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Rain pelted his face, the freezing droplets oozing down his back and legs like icy bullets. Tears mixed with the liquid, stinging his eyes as he ran, his bare feet pounding against the pavement and cutting his feet. Sniffling, Danny wiped his face but it was only slickened with more rain and tears, glossy strands of black sticking wetly to his face as he ran. "Da--dammit," he swore, a cry falling from his lips as he stumbled to the ground, his bare knees sliced open by the harsh concrete. His boxers hung loose on his hips, dangling into one of the many puddles surrounding him, the dirty water splashing onto his open shirt. "…Vlad," Danny whimpered, tasting blood on his lips.

Just what had happened? Things between him and Vlad had been going fine! 'And then Vlad brought up the whole bondage issue, I freaked out, and…and--!' Letting out a weary sob, Danny pounded his fist against the concrete, feeling his skin scrape from the coarse surface. It just wasn't fair! "Vlad hates me now, I just know it! How could I've said that?!" Screaming in frustration, he slapped his hand into a watery surface and glared at the distorted reflection within it, piercing blue eyes staring back at him. But as much as he tried to deny it, he could see the answer clearly within the teary irises. He didn't trust Vlad. How could he? Ever since they'd known each other, their life had been made up of nothing but fighting and hatred….sure, most of the latter was his fault, but it was justified! Vlad had constantly made his life a living hell! The man had tormented him, turned the whole city against him, sent ghost after ghost to kick his butt, and constantly made snide remarks about his dad! But then again, ever since the fiasco in Rome, Vlad had stopped all of the fighting, and he'd been letting up on his dad too. Biting his lip, Danny whimpered and rubbed his burning eyes, leaving a smear of grime on his cheek. "I can trust him…" he whispered. "Maybe not completely, but I can enough to--to make this work."

'Cause damn it all, he didn't want to give up on them! Vlad made him feel….well, Danny didn't know exactly how he felt, but it was definitely good! Every time he talked to Vlad he got a warm feeling inside his chest, and as weird as it was, Danny was sure that's how it was supposed to be. He and Vlad were, were, well "we're just, uh." Shaking his head, he sighed and raked a hand through his sopping hair. "I dunno. We're weird."

But none of that mattered. Vlad hated him. Danny had seen his hurt look, and the pain in his sapphire eyes. He'd really hurt him, probably beyond repair. Screw trust, how was Vlad ever going to forgive him? You didn't just rebound from something like that. 'I'd know.' Sniffling, Danny tried to rise to his feet, but his feet slipped again and he went tumbling into a building. Brick dug into his shoulder, ripping his shirt and easily cutting a searing mark across his skin. "Oww…" blood began to bead up and slither down his left arm. Grimacing, he cupped the wound and hissed as cool rain further irritated his torn flesh, more tears gliding down his dirty cheeks. "Geez, I'm such an idiot."

"The wisest thing I've ever heard you say, child!"

An imaginary fist seemed to slam into his chest, and Danny groaned. "Oh man, seriously..?" Forcing himself up, he glared at the hovering figure in the sky and rolled his eyes. "Technus! What, is there a toaster convention in town? Get lost!"

A wide smile spreading across his face, Technus chuckled-rather obnoxiously-and pointed a hand at Danny, his green gloved hand beginning to glow with ectoplasm. "Hahaha! Ghost child, today is the day that I, Technus, Master of technology and all things electronic, shall--"

"What, bore me to death with your long winded speeches?" Danny felt his eyes flash neon green as the rings appeared around his midriff and traveled up and down the length of his body. Boxers and shirt were transformed into tight black and white spandex, the spiky DP symbol appearing on his chest while frosty eyes turned bright green and black faded into shining silver. Throwing his head back, Danny ignored the impatient throbbing of his arm and leaped into the air, icy rain flying around his face as he flew at Technus. His fist slammed into the ghost's cheek and knocked him through the air, and he grinned triumphantly. "Looks like that so called update of yours isn't very good after all! I'd recommend seeing a doctor, or maybe in your case a technician!"

"Ha! You think that would stop me? Me, the ruler of all things electronic?" Throwing his hand out, Technus pointed it at a nearby car and the vehicle glowed pale green before shooting into the air. Yelping, Danny turned intangible and the car soared through his body with ease.

