Ch. 6

Dean had been sitting diligently at his baby brother's side all night waiting for him to wake up. John had tried numerous times to get Dean to go home and wash up and get some sleep, but Dean refused to go home. They both compromised when one of the nurses offered to let Dean take a shower in the locker room. John had left briefly to get cloths for Sam, knowing he would be comfortable in the hospital gown for any longer than necessary.

Now he was back at his brother's side while his father ran to go get them both something to eat. He heard a soft moan coming from the form on the bed.

"Sammy?" Dean saw Sam's hand twitch on the bed. He grabbed said hand and gave it a squeeze. "Time to wake up kiddo."

Sam's eyes fluttered open and Dean smiled. "Hey there, have a nice nap," he asked smiling.

"D'n, wha' ha'pn?"

"What do you remember?"

Sam thought for a minute before everything came rushing back, "Oh yeah."

"I have to go tell the nurse that you woke up." Dean got up and made a move towards the door.

"NO!" Sam reached out and grabbed his big brother by the shirt. Dean saw in shock that Sam was shaking.

"Alright Sam, calm down. I'm not going anywhere," Dean said soothingly. He realized then that he really didn't want to leave his little brother. He had a hard enough time getting through a quick shower, not having Sam within his sight.

It was five minutes later that John walked in. "Hey Sammy your awake," he said happily.

"Hi Dad."

"How you feeling Kiddo?"

"'m okay."

John smiled down at his son, knowing that Sam was probably in a good amount of pain. "Hey boys I wanna talk to you about something." Both boys looked at their father expectantly. "I think that it would be a good idea if we visited Bobby for a while. You know until things settle down and Sam is all healed."

"I think it's a good idea Dad," Dean said smiling, while Sam nodded in agreement, both boys had missed the man and were looking forward to seeing him again. "When are we going to leave?"

"As soon as Sammy's out of the hospital." Both boys nodded and soon Sam was back in a deep sleep.

The next day found Sam feeling a little better, but the doctor had said they wanted to keep him for one more day; just to be sure nothing went wrong.

"I'm okay now dad. Can't we just leave?"

John looked over his son with a critical eye. He looked pale, and like he was in pain. "I don't know Sammy. What do you think Dean?"

Dean bit his lip, thinking. It would be better for his brother to stay in the hospital until he was released but he was nervous with all of these people around. Dean sat for a second. He had never been nervous when there were that many people around before. He shrugged it off. "I think that it would be okay to leave," he shrugged, his paranoia winning.

"Alright, I'm going to go get some things we may need later. Dean, get your brother ready we move as soon as I get back." John picked up his bag and left the room.

"Come on Sammy. Let's get you dressed." Dean tossed the shirt their dad had brought at his little brother. Sam quickly pulled it on. Dean then moved to help his brother pull on some boxers and loose sweat pants.

It was ten minutes later that John burst into the room dragging a wheelchair with him. "Alright, there are some police officers out there who want to talk to you boys. It looks like those kids just couldn't keep their mouths shut. We need to move fast." He carefully unhooked Sam from the IV and set him into the chair. "Dean you push Sam, and follow me."

They quickly made their way through the building and to the back parking lot where the Impala sat. John unlocked the doors and Dean was in the backseat waiting for Sam to be passed to him.

Soon they were on the road.

"Sammy you okay," Dean questioned after a few minutes.

"I'm fine."

John frowned thinking that it sounded a little to forced. He passed back the bag with the meds he had stolen in it. "Give him something that will help him sleep," he commanded. The fact that Sam didn't argue told both the older Winchesters just how much pain he was in.

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