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Characters/Pairings: Aizen / adult!Hinamori

Spoilers: Spoilers for the SS arc later on. Much later.

Warning: semi-AU due to the time-line being a bit rewritten. Mind-games, manipulation, implied sex.

A/N: The idea was bothering me for quite some time now so I decided to go with it.

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Lost in countless lies,

Drunk on this delusions,

Too afraid to take a step

And break the lies.


A young girl lies on the futon. Large hazel eyes are wide open and looking at the wall; short brown hair lie all over the white pillow.

What am I doing here?

His hand slowly, somewhat lazily, slides along her naked back slightly touching the line of her spine.

The girl shudders a bit but doesn't move.

He always does this. Every night. And yet, it always catches her by surprise. When he reaches the waist his fingers stop; he takes the hand away.

She closes her eyes and softly sights.

"Hinamori-kun," A hot breath near her ear.

She can't answer immediately, it seems her voice has suddenly disappeared and so she just stares into the emptiness of the room.

When her voice comes back and the pressing feeling in her chest becomes bearable, she manages to answer.

"Yes," Almost a whisper, a sight

He places his hand on her waist again. Momo shudders from the touch. The hand is warm and soft and with every stroke, the heavy feeling in her chest becomes stronger.

"Hinamori-kun, it's very late. What are you doing here?" Captain's voice disturbs the silence that had settled in the office.

Momo shudders. It was indeed very late and she had thought that everyone had left.

"I wanted to finish these reports. Or else they will start to pile up." She looks at her captain.

Aizen is standing near her desk and looking at her, the usual all-approving soft smile playing on his lips. He is closely looking at his lieutenant.

"Hinamori-kun, I believe that the reports will have to wait. It's almost half past midnight," He softly smiles at her.

Indeed, the clock shows half past midnight. Odd. She didn't notice the time going by.

"Oh," she gasps, "I've stayed up too late."

Aizen smiles. "You can go now; the reports won't disappear until tomorrow. I'm sure," His tone is very calm.

She wants to protests, but its better not to argue with the captain. He will convince her otherwise in the end no matter what.

Momo looks at him, the light from the lamp is flicking on his glasses but she still managed to see his eyes. She feels a blush rising to her cheeks; she nods at him and looks somewhere to the side.

"Hinamori-kun, it's late, should I walk you?" His words pierce the silence again.

Momo feels her heart beating with a maddening pace and her face flush. She is lost for a second. This is 'Captain Aizen' after all. Her hero. Her role model and the object of her obsession and even if she won't acknowledge it to herself it will still stay true.

While she blushes madly and thinks of what to say, Aizen simply walks to the door and opens it.

"Let's go," he says, "it's already late."

Her face reddens even more as she walks to the door.