A/N - Hey! This is a follow on to my other afterlife fic 'Three Months Later', so I'd read that one first, or it might be a little bit confusing!

Polly sat by the fireplace in the kitchen, tending to her new baby girl. She felt truly blessed. Master Peter had let her stay. She was so lucky, if it had been the last master, who had died a few months ago, she would have been thrown out into the cold, harsh winter, and told never to return. She smiled and looked over at the mantle, at the painting of the Queen, HRH Queen Victoria. She had been on a visit to Bristol a few months ago and Polly had been lucky enough to accompany Miss Mary to a royal tea party, where the queen had actually spoke to her. It was because of this that she had decided to call her little girl Victoria.

Poor Polly. Whilst she was lost in her thoughts her beloved Master Peter was stood behind her. Stood behind her with a pistol. It was then whilst the entire house slept that Peter held the gun to her head and shot her. She was dead instantly. Peter lowered the gun as the baby began to cry. He moved the child and set her on the table, as he carried Polly's dead body down to the bottom of the garden where a hole was waiting. He returned the house ten minutes later, the child was crying. He felt angry with himself until the day he died, a year later after fathering a son, as he could not kill the child. Instead he threw open the back door and with the child in his arms and preceded to the nearest orphanage and handed the child in.

In the morning when his wife questioned Polly's absence, Peter just told her she had found a new job. No one ever asked again, and soon Polly, and Victoria, were completely forgotten.


Olivia was stood at the stove cooking a full English breakfast, for two. John was stood behind her, his arms around her waist as she cooked. She turned her head to look at him and smiled. She had not been this happy for months. John kissed her and walked towards the table. Olivia pulled the plates towards her and piled the hot breakfast onto the plates. She lifted them and placed them on the table as John poured two glasses of orange juice. He passed it to Olivia and he raised his glass. 'One month together.' He said. Olivia smiled and raised her glass too, then took a large gulp and began to eat her breakfast. One month together. She smiled again. After she left Julia and Brian's house, she called at a shop and picked up a bottle of wine and after asking Barb for directions went to John's house. They just spent the night talking. Brian was 35 and was waiting for his divorce to come through. He also had an eighteen-year-old daughter, Katie, the reason why he had married Donna. He was also very understanding about Craig and Robert, the only person, apart from Alison that understood her. She felt an instant connection, and felt so lucky that she had found not one, not two but three men that she had loved, and she didn't intend to loose John, like she had lost the others. She set down her knife and fork, and John picked them up and placed them in the dishwasher. He sat down and looked at Olivia. 'Liv, we've been together for a month'

'Yes, so you said'

'Well, I think that it's time that you met Katie'


'What's up, you don't seem happy?'

'Well, what is she going to think, you're not properly divorced from Donna yet. And I'm not saying she's like Donna, but do you remember how Donna reacted when she saw us? No doubt she's told Katieā€¦.'

'So' John took hold of her hand, 'I don't care what Donna thinks or what she told Katie. Liv, I love you, and that's all that matters.' Olivia looked at him, and her heart missed a beat, John had just said he loved her. She had not heard those three word since Craig had uttered them to her in the hospital, seconds before his heart failed. She looked deep into John's eyes and smiled. 'I'm going to go to work. I'll call you later.' He leaned across the table and kissed her cheek. He picked up his jacket and he smiled at her again as he left the room.

Olivia just sat there. She really didn't know what to do. She stood up and went into the living room, and not for the first time felt she was not alone. There was only single thing she hadn't told Alison. Her mother had been a medium. Although Olivia had not inherited her mother's gift and couldn't see the spirits, she could definitely feel their presence, just as she had felt the cold, damp atmosphere and smelt the smell of aftershave in Julia and Brian's house when Alison sensed the spirit of Tom. She stood there in the room and just felt for them. The house was filled with spirits, some stronger than others. It was driving her insane, being in the house on her own. It wasn't just the feeling of the spirit's, it was the things they were doing. The first time they had done anything was when they had changed the channel, to show her the news about Tom. Since then it had become a near regular occurrence, whether it was making her bed for her when she left the room, to hiding her things for her to find them in the most unusual places. Just yesterday in fact she had returned home to find that her entire sock drawer had been rearranged according to colour and style and a pair of earrings she had thought she had lost had turned up in the coffee jar. She had to get out of the house. She was about to run up stairs to get her coat and car keys when the doorbell rang. She turned and walked back down the stairs, and opened the door. Alison was on the doorstep. Olivia felt relieved. The spirits were always less loud when Alison was here, like they were trying to get through to Alison rather than hassling her. She moved away from the door and let Alison in.