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Danny stared at his reflected self in the full length mirror, frowning as he looked at the image wearing the gifts that had been sent by some "mysterious" person. His parents and Jazz were unsure of whom or what had sent him the garments he was wearing. He had a pretty good idea. But honestly, Danny could think of only one person who would even think about sending him a present of any sorts.

Included with the gifts, a card had been tucked inside the tissue wrapping, and Danny had grabbed it and read the message written in elegant script: For you, my lovely Dannicus.

His suspicions of whom the gifts were from were confirmed the second he read the card. Danny'd resisted the urge to burst out into laughter when he read the message, instead forcing himself to look confused as he stuck the card in his pocket and took the two boxes, unwrapping them in front of his parents. That had been somewhat awkward, considering the contents of the silver wrapped boxes were unknown.

Imagine his surprise when he'd unwrapped them only to reveal a set of clothes: in the first box, which was somewhat smaller than the first, he'd pulled out a pair of black leather pants and an embroidered silk shirt hemmed in silver. While his mom had immediately taken the shirt from him and inspected the ebony silk, Danny was already busy unwrapping the other box. Inside, under a covering of red tissue, he saw a pair of leather boots detailed with silver buckles and straps. Even better were the ends of the buckles; the silver had been molded into his insignia.

The garments and shoes were elaborate, the craftsmanship unparalleled. Danny wasn't stupid. He knew that the clothes were meant to be a symbol of wealth and power. Why else would they be made of the finest and most expensive materials?

"Hmm…" he eyed the other him gazing out from the reflective surface. As soon as his parents and Jazz had gotten over their shock at seeing the clothes, Danny had rushed up to his room and tried them on, curiosity getting the best of him.

Oddly enough, his pale skin looked quite nice against the dark silk of his shirt. It was snug, but just so that it highlighted his newly developing muscles. But the real shocker of the day was that Vlad had sent him a pair of pants made of leather. 'I can't believe he gave me these. It doesn't seem like something he'd wear, or like on anybody else.'

Danny turned to the side and stared at his body dressed in the fitted clothes, a faint blush dusting his pale cheeks; the leather jeans emphasized his legs and slender hips, fitting snugly, like a glove. The ends were tucked into his boots, which, he noticed, came just below his knee and had the DP emblem emblazoned on the soles and buckles. Vlad had obviously counted on his family, save for Jazz, being too ignorant to notice the emblem. 'Heh. He was right.' His parents hadn't paid a speck of attention to the silver DP insignia. They were too busy oohing and ahhing over how their only son had a 'secret admirer'.

He plucked at the front of his shirt. The silk sleeves ended around his wrist and dangled loosely, and the hemmed edge of the shirt ended halfway down his thighs. Danny had tucked the shirt into his pants, which only made the silk stretch even tighter across his chest. "Which was probably what he had in mind."

He hardly realized that he had spoken the thought, but his face still burned.

Grinning, Danny rolled his eyes and stepped away from the mirror, taking a final glance at his reflection before throwing himself onto his bed, a feat made more challenging by the skintight leather. "Maybe Vlad's trying to apologize."

He shuddered. After Sam and Tucker had come to his 'rescue', he'd had a bit of a problem trying to think up an explanation for the claw marks on his back and the vivid pinpricks on the side of his neck. Both had been clearly visible, which Danny was sure had been Vlad's objective, and he'd nearly been busted by his friends. While he'd been able to temporarily placate the two by saying he'd explain later, that they should be focusing on capturing Plasmius, Danny's promise had come back to bite him in the ass. As soon as the three teenagers re-arrived in Amity Park, the two had practically done all but jump on him, demanding explanations for the incriminating marks.


Danny flew in his bedroom window with Sam and Tucker in tow, each one glaring and at the brink of strangling him. He was frantically trying to think up a quick explanation for the healing wounds marring his flesh, but his mind drew a blank as he was faced with the undying wrath of his two best friends.

"Ok Danny, spill!"

"Yeah dude, time's up!"

He glanced between the two, his mind racing with blurred ideas as he was pierced with burning turquoise and amethyst gazes.


"Daniel Fenton, quit babbling and tell us the truth!"

'Ouch. Sam never calls me by my real name unless she's really mad.' Danny tried to smile, but the gesture only seemed to make them both, Sam especially, even angrier. "Really, guys, it's not a big deal! Plasmius and I were just--just fighting," he weakly shrugged his shoulders, forcing a pathetic, puppy dog look onto his face. "Vlad managed to get a few hits in, and"

"And one of those hits just happened to be the fang marks on your neck? I'll buy the claw marks, but those?" Sam suspiciously stared at him, pointing at the two healing bloody marks nearly hidden by his white hair.

'Well crap….I should've seen that one coming.'

"Yeah man! I mean, I can see how your back could end up looking like a cat's scratching post, but seriously, what's up with the fang marks?"

Danny shot a brief glare at Tucker. While normally air headed, Tucker did have his intelligent moments. This was, unfortunately, one of them. "Plasmius--well, he---" Danny wracked his brain, desperate for some excuse the two teenagers would believe. "Umm, he was…"


'Oh boy….this is not gonna end well,' he shuddered a bit as he finally thought up an explanation; it was stupid, weird, and would have been unbelievable had it not been an excuse on Vlad's behalf. "He was testing out a new ghost power!"

Actually, it was still pretty incredible, even for Vlad.


'Great going Fenton…really believable!' If he could have, Danny would've smacked himself across the face.

"What new ghost power? I thought Plasmius had already mastered all his powers." The goth girl looked very disbelieving, but the animosity gleaming in her purple eyes had diminished a bit. Maybe there was hope for Danny after all.

"Yeah…guess not," he stammered, running a shaky hand through his hair. "Anyway, Vla--Plasmius told me that his fangs're poisonous now. Kinda like a, a spider! Yeah! And I, I think he said that he could bite someone and have them, uh, screaming within seconds." Danny forced himself to choke the peal of laughter rumbling in his throat. 'Heh…that's not too far from the truth. He did have me screaming for a while after--I've gotta quit thinking like that!' Pushing the memory of him and a naked, dripping Vlad entangled in bed, Danny blinked and forced himself to focus on Sam and Tucker; the two were staring at him, quietly pondering his less than believable excuse.

"Sooo….you're saying that Plasmius bit you in order to see if that would happen?"

"Umm, yeah. Pretty much," he gave himself a mental pat on the back. 'Maybe they'll buy it after'

"But why didn't it work on you?"

"Yeah dude, and how'd he figure out he had poisonous teeth in the first place?"

'Spoke too soon.' Danny was ready to punch himself for making up such a stupid excuse.

"Eh? Uhh, I didn't ask. I really don't wanna know what Plasmius does in his private time." He faked a shiver, as if imagining the odd things Vlad may have been guilty of. "And, well--umm--I guess the poison didn't work on me because--maybe 'cause I'm a halfa? You know? The poison probably works on regular ghosts."

Sam frowned. "That doesn't make any sense! If his other powers work on you, then that one shouldn't"

"Yeah, but the Frootloop's other powers are pretty common; ecto-blasts, teleportation. Since those're powers any ghost would have, maybe this one's different 'cause it's a power only Plasmius seems to have." Tucker grinned, proud of himself for coming up with a somewhat logical explanation.

Danny, on the other hand, was ready to grab the techno geek and hug him for his total cluelessness. His explanation was so dumb that it was actually believable!

"….I guess that makes sense. Plasmius must've been pissed though. Right, Danny?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Right." Danny tugged himself out of his happy stupor and grinned at them. "That must've been why he didn't stop."

"Yeah….guess so."


Danny frowned. Sam and Tucker had bought the explanation, although the goth kept giving him weird looks randomly over the next few weeks. "She believed me, but for how long…" he let out a soft sigh. "And what the hell am I supposed to do now?"

