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Morning Sunlight

Naruto yawns and stretches, reentering the bedroom after his shower.

Bright sunlight streams through the blinds, painting a pattern on the sleeping Uchiha's face.

Readjusting the towel around his neck, Naruto crosses the room, kneeling beside the bed. Reaching towards Sasuke's face, he twirls a few strands of black hair around his finger.

"Mmmnnn…" Sasuke mumbles, turning over and borrowing deeper into the pillows.

The corner of Naruto's mouth twitches up into a smile.

"C'mon. Wake up, sleepyhead."

After a few prods, the Uchiha rolls over to stare at him, eyes inky black and half closed with sleep.

"Hey," Sasuke husks.

"Hey yourself. I thought you'd never get up, lazy." Naruto pokes him scoldingly.

Sasuke frowns slightly at the insult, still too tired to retort.

"It's early."

"Tch. No it's not, it's 7:30!" Naruto proclaims, as if Sasuke will surely be amazed by this statement and leap out of bed.

Sasuke is not fazed."7:30 is early, idiot."

"Maybe for bums like you," Naruto scoffs. "But I-"

"-get up every morning at 5. I know." Sasuke tries and fails to suppress a yawn. "Freak. C'mon, it's our free day."

He pats the bed beside him. "We still have a good hour of sleep left."

Naruto considers him for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. "Fine. But it's not because cuz I'm tired."

Sasuke snorts. "Whatever."

Naruto grins and drops his towel, pulling back the covers. Sasuke shivers as the cold air comes in contact with his fair skin.

Naruto worms his way under the sheets, pressing his cold toes against Sasuke's leg to warm them.

Sasuke frowns and tries to squirm away, but there's only so much room on the bed. "Quit it," he says, turning away.

"Oh, don't be such a grump," Naruto complains, wrapping his arms around Sasuke.

Sasuke lets out an exasperated sigh, reluctantly laying his head against Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto brings one hand up to muss with the Uchiha's hair. Slowly, he massages Sasuke's temples until the other's breathing evens out into the peaceful lull of sleep.

In a few minutes, Sasuke, fully lost in Dream world, rolls over, pressing his forehead against Naruto's chest. One pale hand tightly clamps onto his shirt.

Naruto smirks. Bringing his right arm against the Uchiha's back, he turns his face to the ceiling. Sasuke's rhythmic breathing combined with the soft morning sunlight create a very peaceful atmosphere.

Hmm. Maybe he will get some sleep. After all, it is only 7:30.

He presses his face against Sasuke's hair and drifts off to sleep.

Sasuke's small mouth curves up into a smirk. They've got a good hour of sleep left.

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