"Nice try Technus! But that--oh!" His body naturally performing an agile back flip, he just nearly missed having his head torn off as a truck joined the car in shooting past him. "Damn, that was close!" Danny sighed in relief, but wasn't so lucky as Technus' glowing fist clenched, shooting it right back at him. The heavy steel frame caught him directly in the back and threw him into the side of a building, his face grinding into the wall. Danny groaned in pain, feeling the soaked brick dig into his flesh as he slid down the wall and onto the sidewalk. Whacking his head, he collapsed onto his knees in a puddle and bit down a cry of pain at the blistering agony now coursing down his injured arm, which he refused to look at. Even without, he knew the once simple wound had been grievously aggravated and was leaking glowing ectoplasmic blood down his arm, and he could feel the major bruising turning his tan skin a mottled yellow-purple. The cold rain definitely didn't help either. "Gee, you think having ghost powers would prevent stuff like this," he grumbled, climbing to his feet. Holding his arm beneath the wound, Danny glared daggers at the older ghost and tossed his head, throwing sopping white strands over his eyes. "Playing dirty? Why am I not surprised?!"

Grinning, Technus cackled at him and Danny flinched at the grating laughter. "What's the matter, Ghost Child? Can't handle it?"

"Oh shut up Technus! I'm really not in the mood to deal with you right now, so can we just get this over with?!" Shooting a beam of ectoplasm from his uninjured arm, Danny growled and went flying towards Technus. Only a few feet away, he swung his foot out and kicked the ghost solidly in the jaw, sending him with a loud splash into the street below. "Man, I so don't need this right now!" 'Not like I don't have more pressing issues, like a boyfriend I ran out on and hates my freaking guts!'

Or friends who have no idea you're sleeping with you're arch enemy, the annoying little voice whispered in the back of his head.

"Not helping," he grumbled, sweeping his eyes over the cracked asphalt beneath him. Where there should've been a wounded ghost there was nothing. Not even a sign of that stupid outfit or his lame mullet. Just broken street and freezing water. "Wha--where'd he go?"

"Right behind you, child!"

Danny froze, his eyes widening as a wisp of blue escaped his lips. "Aww man--" cringing, he began to turn around, but a harsh crackling ran in his ears and Danny saw them coming too late to move. Broken wires with their half melted covering of rubber slid around his waist, bolts of electricity bounding off the cables and flying in his face. "Ahh!" Danny screamed, fighting to escape their clutches, but Technus, who was watching him and laughing with glee, flew over and waved his arms; the cables cinched tighter, and Danny gasped, kicking his feet and pin wheeling in the air. It was a recipe for disaster! Rain combined with electrical wires could only equal one thing….extreme pain. "Let me go!"

"You cannot escape my clutches, Ghost Child! I, Technus, shall finally destroy you and take over this world!" Technus grabbed one of the snapped wires and it crackled violently in his hand. Struggling, Danny yelled and jerked away when he held out the sparking end dangerously close to his chest, the tiny lights burning into the spandex of his jumpsuit and eating his flesh. "Scream all you want! No one's coming to save you, child!" Technus grinned at him and the cable was pressed taut.

"Aaugghh!" Danny writhed in midair, his body jerking and tossing as the electricity coursed beneath his rain splattered skin, the pale blue-white energy burning him and painting bloody rings around the tender flesh of his waist.

"That's it child! Now do you see? You cannot defeat the master of all technology!" Pulling him close by the cables, Technus laughed in his face and glowing ectoplasm surged up the rubber, enveloping Danny in a whirlwind of blinding pain. All Danny could think of as he was tossed into the agony was scream, his voice growing louder and louder in perfect sync with the amount of electricity charging his veins.

"So--someone," he gasped, gagging when a cable, sparking with white-hot glints, wrapped around his throat. "Help…!" White spots danced over his eyes, and Danny felt tears roll down his cheeks, the air quickly escaping his lungs. With the last breath he could manage, he charged up his voice and shouted, "VLAD!!!"

Everything after that seemed to progress in slow motion. The cables flinched once before sliding off his body, and Danny fell from his suspended perch and headed towards the ground below. Wind and rain rushed across him as he tumbled in the air, his hurt arm seething angrily and the breath still vanished from his lungs. 'Damn, I can't--move,' he closed his eyes, sensing the ground closing in. 'Vlad…I'm sorry. I didn't--get to apologize--'

Only a few hundred feet left. A small sob quirked his lips, and Danny let the transformation slip from his body, turning him back to human form. Hell, if he was gonna die, might as well make sure it was over quick, right? "……" letting his eyes fall closed, he imagined the growing street and braced himself, even as images of a man with frosty hair and midnight irises floated across his mind. It seared his heart, and he closed a hand over his soaked, aching chest, crying softly. "Vlad…"


"Ohh..oh…fudgedoodles!" Vlad smashed his fist against the car seat, holding back the tears that threatened to roll down his cheeks. How could he have been so stupid?! He'd just gone and messed up the one chance he had at happiness, all because Danny had a few unfortunate, 'but understandable' trust issues. Vlad buried his face in his hands, a choked sob burning his throat. "I'm such a fool," he whispered.