True, he'd accepted the gifts that Vlad had sent him, but…what was he supposed to do? Was Vlad expecting something from him? Did the billionaire send him the clothes as a thank you present for letting him fuck him senseless, or were they gifts given in hopes of receiving something in return? 'And what about the whole incident in Rome? I know that I let him fuck me…ok, so I wanted to fuck him too, but--gahh! That's not the point! Ahgh! Damn you, Vlad! Why am I feeling this way? I'm acting like a girl who has her first crush!' He closed his eyes, but the darkness only made him think more about the erotic time he and Vlad had spent together. "Ok, this is way too confusing," Danny muttered.

His sky blue eyes narrowed as he lazily lifted a hand, staring at the silver hemmed cuff dangling loosely around his wrist. He'd put the clothes on out of sheer curiosity, and he had to admit that Vlad had chosen well. The silk felt great against his skin, and the leather, surprisingly enough, was something that he found himself growing fonder of the longer he wore the skinny jeans.

He, Danny Fenton, a scrawny teenage boy who was always trying to fade into the background, liked how he appeared to have stepped straight out of a rock concert.

The bold ensemble made him feel powerful, sexy. Actually, the clothes reminded him of Vlad. The older man was, surprisingly, a fabulous lover, and Danny grudgingly admitted to himself that he thought Vlad was drop dead gorgeous. "Especially wet and naked," he grinned, and then promptly slapped himself across the face. "Aghh! Dammit Vlad! This is all your fault!"

Danny wearily sat up, huffing irritably as several locks of hair fell over his eyes. His hair had been unusually uncooperative earlier that morning, so he'd left it unbrushed, not even fooling with the wild black tangles. The kinks had worked themselves out, but now his hair hung ragged all around his head and face. "Although, it does kinda work with the clothes." He smirked at his reflection. Sparkling eyes peered out from under a curtain of dusky black, the orbs icy blue against his pale skin, and his body looked lithe and muscled in the black clothes. "You know, I think I like this look. It's a little wild, but,"

"Danny! Phone for you!"

He automatically stood up and started walking towards the door, but he stopped as his hand was reaching for the doorknob. 'Who'd be calling me on the house phone? It can't be Sam or Tucker. They'd call my cell….'


"I'm coming! Geez!" Danny threw open the door and stepped out into the hallway. A strange sense of foreboding washed over him, but he ignored the chill and strolled down the stairs. He saw Jazz holding the phone, her lips puckered into a small frown as she held it out.

"I'm not sure who it is. I've never heard their voice before," she murmured, her hand covering the receiver. "Whoever it is asked specifically for you. They sound….muffled? Maybe they have a cold?"

"Thanks Jazz." He reached for the phone. She warily handed it over, her eyes trailing over his clothed form and mouth thinning into a clearly disapproving scowl.

"You sure those aren't from Sam? It looks like--"

"Sam wouldn't send me leather. She's an ultra-recycle vegetarian, remember?"

"Mhmm….well, I really don't think you should be wearing them then." Jazz frowned, shooting a distrusting glare at the shining leather. "They could have hidden tracking devices sewn into them, for all you know. Or they could be part of a trap to kidnap you or lure you into a battle. "

"Jazz, you're getting worried over nothing. If somebody was gonna try to hurt me or lure me into a trap, don't you think they would've used something besides clothes? And anyways," Danny flashed his sister a bright smile, "I doubt there could be a tracking device or something sewn into them. These pants are way too tight."

"Danny, be serious! Someone could be trying to hurt you!"

"I am serious. In case you didn't notice, Jazz, these are leather jeans. Leather jeans that are all but glued to my skin. Believe me. I'd know if they had a tracking device in them. And the shirt's too thin for there to be one hidden in it."

"But what about the boots?" She grinned triumphantly. "They could easily be hiding a tracking device."

"Or someone could just like me enough to send me a few gifts. Maybe somebody just liked me enough to send me these clothes as a present to win my affections. Ever consider that, Jazzy-pants?"

The redhead's cheeks visibly blushed, and she sputtered angrily as the teenager innocently smiled at her. "Danny! You're impossible! Well fine, but don't come crying to me if you end up getting kidnapped or attacked by one of your enemies!" Jazz angrily hissed. Danny chuckled at the dark look on her face as she huffed and stalked out of the room, her expression indignant and nose high in the air. Danny grinned at his departing sister's back before turning his attention back to the phone. "Hello? Sorry about that-"

"You know, I had forgotten how nosy your sister Jasmine was. And how intuitive." Danny froze, his heart racing as the baritone voice sultrily spoke on the other end. "Are the pants really that tight? I was worried that I had gotten the size wrong. You can never tell with leather. But, from your description, they seem to fit in all the right places."


"Tut tut, Daniel, aren't we beyond such formalities? As I recall, you were screaming my real name a few scarce weeks ago, and so prettily too. Have you forgotten?"

"How could I? I have permanent reminders on my neck," Danny snapped. Vlad laughed on the other end.

"True. Tell me, what excuse did you give to your friends to explain the marks? I imagine they believed that the scratches were due to the fight, but the fang wounds?"

"I said that you were trying out a new power, with me as your test dummy."

A low rumble of throaty laughter reached his ears, and Danny shuddered as the sultry tones washed over him. "How interesting. What kind of power, may I ask?"

He couldn't tell the man what he'd said! Danny did not feel like getting laughed at. So, he tried a different approach; evasion. "Plasmius, is this the only reason you called? If so, then hang up and leave me alone!"

"Now Daniel, that's very impolite. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?" Vlad's tone was laced with mockery, and mischief; neither one made Danny feel any more comfortable. He could sense the stirring in his lower groin. If Vlad's voice could do that to him, then he was really afraid of what would happen next time he saw him! "Well, now that you mention it, I did have an ulterior motive for calling."

"Which was," he spat, deliberately making himself sound cold towards the amused voice.

"I wanted to invite you over for dinner."

Danny's heart stopped dead in his chest for a few split seconds, his eyes growing wide as he pulled the phone away and stared at it, his expression one of pure shock. "Wha--what?!"

"I said that I wanted--"

"No, I--I heard you!" Danny jammed the phone to his ear. "I just don't believe you! Are you trying to say that after weeks of no calls, no attacks, you just up and invite me to dinner?! Are you insane?!"

"Daniel, you sound like a scorned schoolgirl. Did you miss my attentions that much?"

"No. I-I--"

"There's no need to explain further. But, to answer your previous outburst, I didn't call or see you because I wanted to give you time to think, seeing as how our last encounter was somewhat rushed and--"

"Rushed?! Plasmius, you fucking ordered me to sleep with you," Danny hissed, warily glancing towards the kitchen doorway. He did notwant his parents or Jazz walking in on this conversation! "You call that rushed?"

"Well, unless my memory escapes me, I recall that you were screaming and writhing beneath me, panting my name as I lavished kisses on your-"

"St--stop!" A jolt of warmth went rushing down his body, heat pooling in his pelvis and stirring oh so familiar emotions that Danny would rather remained buried. He reached for the edge of the couch, gripping it and holding himself aloft. His legs felt weak, like jelly, and Danny did not fancy falling to the floor. "God, you're such a"

"Such a what, Daniel? Insatiable lover? You seemed to think so, or was your pleading for more just a useless ploy? Or perhaps I should prove my point next time by pinning you to the bed as I slide my tongue up your-"

"Dammit, Plasmius, please…"

"As much as I love hearing my alias coming from your lips, I would much prefer to hear my real name. Daniel, why so shy? I thought I had already reminded you of our time a few weeks ago. Is it really so much to ask for? Do you need more persuasion?"

