---I almost changed my mind and cut out the second part of this duel. But after I thought about it (and much complaint from my boyfriend, who wanted to read the rest of it) I decided to put it in. It would have been too rushed to have the first part of the duel and the next chapter be like "Oh by the way, so and so won".

This part of the duel actually ended up being A LOT longer then I thought it was going to be. Lol.

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Of You and Me:
Chapter Twenty


"Reveal face down card, Heavy Storm!"

"Nooo!" Bakura instinctively shielded himself from the violent wind that destroyed his magic and trap cards. His ouija board, his beautiful ouija board! As the wind died down he looked up at the CEO with a malicious glare.

Seto smirked, "It seems you made a grave miscalculation tomb robber. For this is, in fact, my world and I'm just getting started."

"We'll see," Bakura growled, "I have plenty other tricks up my sleeve."

"Hmph," Seto slipped one card into his first magic/trap zone, "End turn."

Bakura drew a card and added it to his hand. Damn that Kaiba, he was so close to winning. No matter, he had big lead over him with monsters. The spirit will just have to destroy the CEO the old fashion way, by taking out his life points. He looked over the cards that he had, Whiptail Crow, Magic Cylinder, Dark Factory of Mass Production, and the card he just drew, Dark King of the Abyss.

"Well I'll just play another card," Bakura glared harder at Seto as his slipped his Magic Cylinders into one of this magic/trap slots, "And I'll summon this."

He placed one of this monsters on the field. Next to his Headless Knight an orange crow appeared. It squawked loudly and bared its green claws at Seto threateningly. Now he three monsters on the field, but with Jowgen's attack being only 200 he'd keep that one in defense mode.

"Now my monsters attack!" Bakura commanded. He didn't fear the face down card on the other side of the field, this is was not the time to be defensive. The spirit knew that Seto had to have some more powerful monsters somewhere in his deck, and he had to take him out before he could draw them.

The Whiptail Crow and Headless Knight both advanced on Seto attacking him directly. The life point counter on the brunette's duel disk dropped from 8000 to 4900. After the monsters had returned to their own side of the field Seto shot the spirit a glare of his own.

"Hm, this'll be easy," Bakura chuckled, "End turn."

Seto drew a card, "Not so fast, I activate my face down card, Needle Wall."

A large six-sided dice appeared above the CEO.

"During each of my standby phases I can roll this dice and if you're monster is in that monster space it'll be destroyed," Seto explained, "Now, roll dice!"

The dice clattered down onto the field. When it came to stop Seto looked at it and grinned.

"Three, how unfortunate," he said as two stone walls appeared on either side of Bakura's monster, each of the walls were covered with razor sharp spikes, "Say good-bye to your Whiptail Crow."

The walls slowly started to slide towards each other. The crow let out a last mournful cry before it was crushed between them.

"Damn you, Kaiba," Bakura slipped the monster into his graveyard.

"And then I'll summon a monster of my own," Seto placed the dragon on the field, "Mirage Dragon!"

A pinkish fog covered Seto's side of the field and from that fog appeared a large snake-like yellow dragon.

"Wow, you actually have monsters other then your shoddy Blue Eyes," Bakura said.

"Surprising, isn't it?" the CEO agreed, "I'll also activate Solidarity."

He slipped a second card into his magic/trap zones. The dragon on the field grew even larger.

"As long as this is on the field all my dragons gain 800 attack points," Seto smirked, "And my dragon also has a special ability, no trap cards can be activated during the battle phase."

"Shit," Bakura muttered, the dragon already had more attack points then his knight before Seto activated Solidarity. The Mirage Dragon's attack points rose from 1600 to 2400. And his Magic Cylinders was completely useless now.

Damn you, Kaiba. Damn, damn, damn!

"Mirage Dragon attack the Headless Knight!"

The dragon roared as he slithered over to the knight, scratching him with his enormous claws. The knight buckled under the force of the dragon and was destroyed. Bakura's life point counter dropped from 8000 to 7050. The spirit sighed, at least he didn't lose too many life points.

"End turn," Seto said as Bakura put his monster into the graveyard.

