Part 2

Alison looked around the house. At least the girl wasn't here. It had been unbearable in her house recently. The girl wouldn't let her sleep, every time she closed her eyes, the girl threw something at her, or pulled her hair. She hid her things, then put them back. It was like slowly being driven insane. She didn't feel safe anymore in her house. Her only retreat was here, and even then she was haunted by the years of memories that the house held. She had never been in a place before where there were so many spirits. Even the hospital didn't have many, although, this could be down to the night nurse's 'help'. 'Do you want a drink?' Alison snapped out of her trance. 'Yes please'


'Yes, black, no sugar' Olivia nodded and walked through to the kitchen. Alison followed and sat down on one of the high stools at the breakfast bar. Olivia was stood with the coffee jar, looking into it. She shook her head and slammed it down on the side. 'Sorry, I'm out of coffee, will tea be alright?'

'Yes' Olivia picked up the box of tea bags and opened it. She shook her head again and threw the box in the bin. 'It also seems that I'm out of tea too.' Alison could her laughing behind her; she turned, knowing that there was no one there. Olivia seemed angry as she walked over to the fridge. She opened it and ran her hand over her forehead. 'I've got juice, is that alright?'

'That's fine' Alison could see the frustration in Olivia's eyes. Something told her that this activity was as regular for Olivia as the girl was for her. Olivia closed the fridge and set a bottle of juice in front of Alison. She then walked over to the drawer, opened it and shifted the utensils. Once again she shook her head and slammed the drawer shut. Then she just slowly fell to the floor, crying. Alison got up of the stool, and ran over to comfort her friend. 'Why won't they leave me alone Alison? What do they want from me? I can't do anything for them.'

'There, there.' Olivia looked at her. Tears were streaming down her face. 'Make them stop Alison. Make it stop.' Olivia stood up and ran out into the hall way and up the stairs. As Alison went to follow her, she saw the girl. She was laughing, and realised that it was the same laugh that she had heard before. The girl pulled a tongue, and then ran up the stairs. Alison followed her. But as she went to go up stairs, her path was blocked.

On the stairs was a girl. She was about sixteen or seventeen. She was wearing a Victorian maids outfit, and had her curly red hair tied back in a bun, with ringlets falling down either side of her face. She walked down more steps, closer to Alison. She opened her mouth and tried to speak. She looked frustrated, and began to cry. 'Alison held out a hand, and the girl looked at her. 'Polly?' Alison asked, she nodded. 'Polly what do you want, how can I help you.'

'Find Victoria, stop history repeating itself'

'What do you mean? Polly,' but she was gone. Alison stood on the stairs; she could hear Olivia in one of the rooms. She carried on up the stairs. When she got to the top, she could see Olivia in her bedroom. She was tidying up clothes. Alison walked into the room. The room was lovely. It had pale lilac walls, and just like the hallway, was covered with photographs. There was a large bed in the middle of the room, with pillows and blankets covering it. It looked very comfortable. On the left hand bedside table, there was a lamp and some books, the right hand table on the other hand was littered with photographs of Robert and Craig, this was obviously Olivia side. Alison sat on the bed, and picked up one of the photographs. It was of Olivia and Robert, Robert looked so young in the picture. They were stood hugging on top of the Eiffel Tower, looking towards the river seine. 'That's my favourite picture of me and Robert.' Olivia said. She dropped the clothes and sat on the bed next to Alison. 'We went on a psychology trip to Paris, I don't remember why. We had so much fun. After we went to the tower, we went to this restaurant, and we dared each other to eat snails and oysters We ended up with food poisoning and spent the rest of the trip in bed!' Olivia laughed. Alison smiled at her as she placed the picture back on the table. 'I don't know how to make them stop Olivia, if I could then I would, but I don't know how.'

'It's all right. I'll just hope that they stop.' Alison looked around the room, and saw a briefcase on the corner, with J. Walker stamped on it. 'Has John been here?' Alison asked. 'Yes, he stayed over last night'

'I'd like to meet him'

'Believe me, I'd like you to meet him, it's just that, well, when I was about to tell him, he started going on a bout how he didn't like, well, he's not a great believer in the afterlife, so he doesn't really know about you yet. Sorry.' Alison felt slightly hurt, but smiled at her anyway, 'you'll just have to change his mind then won't you'

'Yes I will indeed. So what do you want to do today, mmm?'

'Well, if you don't mind, I've just seen a spirit here and she need's help.'


'So, is there anyway we can find out about the past occupants of the house? See if we can find her?'

'Yeah, sure, just let me change.' Olivia went over to the wardrobe and rooted through it. Alison left the room and went down stairs. She stood in the hallway and waited for Olivia. The girl was stood in the living room watching from a crack in the door. 'Ready?' Olivia asked. Alison nodded. As they drove away from the house, Alison could she the girl stood in the window, waving and pulling a tongue.