"No, I--"

"Oh, but I think you do. Tell me, Daniel, what would I have to do in order to get you to call me by my real name? Would promises of what I'm going to do to you suffice? Because I have several ideas in mind, my boy. Perhaps you'd care to hear a few more of them?" He paused, but Danny couldn't speak; it was hard enough trying to remain on his feet! "For starters, I would love to undress you next time. I relish the thought of having my hands glide over your naked skin as I pull that silk shirt over your head…" he murmured, and Danny couldn't stop the soft moan that tumbled from his parted lips. "I would love to cuff you to my bed as well. I imagine you would look rather fetching, chained to my bed wearing only those pants you seem to like so much. I can see it now; you, sweating, your hair falling across your face, panting as I caress your chest and take your nipples into my mouth."

"Pla--Vlad, please…just, stop," Danny felt his arousal beginning to strain against his pants. The billionaire didn't even have to be there with him! He could make him come with a few murmured words and promises involving the use of his skilled tongue. "I hate you, you know that?"

"All to well, Daniel. You hated me every time I kissed your neck, or when I tangled my fingers in your hair and took your nipple into my mouth. You really seemed to hate me then. Maybe you better remember though how I made you scream as I thrusted into you with my cock? Do you remember how it felt? I would gladly give you another demonstration to refresh your mind, if you would say yes and join me for dinner," Vlad's voice sexily purred. Danny shuddered as his mind was flooded with mental images of him and Vlad sprawled out on a bed, the billionaire straddling him and…

'Fuck! Now he's got me doing it to myself!' Danny held back a scream of frustration, instead pulling the phone away and glaring at the receiver he was gripping very tightly in his hand. "No way in hell, Vlad! I--"

"Danny! Is that Vladdie on the phone?!"

The phone was jerked out of his hand by fingers dressed in black spandex. Danny yelped as a large hand clasped his shoulder and pushed him aside, sending him tumbling over the side of the couch. "Oww!" He fell onto the soft cushions face first, his knees cracking against the wooden coffee table. Growling various obscenities under his breath, Danny pushed himself up and peered over the edge, his eyes growing wide when he saw his father standing a foot away with the phone jammed against his ear, a large and goofy grin on his face. "Oh no…" he could have screamed in anger when Jack Fenton glanced at him, the smile widening as he listened to the conniving man on the other end of the phone.

"That's a great idea, V-Man! I'm sure Danny would love to spend some time with you!" Jack didn't even seem to notice the look of outrage that appeared on his son's face as he continued yapping into the phone. "You wanna talk to him again? Sure!" Pushing the phone back to him, Jack Fenton waddled back into the kitchen, leaving Danny sprawled on the couch with the telephone dangling from his slack fingers. He slowly glanced down at the black receiver with wide blue eyes, his mouth gaping as he lifted it back up to his ear.

"It would seem that you have your father's permission, Daniel. And you surely wouldn't want to disappoint him by refusing to spend time with his dearest friend, would you?"

"…..I hate you."

"Of course you do. Now, I told your father that you and I shall be spending some 'quality time' together. That will be the story that you stick to, and"

"And what if I don't? What if I tell them the truth?"

"The truth? What, that you all but begged me to sleep with you during our time in Rome? Honestly Daniel, haven't you realized that there is no way you could reveal the truth without exposing both our secrets? It's not like anyone would believe you anyways," Vlad's voice chuckled.

'He's right.' Danny shot the doorway a despairing look; there was no way out of this. His dad knew that Vlad had invited him over, and, being the naïve man that he was, there was no way that he would ever expect what was potentially going to happen if Danny did go over to Vlad's. 'And he probably wouldn't believe me anyways,' Danny sighed. 'Mom might, but then she and Dad would argue and that could cause problems. Either way, my secret-and Vlad's-would end up in danger of being exposed….'

"Daniel? I know you're most likely trying to sort out your thoughts at the moment, but if I could have your undivided attention for a few seconds?"

Clenching his fingers around the phone, Danny scowled and bit back the string of retorts he was longing to scream into the receiver. "What," he snapped.

"Now now, there's no need to be rude."

"Oh, sorry if I offended you, but I'm not typically nice to spoiled billionaire's who manipulate people in order to get what they want!" Icy eyes narrowed into tiny slits as he heard the laughter on the other end, his free hand balling into a fist. "Vlad, quit laughing and say what you wanted to say dammit!"

"Well, since I'm not in the mood to give you a lecture, I'll leave off on the tirade about your horrid language. Anyway, before your father so nicely ensured my victory, I was about to explain that I will be arriving to pick you up in less than a few minutes. Which, coincidentally, will give you no time to change."

Danny blinked, glancing down at his tight ensemble. "You planned this," he growled, a fresh string of curses livid on his tongue. 'That bastard…'

"That I did. Really, Daniel, use your brain. Why else would I send you such marvelous clothes if I had no plan to see you in them? Or, better yet, if I had no plan to peel them off of you?" A spike of arousal went churning into his veins, and Danny couldn't help the shiver that chased down his spine when his mind was, yet again, assaulted with vivid mental images. "Now then, I would suggest that you hang up and get ready to leave."

Gritting his teeth, Danny snarled at the phone and dropped it into his cradle. "Stupid know-it-all bastard. Vlad is such a"

"Danny! Make sure you have everything ready to go. Vladdie said that he was coming to pick you up as soon as he finished running a few errands!" Jack Fenton strolled back into the room, wearing the biggest grin Danny'd seen on him in a long time. "This is great! My best friend spending time with my only son! Danny, you know Vladdie would've been your godfather if we'd patched things up early on?"

'Oh joy….that's great Dad. Thank for grossing me out even further.'

Jack wrapped an arm around Danny's shoulders, pulling then teenager into a tight hug and nearly crushing the boy's lungs. "Vlad said he wanted you to stay the night! I guess he really wants to spend time with you!"

'You have no idea,' Danny shuddered, already imagining the sultry things the older man had planned for him. Admittedly, he liked half of the ideas Vlad had described, but there was no way he was letting his hormones take control of him this time! Who knows what trouble he'd get himself into! 'Of course, I did enjoy myself--when he kissed my-dammit! Go away perverted thoughts!'

"Anyway, you better go wait for him. I'll tell your mother and Jazz where you've gone. Have a good time son!" Chuckling, Jack gave him a clap on the back that nearly broke his spine and walked away, whistling a tune under his breath as he left.

Wincing at the pain now shooting down his back, Danny sighed and glanced longingly at the stairs. How he wished he could run back up to bed and wish this whole fiasco away! "Well, if I hurry, maybe I can change clothes and--"


'Spoke too soon. Well, he's definitely punctual…dammit.' Sighing, Danny forced a scowl onto his face and stalked over to the door. He hesitated before gingerly pulling it open, and his body instantly grew weak as he was pierced with a familiar dark blue gaze.

"Hello Daniel. Are you ready to leave?" Vlad smiled down at him, his smile immediately shifting into a seductive grin as he glanced past Danny and saw that the room behind him was clear. The look in his eyes practically screamed lust when he glanced over Danny's clothed form, his gaze lingering on the teenager's legs before traveling back up to his face. "I must say, Daniel, you look quite handsome. I had suspicions that you would look dashing in leather, but seeing it on you is much more appealing than I thought it would be." He stepped closer, his body nearly flush with Danny's as he draped a hand over the boy's hip. Danny gave a tiny moan as the fingers traced a path up his side, gentle nudging his skin beneath the silk. "As much as I would love to continue this now, we should be leaving. We have many things to discuss."

"Huh? Wha--" Danny came out of his stupor, his body still tingling from the pale touches of the grinning man before him. "You can't be serious."

"I am very serious. If need be, I will kiss you into submission," Vlad smirked, tightening his grip on the teen's hip. Grumbling, Danny allowed the older man to lead him outside, and he winced when he heard the door snap shut behind him. It was a bell tolling, foretelling his impeding doom.

