Warning!: SPOILER! Don't read if not familiar with the latest chapther of VK!! ^^

Okey so here I am again, this time with a Vampire Knight one-shot!!=) It's been to long since I last uploaded something and Im really nervous so please bear with me=)
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So on with the story then, its actually a dream I had some time ago, but lets not get to focused on that... the dream wasn't half as interesting as this one...^^
This is set some time before Yuuki is transformed, maybe, well... I don't really know .

So Yuuki has a dream and well, you have to read and find out...;)

She was running, the trees surrounding her were blocking the sun, but there were some places where you could see a spark of sunshine that bathed the grass in a dull yellow color. Her long hair flared out behind her back and her bare feet silently touched the ground as she went.

She wasn't running from anyone, though her speed could make it seem like it. No, she was running towards someone, someone she loved.

Her breath was even, not changing the slightest, yet she had been running for some time now. She couldn't remember who she was running to, but it did not prevent her from keeping on running. Her surroundings never seemed to change, but at the same time she could feel the differences, see the difference between every rock and tree.

The surroundings were magically, the trees were high and proud, and the few places you could the sun through the leaves, it shone down at the flowers like gold. If she had been able to see it she would have seen that the sky was blue, not a single cloud was covering the beautiful sight.

She ran on and on, first after several minutes she noticed that she was barefoot. The grass was so soft against her feet, like silk, and the wind so fresh against her face, and her breath was still so even, like she was just taking a Sunday walk, not running like her life was depending on it. She felt that she actually enjoyed it.

And then she felt the pull, the same one that made her run in the first place. Closing her eyes she could feel it coming towards her. Or rather, she was coming to him. Because she could feel it now, the presence of her loved one not so far ahead.

Her feet began hitting the soft grass faster, her breath still even, the trees blurring past her with slightly bigger gasps. She was almost there. Just a little closer now, soon she would be there; soon she would be with him

Her heart felt like it would burst, just by the thought of seeing him. The air felt like it withheld her now. Oh why could she not move a little faster? A few more minutes now, a few more steps.

The rushing of her feet blended in with the rustle of the grass and in the distance a river could be heard. She could not take it any longer; her heart ached for her loved one, to be in his arms, to feel his breath on her face. To feel his lips on hers.

Seconds later she burst through the trees, and stumbled into a clearing. The trees stood higher here than anywhere else and created a roof of green leaves. At the same time the sun seemed to shine a little extra and the sound of running water could be heard somewhere behind the trees.

And there, at the foot of the riverbank, standing with sun upon him like a Greek god, stood he.

Her heart exploded, but she did not care. Because he was there, waiting for her. And only her.

Taking the last strides towards him the girl flung herself in his arms breathing in his scent. Her brown hair, no longer kept up by the wind, floated down her back and stopped at her waist. She looked at his slightly darker hair and moved towards his reddish brown eyes. He met her gaze and slowly lifted her face to his and kissed her lips.

It was all she could have imaged and more, the feel of his lips on hers, his arms closing around her keeping her to him. Losing herself in the bliss of finally finding her loved one she closed her eyes.

Parting slightly so that she could look in his eyes she let out a shaky breath and whispered.


Bolting upright in her bed, moonlight streaming in through her window, Yuuki tried to catch her breath her head swimming with thoughts of her and Kaname standing in a sunlit forest. Sharing a moment she never would forget.

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