I hated wind country. That was it no more! I took a swig form my nearly empty canteen and held up arm up to shield my eyes from the dirt and grit the hot dry arid winds kicked up. The heat was sweltering and as far as I could see was the expense of a tan ocean of sand. Far in the distance rose jagged purple rocks, looking nothing more than a rough line on the far horizon. That's where we were headed. I was glad that we had left the Zombie duo back at the beginning of this inhospitable environment but now I was more worried about Kisame dehydrating himself.

I glanced to my right, he was still walking beside me sweating like i've never seen and taking another drink from his canteen.

'I HATE deserts.' He mumbled and wiped the sweat off of his face with his sleeve. I didn't blame him. I was dying and had stripped to just a tanktop and shorts under my cloak. I assumed he was still wearing all of his layers.

'well first off take off your headgear, and your shirt under the cloak. Maybe your pants too unless you want to die from heat stroke' I said wiping the sweat off of my own face. Curse this place, and Leader. Kisame laughed and glanced at me.

'The shirt can come off but the headgear stays on' he compromised as I poked his side. He raised an eyebrow as I jumped at him. He laughed while I made a rather pathetic attempt to grab his headgear before his two large hands had me pulled into an uncomfortably warm and humid hug against him.

'Urg, let me go, this is so uncomfortable' I teased as I felt him kiss my forehead gently and let me go. The wind picked up again as I hid behind Kisame to prevent myself from getting sandblasted while he continued walking. Thankfully by late afternoon we had reached an oasis and I doubt I've ever seen Kisame drink so much. I think the entire level of the pond dropped by about two inches. I lay back in the shade of some date palms, The desert was nice in the shade but even then the heat was sweltering. I slid my cloak off and lathered on sunscreen, no sense in getting burned.

'Kisame, come here' I asked as he pulled himself away from drinking the entire pond and sat beside me. FUnny thing was that he was already getting sunburnt and his face had a slight purple tinge to it. I couldn't help it, I laughed. That earned me a dark look as i smiled an put a glob on sunscreen on his nose. He blinked and looked at me before rubbing it in over his face. The break was nice as I felt one of his arms sneak out and rest on my shoulders pulling me against him. His cloak was itchy against my already hot skin as i plucked at the front of it. 'Take the cloak off you have to be dying sitting in it' I commented as he chuckled and pulled off the heavy garment and put his arm back around me. It was nice sitting in the shade with him, of course we both smelled like dirt and sweat from our trek that morning. I looked up at the sun filtering lazily through the palm's fronds and guessed it was close to noon, in other words MUCH too hot to be wandering the deserts of Wind country for at least another two hours. I lay against Kisame and closed my eyes. A nap sounded wonderful right now as I felt him shift and pull me into his lap letting me use his chest as a backrest while he leant against the palm tree.

I felt his hand running through my hair as he pulled the tie out of it and combed out the loose braid I had thrown it into.

'Did Hidan and Kakuzu give you much trouble?' i less heard his words than felt them through the rumble in his chest.

'No, Hidan's a fucktard but other than that I just stayed out of Kakuzu's way and we get long great.' I muttered as he laughed and kissed my hair.

'Seems like you have a few enemies in Akatsuki' he mumbled as I nodded. Depressing fact was that I believed there wasn't anywhere I could go that I wouldn't have enemies following me around.

'Where are we heading to anyway? I'm pretty sure Suna isn't in those mountains' I turned and looked up at him. He had his eyes closed as one luminous golden eyes cracked open and looked down at me.

'It's Sasori's old base. It's the old citadel before Suna relocated. It's been centuries since its been used and it's long been forgotten where its exact location is. From there theres an underground path that leads to Suna. Consider it a back way in. ' he grinned and closed his eye relaxing against the tree. A back way into Suna. That was convenient as i let myself drift to sleep in the midday heat.

It wasn't long before I was being woken up. A soft but familiar pair of lips were on mine as I blinked lazily and kissed Kisame back. Not a bad way to be woken up I had to admit as he pulled back.

'You were snoring.' he said a huge grin on his face as I raised an eyebrow.

'And you don't?' I parried as he kissed me softly again. His hand on the side of my face as he pulled back with a smile.

'Touche' he stated as I laughed and stretched. It was slightly cooler than when we had stopped as I stood and put my cloak back on. I already felt uncomfortably warm as Kisame was already ready to go. Taking my hand we headed back into the desert.

'At this pace we'll be lucky to get there by next month' Kisame grumbled as the mountains still seemed eons away but they were getting larger. The sun was setting and it was actually getting frighteningly cold.

'Want to run and see how far we get?' i suggested as he gave a nod and we took off running toward the setting sun and the still hazy purple mountains. We ran late into the evening, only stopping once when i lost my footing and ended up rolling down a sand dune much to kisame's panic and my own irritation. WE stopped only once to drink and use the bathroom before we were running once again. The mountains were growing quite large as the sun was starting to rise along with the temperature.

'How do people here stand these extremes?' Kisame grumbled as the sun rose high over head. I shook my head.

'I havent a clue but look!' i pointed to the massive towers of rock that were the beginnings of the purple mountain range we had seen. It was a relief as we both collapsed into the shade of one of the behemoth slabs of stone. Kisame had managed to drain two canteens in under a minute as I took a swig from mine.

'It's not much further thankfully' he sighed and leaned back against the rock pulling me over to half lie on his lap as I turned and looked up at him. I offered him my canteen as he took it and finished half of it in one swig.