He walked down the stairs and stopped; a shiny black limousine parked in front of the house. 'Hmph. Figures he'd go all out.' Danny stopped and frowned at him, but the billionaire's smile widened as he pulled open the door and slid into the backseat.


Danny glared at him, but he slid into the seat beside him and shut the door. His heart raced as the billionaire gazed at him, dark eyes staring with an intensity Danny didn't know the man possessed.

"Plasmius, what're you star--ahghh!" The car rumbled, lurching forward, and Danny yelped as he fell into Vlad's lap back first, seeing the older man's pleased expression. Warm hands quickly slid under his arms and wrenched him up, and Danny had to bite back a moan as the hands glided over his chest, rasping the silk against his skin and drawing a tiny moan from his lips. "What the hell?! What're you--what're you doing," he whispered, his voice quavering.

"Making up for lost time. We can talk later."

"Hey, wait--ahh!"

Vlad lifted him into his lap and grabbed a handful of wild hair, pushing it up and baring a taut, long neck. He feverishly kissed and licked the skin beneath his lips, feeling the gasps escaping the soft body pressed to his. Pushing down the neck of his shirt, teeth sank into a bared shoulder and Danny released a breathy cry, his hands reaching up and sliding through Vlad's silver mane.

"Vlad--I--I'm not-"

"I am." Hands fell down and grabbed slender hips, fingers deftly plucking the shirt from its confines. Vlad swept his palms under the silk and ran them up Danny's cool torso, feeling the boy shudder as he lightly tweaked a nipple. He pinched the tip between two fingers and groaned as Danny arched backwards and thrusted their groins together. "Daniel…."

"Damn--hormones--" the words came out like jagged stabs, but Danny couldn't do much more except curl his fingers tighter in Vlad's hair and moan. "Oh God---Vlad, please--I,"

"You plead so prettily, mon cher," Vlad hissed, his hands deftly pushing the silk shirt up Danny's chest. "Don't worry. You'll get what more than your fair share of pleasure."

The shirt was over his head in a matter of seconds and tossed aside, and the billionaire eagerly attacked the naked flesh before him. He licked and sucked on a bared shoulder, painting electric red marks on the alabaster skin as he leaned down and lightly kissed a budded nipple before taking it between his lips.

Danny whimpered at the tingling pain rushing down his body, his cock straining against its leather confines. "Vlad--stop! Please….damn it all, please!"

"Such atrocious language." He sucked on the nipple, his tongue languidly caressing the flesh, and he gently squeezed the other between his fingers, pinching the taut flesh and drawing a cry from the sweaty teenager.

'Man, I wasn't planning on losing control!' Danny let out another groan as warm lips suddenly pressed against his own, a tongue roughly thrusting into his mouth and hands roughly grabbing his hips and dragging him closer. 'Vlad….these feelings. It's you--you're making me feel this way!"

Even as his mouth was molested by a moist tongue, Danny was hit by a stunning realization.

'But--do I even care?'

As much as it worried him, Danny knew he wanted this as much as Vlad did. He wanted the billionaire to slide his hands down his body, to touch him in places no one else had. He wanted Vlad to take him and claim him as his own. 'Why---why does he make me feel like this? I've never felt this with anyone else. Not even Paulina! Oh no…' his eyes widened, a strange, fluttering sensation wakening in his stomach. "Do I actually like him?!'

Yelping, his mind was thankfully wiped clean when he was tugged deeper into the possessive kiss. Cool hands snaked down his naked back and pressed him close, and nails sunk into his flesh while the moist muscle stroked his tongue and teeth nibbled his bottom lip. He unconsciously wrapped his arms around the man's neck and ran his tongue over Vlad's, moaning into his mouth as the hands gently massaged the sensitive area alongst his spine.

It wasn't enough. He needed more! All concerns left him, and Danny desperately grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Vlad away, his mouth impatiently latching onto the man's neck and suckling the warm flesh. He felt Vlad tense, the nails digging farther into the base of his spine. "….Daniel….how nice. You're finally responding."

"Mmm…" he pushed himself closer, squeezing his knees and ripping his fingers through Vlad's silky hair. He licked and bit a path down the smooth neck, pushing the collared shirt down and taking more of the satiny flesh into his mouth. God, he tasted wonderful!

"However…" fingers glided up and around Danny's torso. "You and I need to have a chat before this goes any farther." Vlad grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back, and Danny yelped as he was torn away and slammed down into the seat.

"Huh?" Danny's mind was fogged by lust, but slowly Vlad's words started to sink in. "Wha---?"

"Daniel…." Vlad stared at him, his fingers sliding down to rest around thin upper arms. He raked a hand through Danny's hair, entwining the soft locks around his fingers and pushing them away from the boy's face. "I haven't gone through all the trouble of pulling you into my clutches just to lose you after tonight."

Ok, he was royally confused. One second the man was practically molesting him, and now he was stopping and trying to hold a serious conversation? "Huh? Vlad…what're you talking about?"

"My boy, isn't it obvious?"

Danny shook his head, his body trembling, arousal burning in his blood and his cock throbbing, begging for attention.

Silver hair fell like a curtain around them as Vlad leaned down and touched his forehead to the teen's, a frown forming on his thin mouth. "Daniel, I don't want this to be a useless fling. I told you in Rome that I wanted you for you. The you who is passionate, full of life. The you whose loyalty is only matched by that annoyingly determined streak that you seem to possess, and the you who fights to defend those who would push you away in a heartbeat."

His body stopped moving, the arms falling slack as the full meaning behind Vlad's words started unscrambling in his brain. "What're you trying to say, Vlad?"

The hand in his hair suddenly stilled, and the billionaire's lips spread up into a wide smirk. "I'm saying, my ignorant Daniel, that I want you as mine, and only mine. I don't want to share you with anyone."

"…..Vlad? Are--are you asking me to be your--your boyfriend?"

Vlad grinned. "I suppose you could say that. I personally prefer the term partner, or lover."

"I--" the teenager peered up at the grinning face, blue eyes questioningly narrowing as he pondered the elegant features above him. "Uhhmm…"

"Have I astounded the great Danny Phantom?" Vlad chuckled. "I can assure you, Daniel, that you have no need to worry. I will give you plenty of time to consider my offer. If you don't want me as a 'boyfriend', then I suppose I can make do with having you physically, for now. It's not like I would be disappointed in that specific category." He paused, and his expression shifted to one of slight worry as he peered down at his blue eyed counterpart. "But Daniel, I hope you realize that, if you were to accept my offer…our relationship would be kept a secret, for both our sakes."

At those words, Danny felt his resolve slipping. Vlad made a tempting offer, and, to his surprise, he was actually considering accepting.

"A--a secret?"

"Yes. Well, at least until you are of age. Of course, that would only be if we were still together." The look on his face suggested that he was, in fact, planning on them being together. In fact, Vlad seemed very confident that Danny would accept his offer….too confident.

"And how do you know I'll say yes? Maybe I don't want to be your boyfriend," Danny gave the man a suspicious glare.

Vlad laughed and leaned up, a smirk on his handsome face. "Daniel, are you always this paranoid? Do you think that I am blind? I can see your attraction to me, it's quite clear. You like me as much as I do you, but you stubbornly refuse to admit it. That is what has been tormenting you ever since I called."

'Damn.' Danny tried to frown at him, but his face was ruined by a breathy moan as teeth sank into the flesh around his nipple, a wet tongue lightly brushing the red bud. "Ahhh…." lips closed over it and drew it into a warm cavern. Danny squirmed on the seat, his back arching to the touch and pushing the bud deeper into the wet mouth.