It was to be expected, Danny's hesitation at trusting him. The two hadn't exactly gotten together on the best of terms, and he'd been Danny's enemy for so long now that it could only be expected. Sighing, Vlad leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes. "……Daniel," he bit down a moan of pain at the blazing image the name brought to mind and crossed his arms, a dull pain throbbing in his lower chest. Danny would never trust him again, Vlad was sure of it. He'd seen the agony, the sheer emotion, in the boy's crystal eyes. As much as it'd hurt, Danny telling him that he didn't trust him, Vlad knew what he had done was ten times worse. Accidental it may have been, but in Vlad's eyes he'd all but tarnished any hope of happiness that he and Danny could've had a long, happy relationship, and perhaps one day….Vlad clasped a hand over his mouth, feeling the wet streaks roll across his hands. "What have I done?" He glanced out into the storm, which wailed hard and cast droplets of water across his knees. It'd only been a few minutes since Danny had vanished into the bitter storm, but it felt as if time was creeping forward painfully slow, tormenting him each passing second his love was…

His heart literally skipped a beat inside his chest. Love…? Did, did he really love Daniel Fenton?

Vlad pressed his hand against the cool window, completely ignorant to the freezing rain that spilled across his jacket and soaked the material. Well, he did care for the teen, that much was sure. But love…that was a large step, especially considering their age differences and rather turbulent past. There were plenty of factors to consider as well….frowning, the billionaire gripped the door and shook his head. He couldn't be thinking about such things right now! Danny was out there, all alone, and distraught. And if there was one thing Vlad knew about his young lover, it was that Danny had a tendency to let his emotions control him and blind him to outside situations. Often that was a weakness he'd manipulated during battles, and it commonly worked to his advantage….Vlad's eyed widened in horror, and before he knew what he was doing he took off into the storm, his feet pounding on the pavement. He wasn't sure where he was going, or even what he'd say if he did find Danny, but Vlad knew he had to find him.

What if something happened to him?!

God, he couldn't even imagine the possibility. The very thought of Danny in the slightest amount of pain had his stomach writhing. "Daniel!" Vlad screamed over the storm, searching desperately for any sign of the black haired boy. Nothing. "DANIEL!" Shielding his eyes, Vlad jumped into the air and the rings naturally swept up and down his body, leaving him floating in midair. Taking off, the wind rasping at his face, Vlad's red eyes glanced over the city as he flew higher into the air and started inspecting for signs of the teen. "Daniel, where are you," he yelled, his voice vanishing in the howl of the rain and wind. "Sugar cookie," Vlad swore. "Daniel!"

The rain seemed to sense his strife and beat harder, and the upswept vampire-like hairdo he bore fell in his face, silky strands clinging to his cheeks and temple. Shoving the locks out of his eyes, Vlad cried his lover's name again but received no answer, save for the wind ringing in his ears. "Where is he…?" Panic was beginning to cloud his head, and he flew faster, gnawing impatiently at his lower lip. 'Vlad, he's fine. There's nothing to worry about. Daniel probably went straight home and'


Vlad froze, his eyes narrowing as the buildings around him frantically shook, clouds of dust emerging from the streets a few blocks away. Peering into the storm, he spotted a black and white dressed ghost with silver hair and glasses hovering in the air, what looked like broken…cables wrapped around his hands. "Technus…" he murmured. "But what is he--?" Vlad's jaw dropped in a horrified cry. The cables were wrapped around an all too familiar slighter form with messy white hair and green eyes, though the normally bright orbs were glazed with pain. Even from so far away Vlad could see the blood trickling steadily down a ravished arm, and the electricity sparking dangerously around the boy's battered frame. Tan skin was streaked with mottled green-red, the ectoplasmic blood leaking from minor wounds all across his young body, and horrible shrieks filled the air when the sparking cables wrapped around his throat and seared through his jumpsuit, touching bare flesh. "Daniel," his blood froze inside him, and he screamed a terrifying cry, throwing a swarm of bright energy at the ghost that dared touch his lover. "DANIEL!"

Startled, Technus was blown to the side and the sparking cords wrapped around Danny went limp. For a split second the boy hovered in the air, his body as lifeless as a rag doll's, and then he dropped. Everything was slow motion to Vlad; Danny plummeting to the earth, blood marring his clothes and hair…those pale eyes falling closed……


He didn't think about it; Vlad dived through the air, his cape flapping madly around him. Agony was tearing throughout his body, tears streaming down his face, and he reached out a gloved hand towards the teen. "Daniel!"

