The Rock Invasion

A Clique Novel

Massie Block: Massie is normally the type to listen to Pop and some hip hop. Her favorite artists are Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, the Jonas Brothers, Gwen Stefani, David Archuleta, Maroon 5, and Beyonce. But, when her mother's self-help books tell her to do something drastic, and over-the-top, she decides to throw a Decades Party for her, her friends, the self-help book club, etc. What happens when Massie and her friends, in the NPC, listen to some 60s, 70s, and 80s rock? In Massie's eyes, it's a new trend to start, and the boy's, most importantly the ah-dorable Dempsey, will simply adore it!

Claire Lyons: Convinced her parents have officially gone in-sane when they start painting their faces white and wearing platform boots for the Blocks' Decades Party. What will Massie and her new clique think about it? It can only get worse, when her parents beg her and her ahn-noying little brother, Todd, dress up as the rest of the band. How can she get out of this one?

Kristen Gregory: Doesn't know what to do about Dune and Dempsey, and more importantly, Massie. But before she tries to explain to Massie that she and Dempsey like each other, she should apologize for not showing up at her pool party. But will a few "I'm Sorry" texts be enough? It's the only chance she has at being in Massie's new clique, and sitting with them at table 17 (where Massie took over the BOGUSS-Briarwood-OCD Government Unification Student's Society) with possible replacements for the New Pretty Committee.

Alicia Rivera: Is the star of her new, ultra-exclusive, cheer-leading squad, the Heart-nets, and glad she is finally the alpha. It makes her happier than buying a new Ralph Lauren, Blue Label Tee. But, the happiness doesn't last when Massie is still getting more attention than her. Gawd, what does she have to do in this school to get a little attention? It's bad enough her ah-dorable crush, Josh Hotz, is spending plenty of time with the alpha.

Dylan Marvil: Still can't believe she's OUT, and Claire is still IN. Double can't believe that Massie is inviting, almost, the whole 8th grade (Besides her, Alicia, and Kristen) to her mom's lame Decades Party. And, triple can't believe that she's holding auditions for a new clique! Is this really the start of a New Pretty Committee?