Vlad sneered and gave the bud a final tender lick before sitting up, ignoring the whines of protest in favor of straddling Danny's hips. He was pleased to see the shadowed lust clouding the pale orbs and the bulge between the teenager's spread legs. "Even if it's just physically, you are attracted to me. I have patience. I will make you like me in other ways as well, but, until that time, this will suffice."


A hand slid between their bodies and started to caress his thigh, his fingers rubbing the spot just above Danny's knee. He received a throaty groan as a response, Danny's lips falling open in a soft pant. "You look flustered, my Daniel. It seems that you are aroused." Vlad dug his nails into the leather, hearing the boy hiss and wrap the leg around his hip. "Would you like for me to continue?"

"Yyyeeesss…." he whimpered, grabbing a handful of Vlad's hair.

Abruptly, the hand on his leg slipped away. Danny let out an angered cry, blue eyes narrowing and flashing ectoplasm green as Vlad chuckled and pointed towards the tinted window. "Unfortunately, that will have to wait, seeing as how we've arrived at my home."

"Huh?" Danny sat up and his face instantly turned a bright red; indeed, he could see the mayor's mansion outside the glass. The white house was dark save for a few lights turned on downstairs, and the gate was open, the pathway to the door lit by tiny lanterns. "….oh." His face flaming red, Danny choked back the stammered words threatening to escape his lips. He scrambled towards his discarded shirt, shooting Vlad a furious glare. 'Stupid cheesehead…he did that on purpose.'

Hands started dancing around his thighs, teasingly rubbing the leather and running up towards the area between his legs. Danny glared at them and then at their owner, blue eyes flashing neon green. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all." He snarled and slapped the wandering hands away, but Vlad merely crossed his arms and smiled at his younger counterpart.

"I thought you stopped me 'cause we arrived?"

"True." The billionaire leaned back, a mischievous glint in his royal eyes. As soon Danny had his shirt on, the silk pooling around his hips and hiding the red marks and untouched span of pale skin, Vlad leaned forward and quickly brushed his lips over the younger halfa's, gently nipping his bottom lip. "Come then." He reached across the teen's lap and opened the door, deliberately flashing him a sultry look as he climbed past him and exited the limousine. Danny didn't move. He sat there and lightly ran his tongue over his lips, eyes wide and hair wildly fluffed, his shirt hanging loosely on his skinny frame. Vlad couldn't resist smiling at the image. He looked very fuckable, and he was sorely tempted to take the boy then and there.

In fact, maybe too tempted.

"Are you planning on actually leaving the car, Daniel? Or will I have to convince you?" He reached a hand towards a leather clad thigh.

"Uh, no. That's ok." Danny quickly slid out of the car, a movement made entirely awkward considering he had an erection straining against his pants, one that the older man was eying with calculating eyes.

He shut the car door behind him and the limousine quickly zoomed away, leaving the two utterly alone. Oddly enough, Danny was more excited than scared. He well remembered the feel of Vlad's tongue and hands on his flesh, and the feeling of him pounding inside him…..Danny shivered, but finally seemed to realize that Vlad had taken a step towards him, a hungry gleam in his dark eyes. "Vlad?" The billionaire seemed lost in his own world; he kept staring at him, blue eyes unblinking, and the searing gaze was slowly beginning to eat at Danny's nerves. "Umm, hello? Vladdie? Yoohoo," he waved a hand in front of the man's face.

Suddenly the blue orbs flashed ruby red, and Danny yelped as his wrist was caught in a pale hand. The fingers brutally tightened around it, but the teen felt a thrill rush through him as his hand was jerked up to warm lips. Vlad licked the fingers before trailing his tongue down a callused palm and sinking his teeth into the fleshy meat below the thumb, making the younger boy moan in pain and his cock painfully lurch.

"Vlad--wha? What're you doin---ahh." A larger hand cupped the front of his pants, and Danny moaned as he was fondled by the long fingers. Pushing the silk sleeve up his arm, Vlad assaulted his wrist with sharp teeth, all the while digging his fingertips into the front of his pants. "Hey--umm--shouldn't we--ohhh Goddd-" Danny moaned, feeling a tongue slide down his arm.

"No worries Daniel. There is no one else around save us two." Vlad bit down on the soft inner crook of his arm. "Although, as eager as I am to take you, I suppose that a bed would be much more enticing to you than the cold ground." No sooner had he spoken the two were enveloped in pink light, and Danny felt arms wrap around his waist and pull him close as the air rushed by them, ruffling his already wild hair.

His feet touched solid ground, and Danny could see that they were in a room tastefully done in dark blues, blacks, and silvers, with splashes of white thrown in to brighten the dark color scheme. He didn't have time to admire the beautiful setting, however, before he was unceremoniously dragged over to the bed. A white fur coverlet and satiny sheets draped the king size, and they were warm against his covered flesh as he was lifted onto the mattress and pushed down onto the soft fur.

Towering over him, Vlad while grinning down at the stunned blue eyed beauty. "I hope this will suffice," he said conversationally, kneeling between the teenager's legs and grabbing a handful of his silk shirt.

"Hey, whatever happened to dinner," Danny teased, running a pale finger down the silk clad contours of Vlad's chest.

"How could I even consider thinking about food when such a sexy teenager is presented before me? Besides, I sometimes enjoy having dessert before dinner, and you'll make an exquisite treat. I look forward to devouring you."

"Yeah yeah, I've heard it before." He grinned at him, tossing his head and throwing black hair across his face. "Why don't you shut up and prove it, old man?"

"Your cheek will cost you, Daniel. I don't allow my lovers to speak so of me, and you will be no exception." Vlad pushed the silk up and over Danny's head, and the teen shuddered as the cool air washed over his bared flesh.

"I'm not your boyfriend yet, Vladdie. I didn't say yes," Danny smirked and wrapped his arms around the man's neck, rubbing his chest against Vlad's and pulling a groan from the pale lips.

"True, but it's only a matter of time before you accept my offer. It's just a matter of convincing you to see the truth; you are mine. Now, enough talking."

"But--mmm!" A warm mouth pressed against his, and Danny did as Vlad bid when a tongue slipped between his lips. The larger form overpowered him and pushed him down onto the fur, his head sinking into one of the velvet pillows and scattering several locks of hair over his cheeks and eyes. Long fingers grasped his chin and tilted it to the side, and Danny whimpered as sharp teeth bit the crook of his neck, blood trickling from the tiny wound. Vlad ran his tongue over the cut and licked away the salty blood, hearing a soft moan from the boy sprawled beneath him.

A playful smirk edged onto his lips, and Vlad eagerly started kissing a trail down Danny's chest, his mouth parted and teeth gently nipping the smooth flesh. He glanced up and was pleased to see the boy panting, his eyes glazed with lust and cheeks flushed a pale pink. Danny moaned, his usually quiet voice improved to a husky growl, his hands gently entwining in the billionaire's shoulder length hair.

When Vlad undid the belt and clasp holding his leather jeans closed, Danny let out a throaty purr and raised his hips, letting the soft leather be pushed down his thighs and over his bent knees. Smirking wickedly, Vlad tossed the leather aside and slipped a few fingers underneath the waistband of Danny's boxers. "I hope you know, Daniel, that what I am about to do I will expect you to repay in full value later."

"Oh really? And what would tha--hey!" He yelped as the red boxers joined the other discarded clothes. His cock rose proudly between his legs, and Danny yelped and tried to cover himself. He thought Vlad had something else in mind, not this!

Vlad grabbed his wrists and slammed them down, pinning the startled teenager to the fur coverlet. "Ah ah. I can't have my way if you do that. Now, do us both a favor and stay just like this, or else I'll have to tie you down."

"You wouldn't dare," Danny frowned at him, but Vlad smiled that demonic grin that told him yes, he would.

"Oh, wouldn't I? Daniel, you know better than to doubt me."

