy skin to cool me down.

As if my wish was granted, a tall glass of sparkling black liquid stood on the table in front of me. Beads of condensation were dripping down the sides invitingly. Without conscious thought, I grabbed the glass and glugged down the coke in one gulp. I looked up at Edward. He was wearing a look of mild amusement.

'Thirsty?' His voice, smooth despite the volume he had to shout to be heard. I nodded sheepishly, I knew Edward found it fascinating and slightly nauseating to watch me eat and drink.

Edward swooped down and pecked me swiftly on the lips. He was just restoring himself to his full height again when he froze.

'What?' I asked him worriedly. He stood up stiffly. I assumed he had heard something – Alice perhaps?

He surprised me then. Instead of nodding or shaking his head as expected, his nose crinkled up, as if he was sniffing the air. Confusion quickly overtook my thoughts. Quickly replaced by embarrassment; did I smell?

Suddenly, the tall, empty glass was gone from my clammy grasp. Edward held it up to his nose and sniffed again. This time he looked positively disgusted.

'Bella, did this taste…different to you?' I furrowed my eyebrows. Maybe I misheard.

'Taste different?' He nodded. 'No…why?' What could he be getting at?

Edward sniffed the drink again and slammed the glass back onto the table, causing it to rattle and creak dangerously. The brightly coloured liquid in a cocktail glass across the table sloshed out onto the shiny black surface. I noticed Jasper was no longer anywhere to be seen. Through his teeth, Edward murmured something I couldn't make out above the thudding baseline. I shot him a questioning look.

'Bella, I think that someone-' He paused and took a deep breath. 'Actually, not someone, my moronic brother Emmett, actually, has spiked your drink.' The rage that danced in Edward's eyes was frightening, even though it clearly wasn't directed at me.

Spiked my drink? But why would he do that? And surely I would have noticed. Wouldn't I?

I stood up to show Edward how just how fine I was. But that was the problem. Hopping down from my seat looked much easier than it turned out to be. I teetered on my preposterous heels and headed for the ground on wobbly legs.

Of course, as always, Edward was there at once to save my fall. The look on his face confirmed what I had just been about to deny, he thought I had been drugged or something! I opened my mouth to tell him that my fall was absolutely no indication of anything. It was more like a deadly combination of my clumsiness, the death-traps Alice had strapped to my feet, and the aftermath of our recent kiss. I would definitely know if I was high on some kind of drug.

I looked up into Edward's angry face. Something about it made me want to giggle. I bit it back, knowing what conclusions he would come to. His lips moved the slightest amount, so quickly I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't so accustomed to picking up these little vampire traits. I knew he must be saying something to a member of his family.

Sure enough, seconds later, the hulking shape of Emmett materialised beside me. He was shaking with silent laughter. Edward was still holding me up, I noticed suddenly. I was about to pull away, stand up myself, when I realised that by the look on Edward's face, a full on fight would most probably break out if Edward's hands were free. Emmett stood, intelligently, just out of Edward's reach just in case. I gazed up at Edward's face, his lips were still moving so quickly they vibrated. He appeared to be having a silent conversation with a very amused looking Emmett.

Eventually, tired of being ignored, I staggered to my feet.

'I'm fine, Edward. For God's sake, look at me, I feel totally normal. I only had one glass of…whatever it was anyway!' I pointed towards my body.

Emmett laughed.

'See, Edward, she's fine! I was only having a little fun! Besides, it's not like it was anything illegal, humans take more than half a glass of vodka to get drunk!'

Edward's face dropped, if possible, even further.

He growled, loud enough for me to hear, he must have been mad.

I decided I had had enough of this. The dance floor really was looking rather attractive. I marched to the edge, only stumbling once in the heels, and craned my neck in search of Alice and Rosalie.

As if she could hear my thoughts, the little pixie was suddenly in front of me. She took my hand with nothing but a massive grin to someone behind me. I assumed it was Edward.

We made our way through the crowd to the centre of the dance floor. Rosalie was still moving gorgeously to the music. I immediately let myself become absorbed in the thudding tune blearing out of the man-sized speakers surrounding us. I couldn't believe I had dreaded this; I was having the time of my life. And I wasn't bad at dancing either, perhaps not as graceful as Alice, or as sexy as Rosalie, but I could tell I wasn't bad in my own way.

It wasn't too long before I felt familiar cold arms around my waist. I knew he would get over his stupid anger at Emmett and come back to me. He must have realised that the alcohol really hadn't affected me at all.

His cold breath tickled my ear as he spoke to me.

'You look so amazing when you dance.' That was enough.

I spun around in his arms and threw my lips at his with a fierceness I didn't know I was able to muster.

I could feel his body tense for a second, shocked at my action, before he gave in, fed my addiction. He kissed me back, meeting my force equally. I was no longer dancing, just standing, doing everything I possibly could to have as much of Edward as I possibly could before his inevitable recoil.

Sure enough, it was much too soon when he leant back in my arms. He gazed at me for a while. I wondered what he was looking at. When he leant back down I felt my just recovering heart crank up a notch again, sure he was coming back for more.

'Shall we just dance for a while, Bella, I don't think that sort of thing is really appropriate in a public place.' He told me sternly, but with amusement colouring his tone.

I nodded and grinned at him wickedly, he hadn't said we couldn't continue later. I was glad he had seemed to have got over the whole drink thing though, I didn't need that to ruin my fun night, and we had only just got there. We still had hours of fun left.

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