Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine. It's also just a fictional world. If it weren't the Volturi probably would have killed me by now.

Ok, I actually wanted to write some harmless Jane, Aro bonding time. And what happens? It turns into a Jane/Aro angst-feast. I'm hopeless! ;)

Some further explanation: I do NOT support pedophilia. I support Jane/Aro.

Pros for Jane/Aro:

- Jane is about fourteen in my mind. She is a teenager. She can fall in love.

- Aro can't be older than twenty-eight. And they're both ancient vampires anyway.

- Shared interests? Check. Like power and plotting evil master plans, for example.

- Star-crossedness. You can't deny it!

Cons for Jane/Aro:

- He is married. To a woman that doesn't seem to play an important role in his life.

- Jane looks like a teenager. With the mind and life experience of a seven hundred year old.

Tell me what you think!


Jane is ready to leave. She stands by the narrow window in her small room, absorbed in thoughts. It's twilight.

Grey shadows creeping. The shadows envelop her, make her merge with the massive bleak stone walls. She likes it this way. Or at least, she has gotten used to it. It doesn't make a difference anyway.

She has already said goodbye to her brother. He isn't coming along, but it is only going to be a short thing anyway. Nothing to worry about. Just some newborns that got out of control and need to be taught the rules of the game. Easy enough. An unladylike snort escapes her full lips.

Maybe it will do her good to get out of the restricting walls of Volterra again. Time to breathe some fresh air and think. Yes, that's what she needs. Get away and get some space to breath freely, for her chest feels way too tight for comfort at the moment.

There is a soft knock on the door.

That surprises her. Alec's knock is usually different, calm and rhythmic. And Felix never knocks, he just storms in like the impolite brute he is. Not that she has any private life, but still.

But this knock is not like the others. Gentle but still urgent. Lively.

She isn't in the mood to talk to anyone right now. There are too many things going through her head. Things she doesn't want to talk about. Things nobody needs to know about.

Another knock. It's Aro.

"Do you mind if I come in?" he asks, his voice unsure. That astonishes her even more than him actually wanting to talk to her. Aro doesn't ask for permission for irrelevant matters like this and he most definitely isn't an insecure man. Yet now he seems to be.

"Sure," she answers, but doesn't turn around to look at him. She really doesn't dare right now. Instead she keeps on staring out the window, eyes fixed on an olive tree that sways lightly in the evening breeze a couple of miles away. She listens to the cicadas chirring in the shadows.

He comes to lean against the window frame right next to her. They're both standing in silence for a while. She still doesn't turn to face him and takes good care not to touch him accidentally. But she doesn't move away from his proximity either. She just stays. It feels nice, she thinks. Just standing next to him, not talking. This moment could last.

"Jane," he finally speaks, and it makes her jump just so slightly. Did he hear her thoughts? She is alarmed for a fraction of a second.

But no, he can't know. I'm keeping my thoughts to myself well, she thinks gloomily. She looks up at him hesitantly.

"Jane," he starts again. He calls her by her name a lot lately. Before, he used to refer to her as "child" most of the time. "Jane" had been reserved for occasions when he had not been pleased with her. Not anymore. In fact, he hasn't called her "child" in quite some time, she recalls.

"Yes, master?" she looks at him questioningly. Her mask of apathy is already falling.

His brows furrow just so slightly. A split second later, his forehead is smooth again. "Felix, Santiago and Afton will accompany you too," he informs, his words assertive, his expression still serious.

Demetri, Corin and six other members of the guard are already scheduled to come with her. That is already more than necessary. Newborns are easy to deal with. Jane doesn't understand. Felix, Santiago and Afton too? Why? Why Afton? His talent is certainly much more needed here in Volterra than with her.

Why does he want them to go with her all of a sudden?

"But master, don't you need them here?" she asks, not able to hide her skepticism, "Felix and Afton especially?"

"I surely can cope with just Renata as my guard for a few days, can't I?" is his only response. It's obvious in his tone that he will not tolerate any protest. He stares at something behind her back, his face thoughtful. He doesn't sound angry, but his expression is still not as cheerful as usual. There is something dark in the tight lines of his lips.

Jane remains silent. She doesn't know what to answer. Instead, she watches the shadows creep. Darkness to darkness, she muses.

"I can take care of myself," he adds, pinching the bridge of his nose between his long, beautiful fingers. She just stares at him. He sighs.

"Just promise me to be safe," Aro pleads, with something strangely close to concern in his low voice, and suddenly he is very close.

His face so close to hers is all she can think of. His sweet cold breath washes over her face. His scent is all around and makes her feel lightheaded. Citrus fruit, aromatic rosemary and sweet honey. He smells like summer and sun and.... She takes a deep breath, inhales sharply and her gasp is embarrassingly loud in the silence, but she is too woozy to care. She can taste him on the back of her tongue, like wine. The most delicious flavor ever.

Sun, more than anything else, she decides. Light.

A strand of long soft raven hair brushes her cheek lightly and her brain can't form a single coherent thought anymore. And then….

"… did you hear me?" he looks at her like he's seriously starting to question her sanity. Like she has lost her mind. He has that worried, sorrowful look in his eyes. And she realizes that this hurts.

She blinks at him. "Huh?" Her voice is raspy, embarrassingly so. She averts her gaze to the plain dark stone floor.

The shadows creep. The have gathered in the corners like dust fluffs. They linger.

"You take good care of yourself, will you?" he repeats, his voice only a faint whisper.

She swallows hard and nods, but still keeps her head down, her gaze still on the stone floor to her feet. Her eyes follow hidden patterns in the darkness. What is she supposed to say? Her thin, plain hair falls in her face. Her mouth is dry. "I promise."

"Good," he breathes. There is something in his eyes that appear to be almost coal black now in the dim light of her chamber. But she can't quite put her finger on what it is.

Then he turns around and leaves, his long black cloak and raven hair billowing behind his tall frame. He walks out the door and around the corner. She hears his light footsteps trail away in the dark.