I was getting too old for this. It was a funny thought seeing as I was only 26 but the battlefield was a place that everyone grew old on at an early age if you didn't die first.

I sighed and propped my knee high black leather boots on the table in front of me. I had been in this hell hole for over a year. I realized this sadly, as I glared at the nasty watery porridge the cooks though was edible. Grabbing a spoon I dumped cinnamon on to it to try to disguise the taste.

I was from Konoha and currently we were in a war with Stone. It was a senseless war over a simple miscommunication, but when tensions ran high... this was what happened.

I had lived for so long because I was a specialist in warfare medicine. Yes, I was a field doctor. Sadly, I was the best Konoha had to offer. Having larger chakra reserves and the technical ability to do quick diagnosis and healing and the smarts to judge exactly what needed to be done...

That was all that qualified me for the job.

I debated on dumping sake into the nasty food but decided against it, I would need to focus today I had a feeling as I fastened a buckle on my right boot. Damn buckle, it had been broken for about a month now and it was irritating me immensely. I sighed and turned maroon eyes to the ceiling of the makeshift mess hall, today the troops were making a dig to head around back of the stone ninja and attack.

I wasn't a great ninja, I was about average. I could get by with my skills but what I was needed for was my mind and chakra reserves. It was a fluke, I thought, seeing as I wasn't skinny in the slightest but I wasn't overweight. I was kind of in the middle; plus I was short so that didn't help. I just reached 5'6" if I was wearing my boots. Sighing, I listened to the ruckus just outside of camp... What had those idiots done now?

It made no difference to me what the hell they did, all I knew was that I was going to be cleaning bodies all day. My job was disgusting, I hated it, and the funny thing was that I hadn't even wanted to be a healer. I had wanted to train with my friends and become a great ninja, like every genin under the sun. Yeah right, that had allowed me to get really far. Now instead I was reduced to being a healer for the worst type of war. Guerilla warfare. I had wanted to train a genin team and go on fun little adventures but instead I was here in the drizzle and muck trying to save people who were too shell shocked to remember their own names. It was pathetic really and it had caused me to harden over the years.

I tied back my long white hair and noticed that there were still rust coloured stains in it from yesterday's patients. Grumbling, I flung it over my shoulder. Damn white hair, sucked up every bit of colour it could if it could stain. I pulled my black coat collar up in preparation to go out into the morning's misty rain. I was interrupted by a chounin running over to where I was currently lounging in the mess hall.

"Kasumi we have a problem!" he said saluting me. I stood slowly, pitching my bowl of neglected breakfast into the trash asndI raised a silver eyebrow to ask. Most people were afraid of my appearance. I was… odd. I was short and curvy but had an attitude and a definite don't piss me off one. My red eyes and dark mocha complexion really didn't help to make me invisible either.

I didn't have my attitude when I began this job. I used to be quite a sweet and caring person that loved everyone and just wanted to help, sadly that part of me had died long ago after being introduced to being a field doctor. My cold and angry attitude had become a learned habit of how to deal with the things I'd seen and done. Being a war medic was one of the hardest jobs there was because no matter what you did you always saw what war led to.

Who was left standing.

It really did sicken me, my job, but because the Hokage had commanded me to stay upon punishment of death and treasion; I stayed. Nothing like a death threat to keep you at work. Honestly, sometimes I wish I'd just get blown up randomly so that I wouldn't have to deal with death and destruction anymore.

"What's the problem?" I asked in a rather bored tone as he shifted from foot to foot.

"Well you see… the base is under attack" he blurted, I blinked. The base was? How odd.

"How did stone ninja get this far into camp?" I asked as he shook his head now sweating profusely.

"They're not stone ninja, it's the Akatsuki!" he whimpered, I snorted. The Akatsuki, really, didn't they have better things to do than to attack base camps for wars that didn't concern them? Better yet… why was this chounin telling me this? I wasn't one of the commanders I just took on whoever was dying and pumped them with chakra until they lived.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked. There was a crash of splintering wood as the side door flew off of its hinges. I crouched in my jounin uniform, taking cover behind a table as a kunai whistled past my ear and buried itself in the chounin's back. The chounin gave a gasp and dropped to the floor in a pool of his own blood. I might have of been a healer but I had little sympathy when it came to dealing with people on a personal level. I turned my attention back at the two new people who had strolled through where the doorway had been.

