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1. Memories and the decision-B.P.O.V

100 years…waiting…hurting…pain...darkness…emptiness…despair

100 years ago was the day I died…why?


Today was my 100th birthday…my vampire birthday. I trudged off to the living room were I could hear my coven shuffling around waiting to bombard me.

"Happy Birthday Bella" shouted my coven or i suppose you could call them my family, my brother and sister. I tried to crack a smile but I really wasn't in the mood, and apparently they had noticed. "O come on Bells its your 100th birthday, it's a special day why aren't you happy?" asked my sister Polly coming over and giving me a hug.

"Ye Bella, Polly's right it's a special day just like a human's 18th birthday!" Dan shouted enthusiastically. As soon as the words came out of his mouth I gasped, as a wave of pain whooshed through my body, his word's reminded me of…of…my birthday all those years ago.


As I opened the silver wrapped package I sliced my finger, giving myself a small paper cut, "Shoot" I muttered…after that it all happened so fast, suddenly Edward shouted "No" and the next thing I new I was flying through the air…smash!

-End flash back-

I moaned in pure pain clutching my stomach, it still hurt after all these years. I whirled round and ran up the staircase slamming the door to my bed room; I then curled up in a ball and allowed the pain to take me. I lay there like that for at least hours when I heard a timid knock on my door, I new exactly who it was, Dan and Polly.

"Bella, can we come in?" , well I wasn't getting any better fast so I answered a weak "yes" back.

They came into my room and then saw that I was all curled up, so they quickly came down and knelt beside me Polly stroking my hair trying to sooth me while Dan attempted to get me out of the ball I was in. "I'm so sorry Bella, before I could stop myself the words were out of my mouth and I couldn't take them back, please forgive me" Dan said looking deep into my eyes and using his power on me, he could persuade people, make them see things his way. "Dan there's nothing to forgive, there's no need to use your power on me, you didn't do a thing wrong." I said seriously, making sure he'd stopped blaming himself. "Maybe you think so but I still said it, I know how you hate to remember your past, and I don't blame you for doing that either." Dan muttered, but he said the last part so low I don't think I was meant to hear.

Both Dan and Polly new all about my past, Polly pretty much worked it out the minute they saw me since she'd suffered a similar heart ache to mine. No one new about my past except for the two of them and for months after joining their coven I stayed in my room, I couldn't be around them when there was all that love in the air, they were soul mates, and I'd lost mine. It started to get better after a while but today was a bad day for me it made me start thinking about those old times, happy times. Like me and…and ed-(I couldn't say the name)-in the meadow, and when I met the rest of the cull-, no I couldn't think about those memories, the past is the past.

When I finally felt a bit better Dan and Polly said maybe we should go hunting, I declined saying I wanted some time alone and after a while they went. But as Polly went out the back door she told me "Bella you sure you won't come I'd rather not leave you alone" after a last nod from me she sprinted out the door, and I listened to their footsteps as they ran into the night.

Now I had some serious thinking to do-

Why was I thinking about them so much lately and why did I feel slightly depressed all the time?

After a long while I decided that maybe I missed Forks, after all It was around 100 years since I'd been there, Charlie had died a while back and I felt the need to visit his grave, he'd also left me his house in the will so maybe I could get some use out of that, hey maybe I could even enrol in high school.

Yes that's what we'd do we would go back to live in Forks, go to high school and be normal- (when I say normal I do mean as normal as possible) -happy vampire teens. Now all I had to do was convince my family, and that shouldn't be too hard since I might improve if we did move, I might start to be a bit happier and more like well…me.

I'd made my decision and knowing where my future was heading for now made me feel a great deal happier and I decided that since Polly and Dan weren't back yet I would go to my favourite place, the old oak tree. I came here often, it was where I would sit and compose my songs, and sing while gazing up at the stars. After becoming a vampire I had found that singing was a passion of mine and I was grateful for it, it gave me something to do, it was my safe haven. Me and my family would even do it for fun occasionally; we would go around playing small concerts in a band.

As I sat here right now, closed my eyes and began to sing, I recognised the song I was singing as Better in Time, by Leona Lewis. I had herd it a few times on the radio and I felt as if the song was written for me, I new exactly what she was talking about. And so I sang-

"It's been the longest winter without you,

I didn't know where to turn to, aaah,

See somehow I can't forget you

After all that we have been through, aaah,

Going, Coming…"

I know exactly how she feels.

The next morning, I felt it was time to tell my family the news and so I put on jeans and a t-shirt, (I still hadn't changed my fashion sense since becoming a vampire), and then I ran down the stairs to find them both sat on the sofa, cuddled in each others arms. "Hey guys I have some news to tell you" I told them and I couldn't help but smile at the look of curiosity on their faces. "News?" Dan said as I went and sat down on the sofa across from them. "Yes I want to move, I feel like a change of scene, a fresh start…" Dan but in before I had a chance to finish, he looked rather suspicious. "Where is it you want to move?" he asked, him and Polly were staring at me, I started feeling self conscious, if I were human now I would be as red as a tomato from all this attention. "Mmmm, well… Forks, you see I've been missing it a lot lately, I mean I want to visit my dad's grave and we could use the house, it's all ready, we could go to school no one would recognise me, I think it might really help me perk up a bit, being where I consider my true home" I looked over at their faces and I was surprised they seemed to think my idea was a good one, they agreed with me? "Hmmmmm, I think Bella you may be right, it would help you and going to see your dad's grave would be good for you, and oh high school that could be fun I'm definitely in!" Polly said, I could tell she was ecstatic, I could hear her mumbling to herself about what she should pack. I suddenly realised that Dan was being unusually quiet, and I nervously glanced in his direction, his face was unreadable but I could tell by his eyes that he was lost in thought. After around 2 minutes he finally spoke "Well Bells I'm in too, I'd like to see somewhere new as well, but I do have some precautions I would like us to take, First of all Bella you need to change your name just in case someone recognises you, also you should wear a wig. Polly we mustn't call Bella, Bella anymore and our cover story is this, Bella and I are brother and sister and Polly is our adopted sister, also both our parents have died so I, the older brother look after you both." And so we were all set now I just had to think of a name…