Welcome to the Shannara Tangle Box! The Shannara Tangle Box is going to be the home of all of my various shannara related drabbles, and one shots.

The true Tangle Box is one of shadows, unyielding mists, and a labyrinth of paths that lead everywhere but out. There is no escape from the Tangle Box. It steals away your memories; it strips of everything but your base character. Inside the Tangle Box stories shift, and new truths are discovered.

The Shannara Tangle Box is one of my own making. Lost in the depths of the it, inspiration and forgotten tales lurk just waiting for an author to prey upon. Wandering about in the mists and truly enjoying myself I have decided to collect them together for the enjoyment of the reader. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

Ch.1 Garet Jax and Staff: Short Story about the begining of the Weapons Master

Ch. 2 Swords at Odds: A little drabble about a battle between the Swords of Leah and Shannara