"Well, well, well. Look what I found" I heard a low voice drawl as two Akatsuki members drew into the building. One had white hair like mine and the other was completely blue and looked faintly like a shark from what I could tell. An explosion rocked the building, causing chunks of plaster and dust to fall from the ceiling. My guess was that there must've been more than two to take down the thousand soldiers that had been milling around camp getting ready for battle. I turned back to them, I had to report back to Konoha if our numbers were decimated this badly. We would need more grunts out here as soon as possible before stone retaliated. I needed to throw them off balance as I stood slowly from my hiding spot.

"You found the mess hall good job, biggest building here, do you want a cookie or something as a prize?" I asked as they froze. Obviously that was not the reaction they had expected. The blue man gave a chuckle, his hand going back for the sword strapped to his back.

"Looks like we have a spunky one" he grinned, showing razor sharp pointed teeth. The white haired nodded nodded and laughed maniacally, sending shivers straight up my spine.

"Pretty girls are always the best to sacrifice" he grinned. I turned around to leave, needing to get out of the building before it came crashing down on my head. " Oi! Hey, where are you going bitch?" a voice called after me. I gave a lazy wave and walked out the back door. I waited for them to pursue me, pulling out one of my daggers. All ninja were relatively the same and if you knew how the basis of the body worked like I did. You could count down to the millisecond of how the body was going to react in a certain situation. I knew they weren't going to let me get away with a response like that to them. Men had their pride after all.

I turned to face my opponents as they burst from the side of the mess hall. The blue one ran forward and I immediately felt the pull of his sword. Chakra drainer. I jumped back just in time to duck a triple bladed scythe. I cart wheeled to my feet as the blue man grinned and ran at me, the white haired man following in his shadow.

"Bring her in close to me Kisame" the white haired man grinned. I watched the blue guy try to circle around. Quickly, I made the hand seals and disappeared from view as I melted into the vapor in the air around me. I didn't have the name Kasumi for nothing. Soon I felt a familiar chakra pull. Dammit, these guys were more skilled than I had planned as I dove out of the way.

I moved just before the blue guy's massive sword cleaved through the mist where I had just been standing. Jumping back and felt something slice my shoulder and the rattle of a chain as the weapon was returned to its owner. I cursed loudly; he had hit me with a scythe.

"Oooo I got her Kisame, please let me sacrifice her, her blood is so sweet!" He crowed. I glanced to look at the white haired man taking note that his skin was now black with a white skeletal pattern on it.

This could not be good. He grinned at me and took his scythe and ran it over his shoulder blade. He screamed in agony and for some odd reason my shoulder felt like it was being ripped open too. I bit down the scream and I fell to my knees clutching my shoulder that I noticed was now bleeding heavily.

Dammit, I had been caught in his jutsu. This was going to be dangerous and virtually impossible to win.

"Don't kill her Hidan. Leader-sama wanted her brought back alive" the large blue man I assumed was named Kisame moved closer to me. The white haired man named Hidan cackled and shifted.

"But Kisame, her blood is so sweet just let me sacrifice her please? You know how I love it when they fucking scream for mercy!" he laughed and I heard the shift of the cloth of his cloak. He grunted as pain shot up my right side. I bit back a scream. White hot pain raced up my side as I felt blood bubble in my throat. I coughed it out onto the ground, it spattering my hand in flecks of dark red. Shit, this guy was incredibly dangerous and Kisame hadn't moved at all. If I could just get him a few inches closer… I slid a hand into my kunai pouch and drew one out as I heard Kisame growl.

"That is enough Hidan" he snapped and I flinched, I could sense Kisame's ocean of chakra it was immense and terrifying. I thought I had large reserves but against him I was like a pond compared to a sea. I felt my body start to give in from the pain. No, Dammit, no not yet!

Kisame took another step closer to me as Hidan scoffed.

"You always were a fucking pussy obeying Leader-sama's order like a fucking little lap dog.

Can't I just kill the little bitch Kisame? It would save us all a fucking load of work" he snapped at Kisame. His response was a lower more feral growl that nearly had me cringing.

I was actually afraid of this Kisame, he didn't seem very nice, even though he was trying to get the other guy to refrain from killing me. I watched his blue sandlas as he came near to me still distracted with yelling at Hidan.

