Author note: Well.. this is the first story, originally got the idea from the movie War of the Worlds back in 2005 to write a story about it, it fascinated me and I decided to put everything down on paper what I wanted to happen in it. However I cancelled it back then and now I decided to rewrite it and release it on this site.
Some parts might be confusing, but I am trying to minimalize that as much as possible, well.. enough written on the notes, have fun. :)

Beginning of the invasion

It's September 19th, 2007 somewhere in the Netherlands in a place called Heerlen, three teenagers were riding on a hill that led to their homes with their bicycle, when they came at the top of the hill one of them stopped and looked at the sky, ''Odd.'' Said the teenager called Dave who was looking at the sky. Another teenager, a girl looked at it too, she is called Jerney. ''Wow Micha, you got to see that, any idea what it can be?'' She asked to Micha who was standing next to her, he first looked at her then looked at the sky.

''I have no idea Jerney, whatever it is it gives me chills in my spine.'' Answered Micha, what they saw was a red-glowing hole in the sky with very thick clouds rotating around it. It was a sight they never had before, even though just a few seconds later when looking at it a huge storm suddenly came from the direction of the weird clouds, this surprised Micha, Jerney and Dave immediately but were even more surprised when it instantly stopped a few seconds later and lightning hit the ground a few hundred meters from them, in a small farm-land street they normally drive through.

It stopped after it hit exactly the same place over and over for twenty-two times, ''Should we check what was causing that?'' Asked Dave. ''Yes, we will. Even when it's something bad, we will stay together, understood?'' Asked Micha, they both nodded as they drove from the street towards the spot where the lightning stroke.

A minute later when they were on the country-road and drew closer to the spot they all started to feel more and more uncomfortable every second. Some people gathered around the little hole what apparently had some burned rocks around it, Micha, Dave and Jerney stopped near the group and got off their bicycle so they could see the hole from very close. As they approached it more and more people got around it, the group just pushed themselves through the small-formed crowd and ducked, looking at the hole, it seemed to be many feet deep but it wasn't really big, like the lightning stroke through the ground with a straight line.

Micha got curious and wondered if the stones were still very hot, so he got one in his hand but instead of being very hot, it was very cold, they looked at it until a small earthquake sound was heard under the hole but got louder and louder, Micha, Dave and Jerney got to the other-side of the crowd, the less crowded part and stepped back until suddenly the ground around the hole began to crack under the feet of everyone, causing people who were very close to the hole to fall on the ground.

The three teenagers ran as fast as they could from the hole what was currently expanding, not knowing how big it'll get, they ran towards a garage around 250 feet from the hole and stopped there, they turned around to look at the hole what was now much bigger (Around 100 feet bigger) and had smoke emerging from it, ''Oh my god, this is awful!'' Said Micha looking at it very shocked and for some reason afraid what he didn't show. ''Awful? This is the worse thing that I saw in my life!'' Told Dave. Micha couldn't do anything but agree with that, this was something he never saw in his life and will never be erased from anybodies memories who saw this event including himself.

They felt a small earthquake from where they were standing and to complete their fear something to happen an explosion happened within the hole, mud flew around the hole and the explosion caused heavy smoke to emerge from the hole and around it, blocking the sight for anyone who was quite far from the hole.

However they heard some mechanic roar in the hole and something rather big hitting the ground on the side of the hole that the side of Jerney's group didn't saw, when all of a sudden that same roar was heard again and a black-mechanic leg emerged from the hole and hit the ground, with the third one crushing a small group of people, terrifying the crowd around it, Micha just stood there and was frozen, looking at the legs pulling something up like his worse nightmare was happening, ''Micha, let's get out of here!'' Yelled Jerney to him what he apparently did not hear, so she pulled him on his arm and he woke up, when they ran to the end of the road and stopped there to wait for what would happen.

The 'mechanic Tripod' was, as it appeared pulling a head up, a head light on the middle-top of the head, two others on the sides, the head had a long shape and was probably like.. 40-50 feet in length, the crowd around it stood there, shocked about the sight.

However, Micha noticed something else that was disturbing him, no car was driving on the road and it was awfully quiet, he had no idea why that was but he broke out of his thoughts when the Tripod did a gigantic shout, like a steam boat only hundreds of times louder and probably heard even three miles from the Tripod, the sound was so heavy, it caused a small earthquake but on some houses close to the tripod the windows collapsed and parts of the windows were flying around, sometimes even flying into the eyes and around the body of people who were very close to it.

Micha grabbed Jerney and Dave's hand to prepare for pulling them away when he saw small smoke emerging from the sides of the head, two laser cannons came out of it as it began to glow and an instance later it fired heat-rays towards the crowd below it, evaporating everyone hit by it, everybody ran as fast as they could from the Tripod while it continued the killing spree.

Micha pulled Jerney and Dave with him, all three running towards a street what led to a large hill, when they were on the middle of the hill they looked back at the Destructive Path of the Tripod, seeing some buildings either totally blown away or just partly ruined and with small fires, ''Shit, this is horrible!'' Said Micha frightened and very sad, being afraid of what is happening, he never felt the fear running through his body like it did now.

''Calm down Micha, I'm sure it'll be alright!'' Tried to convince Jerney but Micha just looked at her and then back at the Tripod with some tears in his eyes, the Tripod was now heading for Heerlen, seeing buildings being hit in the distance and collapse. ''No, Jerney. This isn't going to be alright, this is awful and this will be the end of the world as we know it.'' Answered Micha very convincing what made Jerney speechless, not knowing what to answer to that. What if he was right? What if this was the day that would change the planet forever? But what will happen in the changes? If these were aliens, what would be the purpose of attacking them? So many questions asked, but if they get answered?