The ground grew closer and closer, and Vlad screamed louder as the transformation slipped from his lover's body. There was no way he'd survive the fall in ghost form, but much less as a human! "No!" Vlad forced himself to go faster, weariness beginning to eat at him, but he shoved it aside and stretched out his arm. Gloved fingers grazed bare skin, a mere tease of the sumptuous flesh his lover possessed, and Vlad groaned. "Daniel, please!" With a howl Vlad reached again, muscles rippling in his back and arm, and a small hand was enclosed in his. "Daniel!" He jerked Danny to him, enclosing him in his arms, and pulled out of the dive. Gravity was on his side and he managed it, his booted nearly touching the ground as he went flying back up into the sky, Danny cradled gently in his arms.

"….Vlad?" The pale face was pressed into his chest, but still he heard the soft murmur, and with it came a wave of relief. Dropping elegantly to the ground, Vlad ran into the safety of a alley and laid the teenager on the ground. Blue eyes slowly came open as he ran his hands over the soft frame, carefully feeling for any breaks. "Vlad?"

"Yes Daniel, it's me," Vlad whispered, tears stinging his eyes. Blood soaked the fingertips of his gloves when he touched his lover's scraped arm, and there were countless tiny wounds etched into his torso, as well as painful looking burns.

But he was safe.

"What were you thinking…" he snapped, running his hand over the teen's face. Danny blinked again and leaned into the touch, his body shivering slightly.

"I--he attacked me," his teeth beginning to chatter, Danny winced and pushed himself up, shoving away the hand Vlad pressed to his shoulder. "I had to fight." Looking at him, Danny's gaze softened dramatically and he reached out, touching a strand of black hair that resisted ungluing itself from Vlad's face. "You….saved me," he murmured, and a faint smile played at his lips. "You actually came to my rescue."

The irony of the situation, however unwanted and displaced, was too much. Vlad gave a small laugh and pulled the younger boy into his arms, feeling the trembling frame press against him. "Of course I did," he tried to sound angry, but happiness bled into his voice and he buried his face in the brunette's neck. "Daniel…I"

"It's ok," Danny broke in, gripping the billionaire's shoulders. His posture slumping, he dropped his hands and seemed to deflate before the older man, tears glittering in his eyes. "I--I understand if you want to…well, you know, break up. I was out of line, and I…"

Vlad started to deny the horrible words his lover was speaking, but a loud laugh cut through the air. "What a touching moment! I never knew the Ghost Boy had a boyfriend!"

Both halfa's looked up at the sky, Danny's expression and Vlad's one of equal irritation. Technus was back; a little dirty and sporting a few scrapes on his green face, but otherwise unharmed. "So…..Plasmius is protecting Danny Phantom now huh? I wonder what the other ghosts will think of this," the technology freak rubbed his chin, only to yelp and dodge to the side as a smoldering bolt of purple-pink energy went shooting through the air and singed the edges of his cape. Vlad, clutching Danny protectively to his chest, growled and his hand flared with swirling ectoplasm.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll leave and forget everything you've seen," he spat, frost clinging to every word. He had much better things to do than hear the other ghost ramble on and on about their relationship, which was quickly being thrown across the rocks with each passing second.

Technus flinched but remained in his spot, trying to make sense of the situation unfolding before him. Vlad's anger soared and he shot at him, hitting Technus directly in the chest. "I said LEAVE!"

Grumbling, his suit now bearing a wide singe mark, Technus picked himself up from the ground where he had fallen and angrily dusted off his chest. "Geez, talk about being a hot head!" Shaking his head, he glared at the two ghosts. "What, get in a lover's spat?"

Vlad snarled at him, his red eyes flashing dangerously. "Vlad…" Danny grabbed at Vlad's sleeve, but the billionaire ignored him and rose to his feet, taking a stance in front of the teen. Fists clenched at his sides, at which Technus took a hesitant step backwards.

"If you value your life," he snarled, "then I suggest leaving us be. Otherwise I won't hesitate to tear that body of yours to pieces and ship them back to the Ghost Zone, bit by bit!" Vlad started towards him, but Technus yelped and took off into the air, at which he smirked and let the ectoplasm around his hands die down. "He listened for once. About time." Turning back to his lover, Vlad's eyes widened at the frightened look on Danny's face. Oh no… "Daniel…?"

"I--I," shaking, Danny scrambled to his feet and backed away, his back hitting the brick wall. "You," trembling, he took off down the alley, leaving Vlad staring in shock after him.