"We have our orders Hidan. Do not think pissing off leader-sama would be a good way to go even if you are immortal" he said gruffly. I blinked, Hidan was immortal? No being was immortal, we all died eventually, that was the cycle of life, that's how it had always been. I felt more pain race up my side as Hidan moved. God Dammit I was going to hurt them when I had the chance!

In one move I swung my kunai and impaled Kisame's foot into the ground. I forced myself to my feet biting off a scream and I turned to run. There was a deafening roar as something hit the side of my head. I heard a crack as pain exploded through my body. I couldn't scream though as I gasped for air. Had he broken my skull? That impact had been really hard as I felt blood drip into my eyes when I opened them. Slowly, I gained awareness of my surroundings enough to notice that the crack had been me slamming into a tree and cracking it in half from the impact force. Kisame was insanely strong I noted in the back of my head. I lay there pushing chakra into my bones to heal them quickly. Healing was more agonizing than actually getting beaten as I felt the tissues reconnect and bones fuse together.

"Good job fuckwad you killed her, cant you control that fucking rage Kisame?" Hidan snapped as I heard them coming closer.

"She stabbed me in the foot with a kunai... But I guess it was a little dramatic. Fuck, I don't think I can walk on this" I heard Kisame's irritated voice drawing close as I struggled to sit up. I was in so much pain, I managed to get my arms up enough to support my chest as I had to stop because of the intense pain in my back. There was something protruding from my shoulder, I knew that much. I reached around slowly to find out what it was- a massive chunk of wood from the tree was impaled in my left shoulder - I felt the tears run down my face from the pain.

That was going to require major healing as I pulled as much strength I had and deftly ripped the wood out of my shoulder. I screamed hearing an echo of Hidan do the same and I collapsed on the ground. Oh god, it hurt so badly, everything hurt as I saw blue toes with purple nail polish enter my vision.

"Fuck Jashin Dammit why isn't that bitch dead?" he roared as I lay on the ground trying my best to heal the worst of the damage to my body. There was no way I could escape from this. Well if I died at least I wouldn't have to go back to working as a field surgeon. I almost laughed at the thought.

"Quiet down Hidan" I heard Kisame command. My arms wobbled dangerously under my own weight. Slowly, the extra pain dissipated and my pain lessened slightly. Hidan must've removed his jutsu so now I only felt my pain not his and mine combined. My chest constricted as I coughed up more blood. Shit. I lay back down on the cold ground and spread my chakra out healing the worst of the damage to my internal organs. I couldn't move and was completely at their mercy. I heard them arguing above me before strong arms lifted me as I lay limp, in too much pain to do anything.

There was not a chance in hell I could escape from these men. I lay in someone's strong arms against a rather broad and well muscles chest as I felt the movement of fast running. No, they weren't going to kill me. They were kidnapping me. My stomach dropped, I wish they had just left me for dead, or better yet, finished me off.

I continued to slowly heal myself, feeling the air rush past my face an whip my hair out behind me. The healing was incredibly painful with now anesthesia. Slowly, I detected splinters littering my back and knew I couldn't heal them until they were pulled out. Then moved on to other issues I found. I was slowly healing the concussion I had received as I was jostled suddenly and my still broken ankle hit a branch.

I screamed in agony before I could reign the pain in. There was a muttered apology from somewhere above me. Gritting my teeth I tried to push down the pain as best I could. Stupid, I knew I had better control than that as I focused on healing once again. I was incredibly lucky for my large reserves of chakra as I pulled on them once again and healed just about every bone in my body. The bruises I could leave as I healed the gashes Hidan had inflicted. I was sore but at the very least I wouldn't die or be extremely fragile as I felt the pull of gravity as we took a sharp right.

I dared to open my eyes and glanced up to see who I was being carried so gently by. Blue was the first colour I distinguished and I tensed. Kisame. This guy was terrifying in my mind, not only his appearance but the general air he gave off was one of great power and almost malice. He kept sharp golden eyes fixed straight ahead. He was holding me against his chest as he ran and I kept as still as possible. I did not want to be dropped at the speed we were traveling at.

