Originally this was just going to be one chapter, but I got a review asking me to keep it going. So I wrote this kinda sequel to the dream... It's nothing much and I'm not planning on keeping it going after this. So it stops her =P If I don't get a seriously kick and want to continue this, but most likely not. I like the end here and I better stop talking before I say something really stupid xD

Last word before I let you read, this is not beta-readed and is fearly just written... I'm tired and should go to sleep... but i wanted to post this first
Lots of thanks to "rosepuppy" who requested a sequel, this one's for you p-chan! =D

Sun filtering through a gap in the curtains, the birds chirping and the bustling of people starting to move about the house, was what met Yuki when her eyes opened that morning. Still blurry from her night of sleep, one of the few nights without her having to patrol, Yuki felt like it were something she needed to remember. Shrugging it off as something unimportant she rose from her bed and started taking on her school uniform, her prefect badge going on last. Yori's bed was empty as Yuki left the room, probably up early as always.

As she walked down the hallways she caught sight of the trees outside, the sun shone in the sky, still quiet low in the early hours. Something about the view made Yuki stop, her gaze freezing at the glowing grass beneath the trees, the sun making its way through the leafs. All off it seemed so familiar. As if she had seen something similar to it very recently. Was it something in a book? Yuki pondered. Or maybe, she had dreamt about it.

In that precise moment something inside Yuki's head clicked, like a light switched on or two puzzle pieces fitted together and now she could see more of the picture at hand. She had dreamt. It all came back to her now, the forest, her running and the water in the river which she could not see, but knowing it had been there. And Kaname, standing in the sunlit clearing waiting for her, and he had kissed her and then!

She couldn't believe herself, the dream had felt so real, like something that was meant to be. It surely was a comfortable alteration from her usual nightmares, with all the blood and screaming. Yet the mere presence of Kaname in her dream… it felt like he was somehow connected to her past. Except that couldn't be! He had found her on that snowy night ten years ago, but before that she had been on her own, hadn't she?

She would ask him; ask him if he had anything to do with her past prior to five. And most of all, she would ask him why she had called him onii-sama…

Yuki straightened up, it was decided! When the night class emerged from their dormitory this evening she would ask Kaname about her past.


For Yuki the day could not have been going any faster, or slower for that matter. The time seemed to have taken a real interest in roller coasters. At one point the clock would tick by so slowly you would think the batteries were dead, and the next second school was finished and Yuki had to run so that she wouldn't be late for her prefect duties.

As usual the fan girls were surrounding the entrance to the moon dormitory, squealing and fainting just by the mere thought of the night class boys. Some of them were talking excitedly about their Idol-sama. While other were talking about Kain or "Wild" as they called him.

Yuki spared no time as she seized out her whistle from her pocket and blew as hard as she could. The noise made all the girls cringe back while they covered their ears from the throbbing pain.

"Okey, so everyone! Get back! Move! Get away, you're blocking the way!"

Just as Yuki hoped that Zero would come and help her, the ancient doors that separated the night class from the rest of the school screeched in protest as the first of the night class students became visible for the mass waiting on the other side.

The noise was unbearable. All the girls were shouting or trying to get a hold of one of the students. Yuki, trying her best to keep them all from crushing her and the night class, desperately tried to locate Kaname in the crowd of astonishing, beautiful vampires. When she became aware of something silver glinting in the late sun, Yuki managed to spot Seiren, the silent girl that always followed Kaname. However, when she looked around she couldn't see him anywhere. As the group of vampires disappeared in the sunset and the crowd dwindled with them Yuki felt her heart sink.

He hadn't been there, he always was there. Smiling friendly at her and encouraging her work. Nevertheless he had been gone this one day, the single day she had needed him to be there, for real. And not just for seeing him walk away from her. Maybe she wasn't meant to find out about her past.

Sighting Yuki was about to walk back to her room, turning away from the sun setting in the sky she took one step before a shadow cast itself over her little frame. Feeling suddenly very tense Yuki turned around again only to find herself staring straight into the night class uniform which covered a muscled chest.

"What are you doing out her all by yourself Yuki?"

The well known voice made Yuki blush for absolutely no reason at all, her head whipping up so that she looked Kaname straight in the eye. Although Yuki felt it lasted forever it only went a second before she looked down again. The intense gaze of which she received from Kaname seemed to bore through her soul.

"I-i.. uhm.. I was looking for you Kaname, I-uh, wanted to ask you something…"

Trailing off into a uncomfortable silent in which Kaname only looked patently at her, she couldn't think of nothing else than those pair of eyes following her.

"Well, what is it that you wanted to tell me Yuki?"

His voice was soft and without the slightest trace of impatient.

"Well, uhm.. it was about my past Kaname. I had a dream you see and…"

Yuki would have continued hadn't it been for the fact that Kaname had just hugged her tightly to his chest. Despite her surprised state Yuki couldn't help but notice the slightly familiar smell of the jacket.

"Dear Yuki, you know I'd be happy to listen to you, but I really think that you should not dwell too much on your past. I have been there for you have I not? Has that not been enough for you?"

His words were spoken into her hair and therefore slightly muffled. She could feel his breath on her scalp and it made her dizzy. Just being this close to him made her forget what she wanted to say to him so badly. Something about a dream? It couldn't have been that important, if so she would have remembered it.

"Go back to your room Yuki, I know you can take care of yourself, but please. For me, just go back to your warm bed."

Kaname left, hiding a stern face while walking gracefully down the pavement to the school building. furthermore it was a bewildered Yuki who stood dazed in the gate to the moon dormitory with only a slight if not any clue on what had just happened.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a tiny voice stated that Kaname had done it again. Talking her away from the topic and making her forget what she was about to say. But right now Yuki couldn't care less. He had hugged her. The sun was almost down and while the last rays made a final effort of staying observable, not wanting to lose their grip on the world Yuki made the conclusion that her bed was probably the best solution right then.

It was probably nothing important she had wanted to say anyway if Kaname meant she didn't need to.