The spirit then drew a card, Waboku. Well, it wasn't going to help him at the moment, but he'd hold onto it. He had other ways to protect his life points for now.

"First I'm going to play Dark Factory of Mass Production," Bakura slid the magic card into his duel disk, "Allowing me to return two normal monsters from my graveyard to my hand."

The spirit slipped the cards in his graveyard out of the duel disk and shuffled through them. He already knew the first card he was going to pick. Millennium Shield, and it's beautiful three-thousand defense points. Hm, what other one should he take? Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams had the second most defense points, so he picked that one as well. He added the two cards to his hand and slipped the rest back into the duel disk.

"And then I'll sacrifice my Jowgen to place another monster in face down defense position," a white light swirled around the monster on Bakura's side of the field and it disappeared, only to be replaced with a large hologram of card, "End turn."

Seto drew a card and then pointed to the dice above him, "Needle Wall go!"

Once again the dice clattered down onto the field. It was a two.

"Ha, too bad you already destroyed that one," Bakura laughed.

Seto shrugged, "Doesn't matter, I'll still break down your defenses with my monsters."

Not this turn, Bakura thought trying to hold back his smirk.

"Mirage Dragon attack!"

The dragon slashed at the face down card on the field, it flipped over revealing a red and gold shield. On the front of the shield was the very familiar eye that appeared on all the Millennium Items. The dragon's attack bounced off the shield without so much as a dent on the strong metal. The difference in the attack and defense points were reflected in Seto's life points as the counter dropped again to 4300.

The spirit guffawed, "Yes, Kaiba, let's see you break down my defenses."

"End turn," the CEO growled.

Bakura drew a card, a second Whiptail Crow.

"I'll just place another monster in defense mode and end my turn."

As a second card appeared next to Bakura's shield Seto drew his card.

"Needle Wall!" The dice this turn rolled a four.

"Missed again," said Bakura.

"Shut up," the CEO snapped at him.

"Oh, Kaiba," Bakura continued to tease him, "Are you afraid you're going to lose?"

"Of course not," Seto said, he was getting very disgruntled. Bakura loved it, "I place one card on the field and then attack your face down card with Mirage Dragon!"

The CEO slipped a card into his third magic/trap zone as his dragon proceeded to pounce on the card on the field. The Gross Ghost was killed instantly.

"End turn."

Bakura drew a card, Negate Attack, another useless trap card.

"I'll just play another monster in defense mode," Bakura said placing the card on his duel disk. Once again a card appeared on the field, "And I'll end my turn."

Seto narrowed his eyes as he drew his card, "You can't keep running forever."

Bakura clicked his tongue at him, "We'll see."

"Needle Wall!"

This time the dice rolled a one. The stone walls appeared on either side of the Millennium Shield. Not even it's massive amounts of defense points could save it from the spikes at it was smashed between the walls. Bakura growled loudly.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

"Excellent," Seto said, "Now Mirage Dragon attack the face down card!"

Bakura's Whiptail Crow was destroyed, leaving him with no monsters on the field. He looked down at his hand, only one more monster left, and with that blasted Mirage Dragon on the field most of his trap cards were useless. Damn.

"I don't think I'll be needing this anymore," Seto discarded his Needle Wall from the field into his graveyard, "End turn."

Bakura drew his next card, Gift of the Mystical Elf. Well, that could help a little, but if he didn't draw something that could destroy Seto's dragon soon all he'd be able to do is watch helplessly as all his life points were blasted away.

"I'll lay two cards down," Bakura slipped two cards into his duel disk, "And play another monster in defense mode."

Yet another card appeared on the field.

"End turn."

Seto drew a card.

"Ah, now we'll be able to do some damage," the CEO laughed placing a card on his duel disk, "I summon Blizzard Dragon!"

Next to the dragon Seto already had on the field a second one appeared. It was icy blue with large wings attached to his hands.

"And because of my Solidarity it's attack is raised to 2600," he explained.

"You won't be doing any damage to me this turn, Kaiba," Bakura sneered, "Reveal face down card, Waboku!"

