Thanks for coming to check out this story. This is going to be a short three-shot and a sort of companion piece to Of Sound Mind and Body, so if you haven't read that, you might wanna go over and check that one out. If you don't you might be a bit confused about the characters. To those of you who have read Of Sound Mind, I'm working on the sequel, I swear! Maybe I'll give you a preview at the end of this story....

Um...what else....what else...oh! Right! I own nothing except the DVDs and Audrey's character and the story. That's it.

Yeah, so this takes place around the middle of season 5. And as I introduced Audrey's character around the mid/end of season 3, it would make her a sophomore in college and about 19 or 20.

Wilson stared at his phone for a long while, debating his impending call. He didn't know how much House had corrupted her, but he hoped she'd be willing to do this one thing for him. After all, it wouldn't hurt to ask. The worst she could do was say no, still he'd never been all that good at handling rejection especially in this sort of situation. Gathering his nerve, Wilson picked up the receiver and dialed a number, barely glancing at the number written on a scrap of paper and forming a script in his head. He hoped this didn't get back to House. Neither of them would hear the end of it.


She'd answered the phone rather quickly.

"Um…Audrey! Hi!"

He probably sounded like an idiot.

"Hey, Wilson! You've got great timing. I just got back from class. What's up?"

"I need a favour."

He could hear the drop in her voice.

"What did House do now? Geez, it's only been three weeks since Christmas break…"

"It's nothing like that," Wilson interrupted her tirade. "It's…uh…it's a favour for me, and I would appreciate it if you didn't tell House. I'm sure you would too."

"Okay…you've got me hooked. What do you need?"

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