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Ch 1

Dean yawned again as he sat in his history class. He folded his arms across the top of the desk and laid his head down ignoring the teacher in front of the class giving a lecture about how bills because laws or something like that, maybe it was World War II. He really didn't care. "Mr. Winchester," his head shot up when the teacher called his name. "Can you name the parts of an animal cell, please?" That's right, he was in Biology; history was before this class. He quickly gave the answer and lay his head back down.

"Well it looks like there is one student who can sleep while paying attention."

"Yeah, and you woke me up before I got to the good part too."

"Please try and pay attention Dean."

"No promises, Mr. Jackson."

Dean, not for the first time that day wondered why he was there at all. They had gotten back late after a hunt the night before and his dad had said that they could miss school to rest up. Dean was more than happy to take some time off but Sam was adamant about going to school that day, just like every day. Dean was just going to take off that day but for some reason the idea of Sam going to school alone had him terrified. He couldn't understand his own reasoning. Yeah there had been those bullies, three times Sam's size, that had picked on his little brother but after he was done with them he was sure they would leave him alone for good. But here he was sitting in Biology. At least the day's almost over, he thought in relief. Biology was his last class and there were only fifteen minutes left.

His dad was probably outside right now drumming on the steering wheel of the Impala, bored out of his mind, wondering what time school ended. He chuckled quietly to himself at the thought of his dad, the big bad hunter, getting bored waiting for his son's to get out of school.

"Is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class Mr. Winchester?"

"No sir."

"Good the let's contin-"


The class all jumped as they heard a gunshot. Then the screaming started. Let's see Sammy is in English right now so he'd be upstairs. Dean instantly started thinking of the best ways to get his little brother and get out.

"Everybody get under your desks."

Forget that I have to go get Sammy. Dean got up, grabbed his bag, and started running towards the door, crouched low, like he'd been taught.

"Get under your desk now Mr. Winchester."

"Why so I can sit here and be a target? Not happening. Besides I have to go get my little brother." Two more shots rang through the air. Dean paled when he realized they had come from above. Without another word he left the room. Sliding his hand into his bag he pulled out the gun that he always made sure he had with him. He dropped the bag, and that's when all Hell broke loose. Gunshots were firing every other second, practically no pause in between, students were screaming and now running through the halls.

Dean made his way up the stairs and then proceeded to make his way towards Sam's classroom. When he turned the corner to the hallway where Sam was at he stopped dead. Panic started to rise as he saw a sight that would haunt his nightmares forever. There was his baby brother facing the wall, bodies all around him and some guy with a gun pointed directly at the back of Sam's head.

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