Midnight eyes fell into hooded slits as the older man released his wrists and slid his hands down Danny's torso. Blunt nails gently nicked his skin but Danny ignored the dull pain, his gaze fully on the man kneeling between his legs whose hands rested just above the apex of his thighs. His heart started pounding wildly, and he felt the arousal surge through his body as his legs were pushed apart and held by pale hands. "Oh god…" Danny whispered. Chuckling, Vlad glanced up at him and smirked, his lips a mere inch from the tip of the dripping cock.

"Not quite, but close enough."

He took the head into his mouth.. A loud cry came from the boy's parted lips and he tried to thrust up, but he couldn't move; Vlad's hands were holding his hips, keeping them down against the bed. The man's mouth was deliciously warm around him, and his moist tongue kept sensually sliding across his skin while teeth scraped up and down, gently nipping his cock in a slow pattern that was driving him wild. His hands twitched in the effort to keep them against the bed, but not being able to touch Vlad and make his damnable mouth take more of him was making it nearly impossible.

As if sensing his pleasurable distress, Vlad deep throated him and grabbed the base of his member, pumping it in time with his sucks.

"Ahh…ahh!" Danny moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head. It was too much! The feeling of Vlad's mouth surrounding his cock was driving him to a crest he'd never before felt. "Nghh…Vlad…I can't…"

In his lust driven mind, Danny noticed his hips being slightly lifted and a finger brushing his entrance, drawing a circle around the puckered skin before slipping into the ring of muscle and thrusting. He thrashed on the bed, gritting his teeth and entwining his fingers in the fur coverlet as the digit pressed farther into him, curling up and brushing his prostate.

"Aghh! Vlad--ahhnn--" Danny stifled a scream. The combination of Vlad's tongue and warm mouth surrounding his member and the digit thrusting inside him was too much to handle. He came inside the billionaire's mouth, gasping for breath and feeling his legs being released, the limbs sliding uselessly down onto the bed. The fingers inside him stilled and slipped out as Vlad swallowed the salty fluid that spurted over his tongue, a prideful grin on his face.

Raising up, he stared down at the sweaty, panting body sprawled out over the fur and felt his cock twitch in response. "I made you come," he leaned down and whispered, and Danny shivered and dug his hands into the shaggy silver hair of his counterpart, a soft grin on his face.

"That was amazing…" Danny murmured. "I didn't know you could do that."

Vlad chuckled, his blue eyes sparkling with mirth. "There are many things you don't know, my boy. And no worries, I plan to educate you to the best of my abilities." He cupped the smooth face and tilted it back, revealing the reddened flesh of Danny's throat. "Perhaps you would like to start now?"

"Yeesss…." the teenager moaned as warm lips descended onto his neck and began kissing a soft trail over the smooth skin, his fingers roughly jerking Vlad's hair.

Groaning, Vlad grabbed his wrists and jerked them away, a wicked smile forming on his lips. He grabbed the teenager's hands and made them grasp the wooden posts of the bed, pale fingers making his curl around the wooden edge. Danny stared at the smirking man sitting before him in surprise, the devilish grin on his face making his stomach flutter and legs tremble. "Vlad?"

"Time for lesson two."

Danny watched him reach into the dresser beside the bed that, until then, he hadn't even realized was there, and pull out a plastic bottle filled a strangely dark liquid.

"What the--what's that?"

Grinning his evil little smile, Vlad reached for him, but Danny jerked away, his eyes wide.

He tried to leap off the bed, but Vlad's arm wrapped around his middle and held him back, throwing him roughly against the headboard. "Vlad! Let me go!"

Vlad narrowed his eyes and gave the boy a sultry look, laying the bottle on the bed to where the label couldn't be read. Catching the fearful look in Danny's eyes and smirked. "Relax, Daniel. If at any time you don't like what I'm doing, then you tell me and I'll stop." Cupping his face, Vlad smiled and swept a kiss over Danny's trembling lips. "All I'm asking is for you to trust me, to let me pleasure you…" he murmured, his voice carrying a hypnotically silky undertone.

Danny blushed, the uncertainty in his eyes flickering while he glanced at the mysterious bottle. Taking his silence as a yes, Vlad grabbed his hand and pressed it to a wooden post. Warmth flooded his groin, the heat joined by a wild, untamable feeling as he watched Vlad reach for the bottle.

"Wait!" The hand stopped, finger skimming over the plastic surface. Danny reached out with his free hand and grabbed Vlad's, curling their fingers together and giving the older man a desperate, border line pleading look. "I--you promise you'll stop?"

"Daniel, I'm not as cruel as you may think I am. If you sincerely want me to stop, then I will. However, since I'm not about to do anything I believe you wouldn't find enjoyable, I don't think you'll have to worry your pretty little head over what ifs." Calmly Vlad undid their clasped hands and wrapped Danny's fingers around the other polished post, forcing his bared flesh to touch the cool wood. "Make sure to keep your hands where they are."

A hand suddenly descended over his eyes, and Danny yelped and tried to jerk away. "Close them…I want to surprise you."

"Uh---ok?" Danny slowly let his eyes fall shut, apprehension coloring his voice as the hand slipped away and fell to his shoulder, gently kneading the taut muscles. It gave him a gentle push until he was, once again, leaning back against the headboard. "Vlad, what're you up to?"

"Now Daniel, haven't you learned by now that the best way to teach someone is by using…demonstrations?"

Danny started to retort, but his voice cut off when he felt a warm, wet hand brush his left nipple. Fingers pinched the nub before moving on to the next, but the wet...whatever it was remained sticking to his skin, sensually sliding down onto the planes of his abdomen. He wanted to open his eyes, to see what it was that Vlad was coating his skin with, but he wasn't sure of what the consequences would be if he did. His arms lurched as he forced himself to keep hold of the wood beneath his palm, but he bit his lip and tried to ignore the tingling, wet sensations.

The hand glided down his chest, spreading the warm liquid all around his pelvis and down his naked thighs. His cock lurched when it received the barest of brushes, but Vlad didn't dwell. His hands swept back up his thighs and lightly skimmed around to his back, smearing some of the wet substance there.

"Vlad?" Danny was getting a tad bit nervous, but the billionaire chuckled and removed his hands. A delicious smell was wafting off his skin, but Danny couldn't figure out what it was or why it smelled so familiar. "Hey, what're you--" a finger tapped his lips, and Danny could all but see the smirk on Vlad's face as another digit joined the first and began drumming on his lower lip. Hesitantly, Danny parted his lips and let the fingers slide into his mouth, and a weird sense of relief flooded his veins as the sweet taste swept over his tongue.


As usual, Vlad seemed to know exactly what the teenager was thinking. "I said you would enjoy it. Was I wrong?"

"Mmm…" Danny couldn't speak with the fingers in his mouth, nor did he want to. He lapped at the warm chocolate, hearing Vlad groan in response. Licking the sweet liquid off of the fingers, his teeth lightly nipped the chocolate stained flesh as he savored the rich taste. When his tongue swept between the man's fingers and began to travel down his palm, Vlad let out another ragged sounding moan and pulled his hand away.

"Open your eyes. I want you to see this."

Danny obeyed, and his eyes immediately widened as he took in the provocative display before him. Vlad was sitting on his knees in front of him, clad only in his black pants, his naked hands splattered with chocolate and long hair fluffed around his aristocratic face. His delighted grin only grew when Danny glanced down and gaped; his whole chest was streaked with the sweet, and he could feel it running down his back in slow trickles. "Wha--you--why in the world did you do this?!"

"Since you are so naïve when it comes to the matters of foreplay, I decided to teach you the different ways of pleasuring someone. Using food can be a very fun way of creating pleasure, and, since most teenagers seem to enjoy chocolate, I thought it would be wise to use it in this scenario." Vlad flashed him a wicked smile and grabbed his hips. "Be sure to watch. After all, I'm doing this to educate you."