"Hey is that bitch still alive?" I heard Hidan grunt. Kisame's golden eyes flicked down to meet my probably seething red ones. I was not a happy camper but then again I wasn't a great ninja or even a specialist in fighting. I was a medic trained in defense and healing, not weaponry and attacks. Stupid Konoha leaving their medic ninja untrained in attack ninjutsu when I was growing up.

"Yes she's fine, what is your name woman?" Kisame asked gruffly. I glared at him. Maybe if I thoroughly pissed him off he'd kill me, it was a shot in the dark but seeing as they hadn't finished me off yet I obviously had something they wanted.

I stayed silent as Kisame looked back down at me with a frustrated glance.

"I asked you a question woman, I suggest you answer me" he said with a growl. I just continued to glare at the underside of his defined chin. The gills were creeping me out a bit as they moved slightly in the damp air but then again he really was an anomaly. I have never seen someone who was half animal of any kind. But then again there were the Aburame and Inuzuka's but that was slightly different from what I understood from the text books.

I heard a deep threatening growl start in Kisame's chest feeling it reverberated through my chest and stomach. What a weird sensation, it was actually quite frightening if I hadn't already steeled myself against anything he might do to me.

"The little bitch is tight lipped isn't she?" Hidan chuckled. I saw him pull ahead slightly on Kisame's right side to look at me. I glared at him just the same. He grinned sadistically and licked in between two of his fingers. Ew, pervert. I gave him a darker glare as his grin grew.

"Hidan that is inappropriate" Kisame snarled as the white haired man snorted a chuckle and fell back.

"Pussy" he muttered, Kisame didn't bother to shoot a glare over his shoulder at the other man but he kept up his fast pace. I tired to look at the foliage as we passed it but all I made out were green and brown blurs of what I assumed were trees. My chakra had been taxed greatly in healing myself. I just simply lay there being rocketed further and further from Konoha and safety.

But then again, I had been asking for death for years maybe this was the gods cruel joke on me for wishing I was dead. I turned my attention to analyzing the man who was carrying me.

I found Kisame odd, I was utterly terrified of the man yet at the same time he was acting like my savior, keeping me out of Hidan's sight and perverted arms it seemed. I didn't trust either of them, I mean they were part of the world's most evil organization.

"Hey sharky, how much further?" Hidan yawned, I noticed we had moved from lush forests to high mountain ranges. Lightning country. We had covered a massive amount of ground as I noticed it was getting very dark very quickly.

"Make camp at the usual cave" Kisame said looking over at his partner. Hidan gave a nod and bounded ahead. Great, I'd be stuck out in a cave all night with these psychos. I wondered if anyone had found a way to report back to Konoha or if everyone but me had been massacred. A sharp whistle cut through the air. Immediately I looked up to see a massive flapping white clay bird.

What the hell?

"Kisame! You and Hidan need a ride, yeah?" came a shout as I watched a gorgeous youth stick their head over the side of the bird. I felt Kisame tense, that was all I had as a warning before we shot vertically into the air. I grabbed the front of Kisame's cloak. I was weightless for a few seconds before Kisame landed deftly on the bird making it swerve dangerously to the right.

"Thanks Deidara" Kisame said. I was too busy looking at the blonde young man. He was gorgeous, I would've thought he were a woman if he hadn't had such an angled jaw and flat chest.

" AH! Take it easy, this thing can break yeah!" he said with a glare as I watched Hidan land on the other side much more lightly than Kisame had.

"Heh, you like out little bitch we picked up? She put up quite a fight, she's feisty too" Hidan licked his lips at me. I glared into his violet eyes, daring him to come closer as I suddenly felt that Kisame was no longer holding me. I fell about six feet before hitting the clay bird with a smack. Pain reverberated through my body from my just healed wounds as I heard the distinct snap of my finger breaking and searing pain shooting up my arm.

"Fuck" I breathed panting as I looked at the obviously broken appendage.

"Kisame! Don't damage the hostage yeah!" Deidara snapped. I ginored them, pushing chakra into my finger and healed it back to its normal state. I hissed at the pain cruling my knees up to me chest. Fuck, these guys were masochists weren't they? I sat there for a few momentswith my eyes closed. All I could hear was the wind whistling past us and the dull flap of wings as the bird flew. It seemed that the other three had fallen silent.

"Hey, woman, can you do that again yeah?" I heard Deidara ask as a curtain of blonde hair fell in front of me as he crouched beside me.