One of the trap cards on the spirit's side of the field flipped up. Three magicians appeared on the the flied, they were each cloaked in bright blue robes.

"Your monsters damage is just going to be reduced to zero," said Bakura.

"Hmph, well they can still attack," Seto retorted, "Mirage Dragon attack the face down card!"

The Dark King of the Abyss was destroyed as Seto's dragon attacked.

"And since my monsters can't damage you," the CEO continued, "I'll just activate Cemetary Bomb! Now you'll lose a hundred life points for every card in your graveyard!"

A black circle surrounded Bakura's duel disk as his life points counted down to 5350. The spirit glowered darkly at Seto.

"End turn," he smirked.

Bakura drew a card, a second Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams. That still wasn't going to help, and now there was an even stronger dragon to defeat.

"Another monster in defense mode," Bakura placed it on the field.

"Why don't you just give up, tomb robber," Seto sighed, "You're pathetic defense monsters are just prolonging the inevitable."

"Never," Bakura said calmly, "I never give up."

"Suit yourself," the CEO shrugged, "Done yet?"

"Yeah yeah," Bakura rolled his eyes, "End turn."

"Good," Seto drew a card.

"I'll just play one card," he slid another card into his magic/trap slots, "And one monster in defense mode."

"Then I'll activate another trap card," Bakura said. As Seto's defense card appeared on the field Bakura's second trap card flipped up revealing the Gift of the Mystical Elf, "I'll gain three-hundred life points for every monster on the field."

Four monsters on the field now, 1200 points were added to Bakura's life, raising it up to 6550.

"That still won't give you much of a lead," said Seto, "Mirage Dragon attack!"

Bakura's third monster in a row was destroyed with ease.

"Now Blizzard Dragon attack him directly!"

The icy dragon opened his mouth and shot a white stream of snow at the spirit. His life points dropped further down to 3950.

"That's better," Seto smiled, "End turn."

Bakura drew his card, he had to restrain so much self control to not squeal with joy as he saw the card, Man-Eater Bug. At last!

He screwed up his face into a scowl as he placed the card on his duel disk, "Another defense monster. End turn."

"Isn't this getting old?" Seto asked as he drew his card.

"Then let me win if you're getting that bored, Kaiba," the spirit said.

"Mirage Dragon attack!"

Bakura's monster flipped up revealing the sinister bug beneath. As the dragon slashed his claw at the Man-Eater Bug it attacked back and both monsters were destroyed.

"How dare you!" Seto growled, "Blizzard Dragon attack!"

"You fell into both of my traps, Kaiba," Bakura laughed, "Reveal face down, Magic Cylinder!"

Two large cups appeared in front of Bakura. The dragon's attack went into one of the cups and shot out the second one, hitting Seto directly. His life points counter dropped down to 1700.

"You must be getting frustrated," the spirit leered, "Making two mistakes like that, it isn't like you, Kaiba."

"Don't worry," Seto grumbled, "That's the only mistake I'll be making this duel. End turn."

Bakura drew a card, Shield Crush. He only had two cards in his hand, and neither of them were monsters, crap. Well, he could hold on one more turn in hopes of drawing something useful next time.

"First I'll play Shield Crush," the spirit slipped it into his duel disk, "Destroying your face down card!"

A beam of white-green light shot through the defense monster, shattering it into a million pieces. It didn't seem to phase Seto at all. Bakura narrowed his eyes.

"And I'll place one card on the field," he slipped a card into his magic/trap zone, "End turn."

Seto drew his card, his face instantly cracked into a sinister grin.

"I'm tiring of this game, tomb robber," the CEO placed a card into duel disk, "It's time to put this to an end! I play Re-Fusion!"

The magic card he had just placed flipped up and turned into a swirling vortex. Bakura's eyes widened as a very familiar dragon emerged from it's depths.

"By paying eight-hundred of my life points I can bring my Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon back from the graveyard!" Seto laughed, his life point counter dropped again to 900 as the three-headed beast on the field roared at the white haired spirit. And because of the Solidarity Seto still had on the field the dragon was even stronger then before with 5300 attack points.

Only one card stood between them.