Danny's pale eyes widened to an impossible size, and his mouth dropped into a loud gasp as Vlad leaned towards him, pale hair tickling the sensitized flesh on his chest. It was unbearably erotic, what the silver haired man was doing to him, and it only turned more so when Vlad kissed his collarbone and bit the chocolate covered skin, licking away the warm treat with undeniable relish.

"Ahh…oh fuck…nghh--" Danny tried to move, to get away from Vlad and his insatiable tongue, but his fingers felt like they were glued to the wooden posts. All he could do was sit back and let the billionaire have his way with him.

A warm mouth latched onto the crook of his neck, and nimble fingers started to rub his nipples with slow, caressing movements. Danny moaned as a fiery streak of pleasure went coursing down his body, his softened member becoming hard and prodding Vlad's thigh. Pulling away, Vlad smirked and licked his lips. "Excited?"

"Yes," Danny panted, unconsciously trying to thrust his hips upward. Grinning ear to ear, Vlad grabbed his ankles and draped his legs on either side of his, pale hands tightly gripping the teenager's thighs.

"Good, but you'll just have to wait." His hooded eyes fell lower, turning into smoldering slits of midnight blue. "I have much more in store for you before we get to that part."

Whimpering, Danny gazed up at the man with faint pleading, his mewls turning into breathy cries when a hot mouth descended onto his chest. Vlad licked at the chocolate, smearing the sweet and taking patches of warm flesh into his mouth and sucking, sinking his teeth into the sweetened skin and making the pale boy cry out in pleasure. The chocolate was nearly gone on the teen's torso before he stopped, and he felt Danny's gaze following him as he slipped farther down the bed and kneeled between his legs. Giving the boy a wicked, wide mouthed leer, Vlad leisurely swept his tongue up a pale thigh.

"Vlad--don't--oh god," the words were stuck in his throat. The wet tongue was running up and down his thigh and erotically cleaning away the smooth treat with tiny, precise movements that were driving him wild. "Vlad…" he moaned, his fingers desperately tightening over the wood.

The billionaire glanced up from his position between Danny's legs and smiled, wiping a hand over his mouth. "Yes?"

"Can't you just--fuck me or something? I can't take this anymore," pleaded Danny, anxiously rubbing his erection against the man's leg. Chuckling, Vlad shook his head and smiled at the pained, aroused look on his young captive's face.

"Good things will come to those who are patient enough to wait."

"But I'm not patient!"

Vlad responded by gently kissing his other thigh, the gesture making Danny let out a loud moan. "You'll learn." His tongue licked a wet trail across the chocolate smattered skin, cleansing the pale flesh. Almost hungrily, Vlad wrapped a hand around the teenager's knee and lifted it, his mouth latching onto the tender underside of his thigh where there was a small smear of chocolate. Danny felt like screaming; the sensations Vlad was creating, this erotic, undying pleasure! He could feel every miniscule brush of Vlad's tongue on his skin, every nip with his sharp teeth.

He practically sighed in relief when his leg was released, but his ease wasn't long lasting. Vlad grasped his waist and turned him around, his hands falling off the wood and onto a mound of pillows. Danny whimpered as he was jerked up into a kneeling position, his hands slammed against the main section of the headboard with a dull slap.

Vlad's mouth descended onto the uncovered skin and his tongue flicked out, running down a stretch of chocolate smeared skin. "Do you want me?"

Danny moaned and glanced over his shoulder, staring at Vlad through shocks of sweaty black hair. "Yes," his voice cracked, but there was undeniable need coloring the broken tones. "Hell yes, I fucking want you."

Vlad smiled the arrogant grin that seemed perfectly at home on his handsome face.

"Good. My patience is wearing thin as well."

He thrusted a hand into the tangled mass of Danny's hair and pulled his head to the side. Vlad laid a smooth kiss on the taut side of the pale neck and trailed his mouth down a curved shoulder blade, lightly nipping the reddened skin.

While he kissed the warm body, he touched a fingertip of his other hand to the ring of muscle beneath Danny's throbbing member and let it sink into the hot passage, groaning as the muscles clamped down onto the digit.

Thrusting deeper, he saw Danny cover his mouth with a quivering hand to muffle his moans. "None of that, Daniel. I want to hear you," Vlad smirked, but the hand remained firm over parted lips. Chuckling at the stubbornness his young lover was showing, he roughly pushed another finger into the stretched entrance and heard the teenager let out a strangled yelp.

"Mmff…" Danny bit his hand and tried to hold back the cries of pleasure falling from his lips. "Aghh--nnhn--" the two digits suddenly scissored, pressing forward, and he dropped his hand as his body twitched from the exquisite sensations tearing up his spine, a loud scream falling from his lips.

Vlad felt a twinge of guilt, but that faded away when the teenager fell boneless against the headboard, panting and wide eyed. "Does it hurt?"

"Not really--god, do that again," Danny groaned, and the fingers inside him shot forward, hitting his prostate with a violent jab. His hands slipping on the polished wood, Danny scratched his nails down the smooth surface and glanced over his shoulder, gazing at Vlad and wearily brushing his bangs aside. Grinning at him, aware of the arousal pressing his back, his cool eyes narrowed into intoxicating slits of glacial blue. "What's wrong, Plasmius? Are you so old that you can't do anything else" he drawled, the impish lit in his voice making Vlad smirk.

"Watch your tongue, Daniel. I'll only take so much of your cheek," Vlad playfully warned, but the black haired minx sprawled across the headboard rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it, old man?"

The crass tone of the teenager made his member throb, and Vlad felt the trickling on his thighs; he needed the boy, and soon. Pulling his fingers out of their warm sheath, Vlad grabbed Danny's neck and hurled him backwards. As the slender boy fell onto the fur coverlet, his legs wide and hair obscuring his flushed face, Vlad hastily turned his clothes intangible and kicked them aside. "Enough of these games," he growled, pushing the teenager's legs farther apart and settling them over his bent elbows.

Danny watched the billionaire press his cock to his entrance with a slight grin, but it faltered for a second when he felt the tip sink into him. "Hey, no lube?"

"Daniel, if you wanted me to prepare you then you shouldn't have provoked me." Vlad sank a bit more into the tight body and snarled, feeling the silken walls caress his cock. He bent over the teenager and captured his lips in an open mouthed kiss, slipping his tongue over Danny's and grabbing the boy's slender hips.

He was all the way in and arching up when Danny let out a strangled cry, his body trembling and fingers digging into the soft fur. "Do that again," he whimpered, curling his arms around the man's neck. Vlad grinned at him and gently started to pump his hips, just barely touching his cock to the teenager's prostate. "Vlad--you jerk--" Danny shot a cold glare at him, but the billionaire looked unfazed, even when Danny's eyes turned bright green.

"The scary eyes don't work on me, Daniel, and especially not when you're letting me fuck you senseless." Vlad slammed forward and pounded into the teen with a rough thrust, and Danny moaned, arching off the bed and gritting his teeth. It hurt, but the pain was easy compared to the arousing pleasure that raced up his groin and flooded his veins.

Vlad laid his hands on his shoulders and ripped his nails into the bruised, blemished skin, rolling his hips and pushing his throbbing member in and out of the groaning boy. "God…you're so tight…"

"Mmnff---" Danny slashed his nails down Vlad's back, smirking at the hiss of pain the man released. "That's why--you like it," he leaned up and kissed the billionaire fully on the mouth, running his tongue over the thin lips. Chuckling, Vlad gave a particularly hard thrust and sent Danny sprawling back onto the bed, his eyes falling closed as he writhed in ecstasy. "Fuck--right there--!"

"As my darling boyfriend commands."