"No, I'm not breaking another finger now piss off!" I said and swung a punch as I clocked him in the side of the head. I heard a crunch of impacted metal as his head flew to the side. There was a laugh from him before the blonde flipped his hair back and adjusted what looked like a scope over his eye. I noticed I had dented one side.

"Hidan was right you are feisty. Don't worry Kisame she didn't damage it I'm not going to hurt her yea" he said and stood. I watched him through a curtain of my disheveled white hair. Hidan was grinning like an idiot as I sat there. Kisame hadn't moved an inch as I looked at the foot where I had stabbed him. It was bleeding pretty badly from running, he really hadn't bandaged it at all. It would get infected at this rate as I shifted and gently touched my hand against the wound. Immediately he was gone and on the other side of me with a kunai at my throat.

"What are you doing woman?" he hissed before my gaze cut up to his with an unimpressed look. If I even took a breath that kunai would go through my jugular but I wasn't about to show a bunch of these terrorists fear.

"Your foot will get infected if you don't close that wound. You could loose your foot and if it gets bad enough your entire leg." I stated bluntly. " I was going to heal it for you seeing as you haven't bothered to do anything about it" I added icily. I noticed the others were watching us cautiously and Kisame's gold eyes watched mine for anything that would prove what I said was wrong. I met his gaze with a serious glare. Grudgingly, he removed the kunai and slid his foot forward. I didn't have a great amount of chakra left but I could at least do this, I still needed to pull the fragments of wood out of my back before they become infected.

I rested the tips of my fingeres against his foot and assessed the damage. Kisame had aggravated the wound and it was now more jagged and damaged that I had originally thought. It was a complete mess, idly I wondered how he could stand on such an ugly wound.

"This will hurt" I cautioned before I pushed the chakra into his foot and rapidly healed the torn tissues, bones and tendons. I heard him give a grunt of pain and glanced up to see him clench his jaw. In five minutes it was done as my vision became dotted with pinpricks of darkness. That had been a stupid idea. I lay down on the bird to try to clam my dancing vision.

"Hey make sure she doesn't fall of yeah!" Deidara yelled as I felt my body being lifted by Kisame's strong arms and draped across the back of the bird. There was a short silence before Deidara spoke up again. "Did she actually heal it completely yea?" he asked as I lay there, their conversation sounded far off but I knew that was just because I was so exhausted from the sheer amount of chakra consumption I had used today. It would take some time before my reserves built up again because I had depleted them so much healing myself. Couldn't people die from using too much chakra? Yes of course they could wow my brain wasn't functioning well as someone moved very gently to sit me up. My body was like a rag doll really, I hated being man handled like a parcel.

"Stop moving me, I'm not furniture" I grit out. There was a deep rumble of a laugh that I assumed was Kisame. I needed sleep desperately but there wasn't a chance I was going to conk out with these lunatics still around me. I felt Kisame shifted me like I was glass. How strange, was Kisame being… nice? An S-class criminal was being nice.

Maybe I was loosing my sanity from my job. I'd finally cracked and was thinking the Akatsuki was being NICE.

"Hey how much further? I'm hungry and I fucking hurt thanks to that bitch" Hidan's callous voice made me twitch. I heard a huff from Deidara.

"You like pain, you're a masochist it turns you on yea" Deidara pointed out. Hidan burst out laughing.

"That may be, but its only good feeling when the other person is screaming like a pussy" he laughed as I shuddered. That guy was creepy, it made me shift uncomfortably. I felt Kisame brush a hand over my arm, it took me a moment to register what he'd done. I blinked.

"Well were back yea" Deidara muttered. Looking down all I saw was a bamboo forest as far as the eye could see. Wow, I had never seen so much bamboo before. The clay bird ducked down into a clearing just outside of the forest. We jumped off of it and it flew away. I had no idea why Deidara didn't just keep it as I heard a loud explosion before all three of them burst out laughing. I saw flames reach for the sky then vanish. I stared at the spot where the flame had shone.