"Now Blue Eyes!" Seto cried out, "Obliterate him!"

"Reveal face down!" Bakura gasped at the last second, "Negate Attack!"

A vortex of his own appeared on the field and sucked up the dragon's lightening before it hit him. The spirit breathed a sigh of relief, that also ended Seto's battle phase so he couldn't attack with his Blizzard Dragon either.

"Looks like you got lucky again," Seto sneered, "I guess that ends my turn."

As Bakura drew his card, he also grinned, Dark Necrofear, his last saving grace.

"At last!" Bakura laughed, "I'll removed three fiends from my graveyard to summon my most ghastly creature..."

He flashed the CEO a fiendish smile, showing off his pointed teeth as placed the monster on his duel disk.

"Dark Necrofear!"

Darkness shrouded Bakura's side of the field as a blue, demoniac creature appeared. It was a female type, covered in a purplish-red armor, and in her arms she cradled a broken doll as if it were her own child. The doll's head moved slowly as its eyes fell upon Seto, it cackled insanely.

"I'm sure you remember this from my duel with that insufferable Pharaoh," Bakura said.

"I remember all your moves, tomb robber," Seto rolled his eyes, "Your deck hasn't changed at all."

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," Bakura shrugged.

The CEO raised an eye brow at him, "Have you ever won a duel with that deck?"

There was a moment of silence as the the spirit blinked at him, his dark brown eyes then narrowed and he snapped, "Shut up!"

"That's what I thought," said Seto, "You don't seem to have any cards left, does that mean it's my turn?"

"Sure, go," Bakura grunted, folding his arms over his chest.

Seto drew a card.

"Blue Eyes attack," Seto said almost lazily pointing to Bakura's monster. All three mouths on the dragon opened up and blasted bright white lightening through Bakura's darkness, taking out the Dark Necrofear.

Bakura fearfully slipped the monster off his duel disk as his life points ticked down 850. He barely had enough to survive that attack, and Seto still had one monster left... Crap, one card short...

"End turn."

"W-what?" Was he hearing things?

"I feel sorry for you tomb robber," Seto said, "So I won't kill you yet. You can have one more turn."

"I don't need your charity," the sprit grumbled.

"Do you want me to kill you then?" Seto asked, "At least I'm giving you a chance."

There was a moment of silence again, Bakura growled and drew a card.

"Well you know now that when my Dark Necrofear is destroyed it's special effect comes into play," Bakura said slipping the monster into his first magic/trap zone instead of his graveyard. A white ghost appeared on the field. It drifted slowly of the ground, swirling around Seto's monsters.

"I'm well aware of it's effect," the CEO said, watching the ghost.

"Then you must know that I'll be taking your precious Blue Eyes then," Bakura grinned. The ghost disappeared into the belly of the beast, possessing the monster. The massive dragon turned on it's master. The brunette glance unemotionally up at it. That's right, Kaiba, Bakura thought, take it like the bitch you are.

"It'll be a bittersweet victory," Bakura sighed, "I'll win, but I'll know you let me. It's just not the same."

Seto didn't respond, he just kept staring up at his monster.

"Well no sense in dragging this out further," the spirit said, "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Attack!"

The three mouths opened again, the lightening built up ready to blast Seto away when the CEO burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Bakura stopped and looked at him, "Have you lost it?"

"You just fell into your own trap!" the CEO continued to laugh, "Reveal face down card!"

Bakura gasped, "No!"

He had a face down card!? The spirit had completely forgotten about it! The card on Seto's field flipped up, Bakura's eyes widened when he saw what it was.

"Magic Cylinders!"

As the dragon's lightening attack shot at Seto, the familiar cups appeared on the field redirecting the attack back at Bakura. The spirit stood stunned as it hit him directly... the pitiful amount of life points he had left didn't even stand a chance. As soon as they hit zero all the holograms on the field disappeared.

Bakura looked up at the CEO through the fog of the dispersing holograms, "Well played, Kaiba."

Seto smirked as he collected up all his cards from the duel disk and shuffled them into his deck again, "Go again?"

"Bring it on, fancy pants."