'You frightened him! You fool, he probably thought you were redirecting your anger at him onto Technus!'

Vlad shook his head, dropping the transformation and staring at the rapidly fading teen. "…….no." Gritting his teeth, he growled and took after him. "No!"

Darn it all, he couldn't lose him! He had to show Danny that he cared for him, and wasn't angry, and--Vlad pumped his long legs, urging them to go faster, and caught up to the teen in no time. Slamming his arms out, he caught Danny in an embrace and they tumbled to the ground. "Daniel, I don't hate you," he pinned the slighter boy beneath him, pinning blue eyes with his own. Danny stared at him in disbelief, narrowing his brows at the intense look on Vlad's face.

"You do hate me," he whispered. "I--I said all those things, and"

"No! Daniel, I don't!" Vlad managed a weak smile and gently cupped Danny's face. As if he could ever hate the teen…well, now anyway. "I don't hate you." He repeated calmly. "Everything you said….well, considering the circumstances," he flinched, "is rather understandable. I likely would've behaved the same way if I were in your shoes And I still want you," he assured, running his thumb down the scratched flesh of Danny's cheek. "I was just concerned that all I ever do is ravish you, when I should be more considerate. You're fourteen years old, and inexperienced in these kinds of matters. And with our complicated past, I should be treating you far more gently,"

Danny held up a hand, trying to hold back the tears. "I'm not glass Vlad. Just because I'm not ready to try bondage doesn't mean that I…well, you know, don't want you. And I do kinda trust you," he cupped the man's shoulders and sighed. "It's just…our past is so screwed up. I'm dating a man nearly thirty years older than me, who used to be my arch nemesis, and I can't even talk to anybody about it or else you'll get into trouble!" A soft sob tore from his throat and the tears slipped down his cheeks. "This is--it's just fucked up!"

"Daniel….I'm so sorry." Sitting up, Vlad wrapped his arms around the shaking brunette and tugged him into his arms. Wide eyed, Danny let the man hug him, and his arms hesitantly wrapped around Vlad's neck. "I know this must be tough on you." Taking a shaky breath, he pushed the teen far enough back so that they could look at each other. He had to give him a choice, if only for Danny's sake. "Perhaps it…would be better if we were to, well,"

"No!" Danny cried out, practically throwing himself back into the man's arms. Vlad yelped at the hug, winding his arms carefully around Danny's smaller body. "Please, no! I like you too much to just end it," Danny whimpered, desperately clinging to Vlad. "You're the one who asked me out, right!? I don't wanna end it!" Burying his face in Vlad's neck, he sniffled and let himself melt into the warm embrace. "……..sorry." He spoke after a few moments, his voice cutely muffled. "I'm acting like an idiot again."

"No, you're not." Vlad smiled despite himself, taking small comfort in the lithe frame pressed to his. "I understand why you're upset about this, Daniel. In your position, I would likely feel the same way." Curling his fingers in Danny's hair, Vlad gently kissed his cheek. "But to be quite honest, I don't want to lose you. I'm a selfish man," he smiled, though it was a weak one at best. "I rarely consider what's best for others, besides myself that is. I've never had to."

"Vlad…." Danny cocked his head and stared at the man, grimacing slightly as his shirt wetly clung to the back. The rain continued to pelt on them, soaking their clothes, but Danny ignored it and reached a hand up, caressing Vlad's cheek. "You may act selfish, but I can tell you care about me. You wouldn't be here if you didn't. I mean, you saved me from Technus, when you could've left me to die!"

"As if I could let that happen," Vlad choked, his voice taut with pain. "I care about you too much to even imagine you being in pain." At this his eyes ran over the wounds and burns marring Danny's chest. "Which is something I'll apparently have to get used to, considering the trouble you get yourself into."

Danny chuckled dully, leaning into the billionaire's arms. Silence settled over them, the rain a mere matter on the dirty ground. It streamed down their cheeks and necks, but neither seemed to notice. Or rather, neither cared. Their clothes turned dark, Danny's skin growing paler as the rain turned into a steady drizzle, his dark hair sticking wetly to his face and neck. The blood on his arm trickled slower, and slower, until only water ran clear down his skin, and he held it up for examination, seeing the cut slashed into his skin. "You'll definitely have to get used to it," he grumbled, wincing in pain as Vlad gently touched the wounded flesh. Sighing, he let it fall limp, feeling his arm throb in response as he fell silent. "This is getting way too complicated," he finally muttered.

"That's life for you, Daniel."

"Yeah. Our lives, anyways."