Pulling out, he rolled the boy over onto his stomach and dragged him to his knees. Danny glanced over his shoulder and gave him a sultry smile, and Vlad eagerly pushed back into the warm body kneeling before him, digging his fingers into the shaggy locks trailing down Danny's neck and pounding in and out, in and out. Their skin slapped together with each thrust, the sound only heightening the aroused feeling blazing in both.

"Daniel…." Vlad ripped his hand backwards, moaning at the pained cry that Danny released. Bending over a pale back, he pushed Danny's hair up and kissed the nape of his neck, giving another sharp push into the torn entrance between his legs.

Danny could feel his arousal throbbing, nearing completion, and his peak came even faster when the cock inside him exploded, spurting warm fluid into his body. A hand reached around his waist and grabbed his member, rubbing it awkwardly until he finally came all over Vlad's hand, his semen spilling over the pale fingers.

He went falling onto the bed when Vlad collapsed on top of him, letting out a low yelp as naked skin was pressed flush to his. Semen trickled down his thighs, but he really didn't care. Danny was too tired to care.

"We need a shower," he heard Vlad murmur, the billionaire's face buried into the crook of his neck. Danny didn't respond, but he did let out a little moan when a warm tongue lapped at his skin, and that turned into a hiss of pain as it brushed the wounds blemishing his neck and shoulders. "It seems I went a tad overboard," Vlad fingered one of the many love bites marring Danny's neck and shoulders. "You'll have to wear a collared shirt if you want even a hope of hiding these."

"Gee, you think?" Danny shifted, craning his neck so that he could stare up at the grinning face of his lover, even though it made pain flare down his neck. "I might have to borrow some then, 'cause my closet's lacking anything remotely similar to dress clothes. And that's not counting the shirt you got me," he quickly added. "I can wear that outside of school, but I'd rather not raise any questions as to where I got it."

Surprisingly, Vlad looked…happy? "Excellent. Then you must allow me to take you shopping. I'd love nothing more than to spoil you senseless, not counting with the fabulous sex I deliver."

"Oh yeah, you really spoil me with that," the teenager grinned, giggling when Vlad's brow quirked up.

"I believe that I have already warned you about that arrogant tongue of yours, Daniel. Would you care to be punished again?"

Danny smirked, rolling his eyes. "That's okay. I'm not sure I can take any more punishment tonight." Groaning, he tried to roll over, but the body on top of his was too heavy. "Hey, could you get up?"

"Why? I'm quite comfortable where I'm at," Vlad laid his head down on Danny's back. "However, I suppose that you are right. We need to get cleaned up anyways." Pouting slightly, he climbed off the teenager and started towards a door that Danny had failed to notice, grabbing a bowl from a nearby dresser before he stepped through the doorway.

Shaking his head and smirking, Danny laid back down on the fur coverlet and closed his eyes, drifting off for a few minutes. He only awoke when he felt warm water trickling down his spine, but he kept his eyes closed.

"I know you're up, Daniel." The bed creaked when Vlad climbed up beside him, and more water was spilled onto his back. Lazily, Danny cracked open an eye and saw Vlad holding a sopping rag, his silver hair inelegantly falling over his face and a calm smile playing at his lips. Danny shivered as his back was washed with the warm cloth, just barely giggling when Vlad's fingers touched his sides. "This seemed like a much more effective way of cleaning you, considering that I likely would have molested you in the shower." He passed the cloth down Danny's lower back and over his buttocks, cleaning away the cum and faint specks of blood.

"Aww, Vladdie didn't want another chance to molest me? I'm stunned," Danny chuckled. A bare hand suddenly brushed his cheek, and Danny glanced up in surprise, just in time to have warm lips gently press against his own. He sank into the tender kiss, barely noticing as he was rolled onto his back and pulled up into thin, strong arms.

When Vlad finally pulled away, Danny was spooned against his chest and was wearing a faint smile, one that made his pale eyes sparkle in the way Vlad thought was downright adorable. "I can molest you another time. Once is enough, for right now at least." He pulled Danny onto his lap and grabbed a slender thigh, lifting it and brushing the rag down the smooth skin. He did the same for the other leg, and Danny watched the billionaire with a warm expression, but he did hiss a bit when the water logged rag was ran over his neck, cleaning away the blood staining his flesh.

Vlad wrapped gentle fingers around his chin and carefully tilted Danny's head to the side, flooding the wounded neck with pale light. "I'm sorry Daniel, but the blood needed to be washed off for me to judge the severity of the wounds." His gaze flickered over the bites cut into the alabaster flesh. "We'll need to bandage a few of them, but most should heal without leaving any noticeable scars."

Rolling his eyes, Danny chuckled. "I already have the two fang scars by my ear. I don't need any more."


Brushing the cloth over Danny's torso, Vlad meticulously washed away any spatterings of chocolate that had been left over, feeling the teenager's gaze follow him as he did. When the whole of his body was clean, Danny slid off Vlad's lap with a tired yawn and laid back on the bed, his head sinking into the fluffy pillows scattered over the crest of the bed. "Okay, time to sleep," he yawned again, and Vlad smirked at him.

"Did I wear you out?"

"Yep. You really know your stuff, oh mighty Plasmius." The mocking tone gave his words a quiet sarcasm, but Vlad merely laughed and ran his fingers through Danny's bangs, pushing them out of the teenager's peaceful face. When Danny yawned again, Vlad pushed his legs off of the coverlet and dragged it over them, falling back with a sigh onto the fluffy mattress. "God, I feel more tired than after I've gotten done kicking a ghost's butt," Danny smirked a bit, rolling onto his side and staring at the older man.

"I take it that was meant to be a compliment," Vlad grinned, but a small shrug was his only reply. "I'll take that as a yes."

He laid back on the pillows and watched the smaller figure close his eyes, a small smile on his lips.

Danny fell asleep rather quickly, which, really, he shouldn't have been surprised. 'After all, he's only fourteen.' Carefully, not wanting to disturb his sleep, Vlad trailed a finger down Danny's face, the soft skin whispering against his. He was gentle when his fingertips grazed the injured areas alongst Danny's neck; the wounds already showed the faint signs of healing around the edges, but he knew all to well that it would be a day or so before they were all completely gone. Pulling away, Vlad sat up on his elbows and stared down at the sleeping teen, his smile growing softer, more gentle, as he ran his fingers through the satiny strands of black hair. "My Daniel…" he murmured, and the boy quietly sighed in his sleep, leaning in to the soothing touch. "My lover."

"Mmmm…." Danny scooted closer, still locked in the dredges of sleep, and Vlad draped an arm over the slender torso, laying his hand on the small of Danny's back.

Truthfully, he wanted the teenager as his lover, and his confidant, but he knew that sex was not the way to get what he wanted. As much as he knew the teenager enjoyed it, Vlad was all to well aware that more was needed. He had to show Danny that he cared.

"The one thing in the world that I hate doing…being romantic." Sighing, he combed his fingers through the silken strands, glancing down at the sleeping boy. "What have you done to me?"


Hearing the teenager moan his name brought a smile to his lips, and he leaned down and brushed a soft kiss over Danny's cheek. "Danny Fenton. My boyfriend." Chuckling, Vlad sat up against the headboard, inwardly chuckling when a pale, skinny arm was tossed over his lap, Danny's sleep driven smile entirely too cute for words. Vlad left the arm where it was, absently toying with the teenager's hair. "Hmm. Has an interesting ring to it."


The end! In case you guys couldn't tell, I left this open for another sequel. Why? Because I'm seriously considering turning this into a story. However, I want your guys' opinions, and the story will have to wait till I'm done with Reversed Hero before I even consider getting started. I'm already behind on RH, since I wasn't technically supposed to work on this piece until I met my own personal deadline. Oh well.

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