Deidara was a bomber as something tweaked in my memory. I looked at him more closely. He seemed pretty normal but there was something I was remembering as I looked at his stone forehead protector. There was something... about him that I knew, as it clicked. Deidara had been thrown out of stone for being a terrorist. He worked exclusively with exploding clay. I remembered reading the stolen stone documents a chounin had given me on his death bed to pass to the hokage. I realized just how little information anyone had on the Akatsuki. We started moving, following a narrow trail that wound and interconnected with other trails through the mass of bamboo. Kisame's large hand wrapped around my upper arm and tugged me alongside him. I memorized which turns we took as Kisame didn't seem to notice the direction we went moving with a solid grace. It was odd, for someone so large he moved effortlessly and smoothly like big cat or, a shark I thought rather ironically.

"I'm jealous Kisame gets to carry the cute girl yea." Deidara complained behind us as I heard Hidan snort.

"That bitch isn't cute, she has a goddamn mouth on her and power to back her up. Little bitch put a kunai through Kisame's fucking foot while I had her trapped in my jutsu" Hidan spat as we took a sharp left and I saw Deidara looking at me with a rather interested look on his face.

"Well, what is the woman's name yea?" he asked glancing up at me. I watched him with a blank stare. He glanced at Hidan who he threw his arms up into the air.

"I don't know the little cunt wouldn't tell us!" he snapped, a smirk wormed onto my face. Good, I had frustrated that masochist with turrets, maybe he would end up killing me from sheer frustration. Kisame took a sharp right and my head connected rather painfully with a thick stock of bamboo.

The resounding smack made Kisame glance down as I cringed and put a hand to where I had been hit.

"Shit, ow, ow, ow, ow'"I hissed through my teeth as Hidan burst out laughing. I heard Deidara punch him and the resounding indignant cry for the albino man.

"Try to be slightly refined around the hostage, yea" he snapped as Hidan started up a litany of curses I didn't know were invented. Kisame sighed and continued walking ignoring their banter as if completely accustomed to it. A large wooden traditional style Japanese house rose up in front of us. Quickly, I back pedaled and remembered the exact path we came into the compound. I didn't want any nasty surprises if I went the wrong way and I knew the Akatsuki would've placed traps around their home.

"Kisame you're early" the cold and silky voice carried across the still air and actually made goose bumps rise on my skin. I turned to see none other than the Uchiha prodigy standing on the porch. He couldn't be more than 18 as he gave me a glacier like glance, the pinwheels of the sharingan spinning lazily. I knew Itachi, I had trained him in basic healing jutsu for bruises and cuts when he became a chounin at the age of 9 but after that I was removed from Konoha and moved around to various front lines to serve as a surgeon.

"Yes, Deidara gave us a lift" Kisame stated in a polite tone, Itachi gave a slight incline of his head as an affirmative.

"Any survivors?" he asked. I looked at Kisame. Surely someone should've survived?

"Not a one, we got them all yea" Deidara said with an air of pride as I felt cold all over. All dead, nearly a thousand ninja and soldiers, chounin and jounin, grunts and samurai, all dead. I was the only one that survived because they needed a hostage.

"Is that asshole Kakuzu back? That fucker owes me a round of poker!" Hidan said as he marched up the porch and into the kitchen I could see beyond it.

"Always so elegant in the way he speaks eh Kisame, yea?" Deidara teased. I felt the shark man laugh. It felt surreal, like I really wasn't there, it was like how I dealt with patients who came in screaming that demons were attacking them. You merely shut it out.

"Hey is she alright yea?" I saw Deidara's blonde hair and effeminate face lean over mine. I wanted to punch him for being in my personal space but at the moment it required too much effort. I was shifted and watched Kisame put a blue hand to my forehead. He muttered something and lifted me again before heading into the house. I didn't see much of it other than vague almost dreamlike panels of plaster and beamed ceilings with nice light fixtures. I heard a door open and irritated voices talking.

I must've been getting an infection from the splinters, or my body had finally had enough damage done to it and was refusing to do anything and was shutting down. Either way it sucked as I saw someone with an orange mask moved into my line of view. Kisame was also standing there as he gently turned me onto my front. I felt them remove my jacket and vest. I fought against them weakly. Dammit! I hated being like this, I couldn't do anything as Kisame forced a warm liquid down my throat. I had half a mind to spit it out as he held my nose until I drank it. It was horribly bitter as half of it spilt over my face and onto the sheets but the drug took its effect quickly. It was some form of tranquilizer as I felt my limbs grow even heavier before I blacked out completely to the mercy of the Akatsuki.