Authors note: Already the 3rd chapter. Anyway, enjoy reading this after seeing the cliffhanger in the other chapter I thought of, no idea if you liked it but I hope so. :) Have fun!

Micha felt someone shaking his shoulder as he opened his eyes slowly and weak, he saw Chalou's face lightened up by some small fire not so far from them, ''Micha, you're waking up, thank god.'' Said Chalou being happy that he wasn't dead. ''What happened?'' Asked Micha weak to her, Chalou had an expression on her face that immediately showed she had a shock about what happened. ''The truck got lifted up by a Tripod that rose from the street, the truck crashed onto the ground and the tripod killed some people that jumped off it.'' Explained Chalou with a low, worried and afraid voice, Micha lifted his head, torso and lifted his whole body up, trying to stand on his feet.

Micha looked on the edge of the destroyed street towards the distant, seeing gigantic lights of the Tripods, fires and the heat-rays destroying some tanker what caused an explosion. Military were trying to kill the Tripod but everything was stopped by a shield and afterwards absorbed, ''You can stop this, just use your brains and your tactics.'' Said someone to Micha what appeared to be coming from next to him, he looked there seeing nobody, only Dave was getting up there. ''What did you say Dave?'' Asked Micha curious and confused. Dave got up and looked at him with a weird expression. ''I didn't say anything, Micha.'' Answered Dave what caused Micha instantly to look into the chaos of a few miles away. ''Weird..'' Said Micha on a very quiet voice in confusion.

The confusion and silence was broken by a few hyper-jets flying very fast over them and firing rockets to the Tripods, but Micha was disturbed by something when all of a sudden a gigantic light came from behind the trees not so far from him, it was a Tripod what approached them, ''SHIT, a Tripod!'' Shouted Micha when he turned around, he ran to Chalou and got her hand what surprised her and even surprised him, but he then ran to Jerney grabbing her hand as well but Dave was already running in front of them so they catched up to him.

An instant later the place they stood on got destroyed by a single heat-ray and luckily they were too far to be hit by the Tripod heat-ray. When the Tripod saw them running away it got after them, Micha looked behind him seeing the Tripod easily catching up with them but he couldn't find a possible way to escape the Tripod on a killing tour, ''Shit, shit, shit, it's getting closer and closer!!'' Shouted Dave frightened, Micha managed to get faster with Jerney and Chalou at his sides holding his hand and Dave ran side-by-side with them as the Tripod tried to come closer.

They ran for what was one hour and lost the Tripod about half a hour ago, but to make sure they continued running and finally decreased speed. They walked on the grass as they slowly listened to the war that was raging several kilometers away, however, they heard some Tripods coming closer as they saw a house in the middle of the field. They didn't think that someone would be in it so they approached it as they walked faster.

After a couple of seconds, they came at the door of the house, it was already opened so they walked through it. ''Hello?'' Shouted Dave through the house, it wouldn't surprise them if the outside even heard it but their thoughts stopped when a click sound was heard close of them, turning around they saw a man with a shotgun aiming it at them at a door that probably led them to the basement. ''Tell me who you three are before I blow your heads to pieces.'' The man said, frightened and shocked of strangers standing in his house. Micha slowly stepped forward with his hands in the sky. ''Calm down. My name is Micha, this is a good friend, Dave and that's a girl named Jerney. We come from Landgraaf and are fleeing from the rampaging Tripods.'' Explained Micha slowly and carefully, the man's frightening expression changed to a little frown and eventually he lowered his gun, sighing.

''Alright, Micha. You three, come down quickly, these Tripods can reach this house at any moment and they shouldn't see us.'' Told the man when he walked downstairs with Dave and Jerney following, Micha stood there in the hallway, looking through the window to the distance, the Tripod lights were getting closer and closer every passing minute. Micha sighed, walked to the door and closed it, going into the basement as well.