Prologue: Betrayal

I can't wait to see Jake. I haven't seen him since last weekend. Last night was graduation but Jake couldn't come because his father was sick and needed him. I wasn't angry, just ready to see him. I ran up to the front porch and walked in without knocking. It was a second home for me and we never were fond of formality. I didn't see Billy in his usual place in the living room, but maybe he's sleeping in his room.

Throwing open the door to Jake's room, I stop in the doorway, frozen in shock. His arms were around another girl's waist, kissing her neck. I knew this scene would be ingrained in my brain forever. He was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first friend. We'd grown up together; the two of us were always playing and laughing. How could he betray me like this?

"Jake, stop!" I cried out without conscious thought. I couldn't handle a single second more. He looks up and loosens his hold on the girl. Jake begins to stutter out something, but I was beyond wanting explanation.

"Just save it, please. I saw what I saw." I felt my eyes tearing up and spilling over but continued softly, "We're over. I see now Billy isn't really sick. I was worried about him. I hope you two are happy together and she's what you want."

Knowing I couldn't keep talking, I turned and ran. And ran and ran. I stopped at the cliff's edge and sat there while sobs racked my shivering form. As if the weather was affected by my emotions, it began to rain hard, gusts of wind blowing hair in my face.

In my head, everything was falling into place. The looks people gave the two of us last weekend and he'd been avoiding me lately. Everyone knew but me.

I eventually got up and made my way to my truck. I couldn't go home to Charlie and, since I graduated yesterday, school wasn't holding me here. So I just drove into the night.

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