Ok, first, I do not own these characters or The Prince of Tennis. Second, this is a short FujiXRyoma fic. Enjoy.

More Than A Memory

Fuji held up his camera and started snapping pictures. One of Tezuka yelling out orders. One of Kaidoh and Momoshiro arguing. One of Eiji hugging Echizen. Click, click, click. He continued to snap pictures. Curiously, Echizen walked up to the older student.

"Fuji-senpai, why are you taking so many pictures?" he wondered.

"Hmm…well, the school years almost over. Since I'll be moving onto high school, I want to be able to keep these memories of everyone," Fuji explained.

"Fuji! Fuji!" Eiji called. "Lets do a group picture."

"Right. Come on, Echizen," Fuji pulled the younger boy toward the group.

Setting the camera up, Fuji raced to get to the group. Standing next to Ryoma, he placed his hand on the younger boy's shoulder. As the camera flashed, Echizen's cheeks began to heat from the sudden touch of his senpai's hand.

Practice had quickly finished. The 7th graders picked up all the tennis balls and cleaned up. Fuji met with Tezuka and asked if he could lock up. He wanted to take a few last pictures before leaving. Agreeing, he was given the key. Echizen, after changing, noticed Fuji still snapping pictures.

"Fuji-senpai…" he walked up to the upperclassmen.

"Echizen, shouldn't you be getting home?" Fuji questioned.

Ryoma quickly looked up into Fuji's blue eyes. "I don't want to be a memory in senpai's mind."


"If I'm just a memory, I'll just fade away like those pictures one day will. I want to always be a part of your life, Fuji-senpai."

"Echizen," Fuji bent over and placed his lips on the younger boy's cheek. "I don't want you to become just a memory either…"


Hmm…I guess I could have gone longer than this. I just really thought a short fic would be nice. I could always make a sequel if I wanted to (or if enough people want a sequel/like the fic). Reviews are always loved. I like to know how I'm doing. Thank you for reading!