[A/N: As promised, here's something a little less melodramatic. Too much melodrama makes my brain hurt and my poor brain already has too much being hammered into it, so here is something rather more light-hearted.

Well, everyone's doing it and I guess, now that I've done it myself, I know why: it's hilarious good fun! I have no idea how many of these I'll be putting up – at present I have about two more and they're going up in tens, so only time will tell how many more posts of this will come up or when. I guess whenever I think of more, eh? The interesting thing is, every single number on this list applies to me (!). Some apply to many as well as myself, some are just as a result of my own special brand of insanity and obsession. So once again, I pose the question: what points apply to you and what else can you come up with that I've left out?]

You know you're obsessed with 'Phantom of the Opera' when...

Let's begin with the basics:


You know the entire libretto of the musical off by heart.


You've read the Leroux and Kay books so often that you know them off by heart too.


You know who Philippe, Jammes and Madeleine are.

Right. Moving on now...


You feel instant disdain towards people who say "Oh, I love 'Phantom of the Opera' but only for the music, really."


Somehow or other, you can link almost every word to P.o.t.O.


Somehow or other, you can link almost any other movie/book scenario (even school setwork books, if you're me) to P.o.t.O.


The lyrics of almost every song you hear somehow link to P.o.t.O. For example, 'Hey there Delilah''s line: "listen to my voice, it's my disguise" !


Every time you see red roses, you absolutely HAVE to find a black ribbon, tie it round the stem, slide your fave sparkly rind up the stem and take photos. Just so that, since you own the ring, you can pretend it was a gift to you from Erik. Sad but true - welcome to my world.


You start seeing shadowy opera-cloak-swathed, masked figures in every shadow.


You've attempted to make your own Punjab lasso and have even researched knot tying in order to do this.


Whenever you watch movies, you keep your eyes peeled just in case you happen to see a poster for 'Phantom of the Opera' somewhere in said movie - what's more, you've actually found one before! [I've found 2 and counting. One in Spiderman 3, the other (actually a picture of Chaney Phantom) in A series of Unfortunate Events. Yes, I know I need a life. And..? Your point is…?]

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