'Seriously, you and I need to have a drinking night.' I teased as he laughed and his lips caught mine in a soft kiss. I pulled back and looked up at him 'and you think I'm kidding, Don't you?'

'I doubt you could keep up to me Kasumi' he smirked ' not many people can' he took another drink from my canteen.

'Hm you didn't know my hobby in the military' I grinned wolfishly as he simply raised an eyebrow and took another drink. The sun was turning the rock around us into heaters as I climbed off of Kisame. It was going to get unbearably warm soon if we didn't find whatever base he had been talking about. Kisame hauled himself up with a grunt and Samehada clacked restlessly, I had to feel bad for the sentient sword. The desert must be a horrible place with all of the sand to get trapped between it's scales/teeth/ blades. I really still didn't know what they were exactly. Kisame led me deeper into the crazy maze of jagged purple stone that soared straight up above us to unimaginable heights. It was much cooler in the shade of the stones as we came to a wall of solid, flawless rock. I craned my neck upward to try to see the top but it was obscured by the already glaring sun. Turning back to Kisame as watched his hands fly through seals before he touched his hand to the flat stone.

The silence that followed was a little unnerving. It felt like the entire area was holding its breath before I heard a loud grinding noise. In an instant I felt the ground fall out from under me as I jumped and swung my arm out trying to grab for the rock. My hands met its smooth, flawless surface as I plummeted. There was nothing to grab onto as I came up short smashing into the ground and knocking the wind out of myself. I gasped as I heard the swish of Kisame's cloak as he landed beside me.

'Kasumi? Are you alright?' Concerned golden eyes peered at me through the gloom as I nodded and coughed finally reviving my lungs enough to breathe. The grinding noise shifted again as the hole of light above us sealed and the darkness seemed to press in. I didn't like it much as I heard Kisame shuffling around in the dark, there was a flick and a torch was lit. I looked around the small cavern and stood. It was a carved out entryway with four halls leading off from it. Kisame took the hallway to the farthest left as i followed him keeping close. I knew Sasori worked with poisons and enjoyed scorpions. I didn't wish to find any of his humour lurking in the caverns as the hallway slowly widened until we were standing in a rather nice looking kitchen. Kisame flicked on the lights as I looked at what seemed like the interior of the last stone base we had been in. Honestly, the Akatsuki were really unoriginal in creating their bases as Kisame pulled off his cloak and rolled his shoulders. I did what any respectable young woman would, i stared and appreciated his physique.

'we'll stay here tonight and move into Suna tomorrow' he stated looking through the cupboards. I tilted my head slightly not really listening as he shuffled around the kitchen banging cupboards. I held onto the countertop wanting to reach out and prove to myself that Kisame's muscles were as hard as I assumed they were. NO, BAD THOUGHTS. I looked away quickly staring at the carved stone wall, still sneaking peeks with my perhiperal vision. Sometimes I just wished that my body would listen to my mind as I found myself wandering over to him and hugging him from behind. His skin was cool to the touch as I pressed my cheek against his back as his low rumbling laugh made me smile. A much larger hand rested gently against mine as I hugged him tightly. I always felt so small against his sheer size as the cupboard door banged closed and I felt him turn in my grasp.

Not like I could hold him in one place even if I damn well wanted to.

I felt his hands on my hips as he smiled down at me. Lesser women would've screamed and ran at the pointed teeth as I simply smiled back. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the counter staring eye to eye with him.

'I think this height might be a little easier' he teased as I grinned and pulled off his forehead protector. He raised an eyebrow as I just smiled and pulled him down to kiss me. Despite his cool skin his lips were warm as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He leaned against me, pushing be back slightly while his hands rested on either side of my hips supporting himself. All too soon he pulled back and rested his hand on my thighs smiling at me. I grinned back, kissing his lips again as he chuckled and ran a hand through my grit encrusted hair.

'I guess we need showers' I mumbled making a face as I realized just how grimy I was from the blowing sand and our mad dash across the desert.

'I would say thats an excellent plan.' he agreed as I slid off of the counter standing flush against him. Looking up I saw him smirk and something caress my ass before he stepped back and headed toward what I assumed was the shower. I blinked, did Kisame just grope me? I stood dumbfounded for a minute before I heard the shower running. Oh no, he was not getting off that easy! I followed finding the bathroom door amazingly unlocked as I ducked in. Steam was rolling lazily through the room as I listened to him moving about in the shower, water plinking off of the bottom of the tub. He knew I was in the room, I didn't bother to hide my chakra at all but I was in for some payback. Quickly, I stripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower arms going around Kisame's waist. Although… they didn't make it there. Two strong hands wrapped around my upper arms pulling me back against a very flat and toned chest.

'I knew you wanted a shower but I think you're being slightly impatient Kasumi' he chuckled, he was standing in front of me as the clone held me against himself. Damn clones, I kept forgetting about his love of using the damn technique. I shifted my weight leaning back against the clone and looking up at him. We could play a game, I did enjoy them from time to time. Plus there was a wet, naked, extremely toned man in front and behind me. Why did this sound like it was going into a bad romance novel?

'Well you know me ,never could wait' I teased as the clone's hand slipped down to hold me around my waist. I still wasn't overly comfortable standing completely naked but I could feel from the clone that he was enjoying it immensely.

'hm, Either way it seems that you can't keep your hands off of me' He teased standing in front of me, water bouncing off of his back and shoulders, trailing over his chest. This was a good decision.

'Mmm I guess not, it's kinda kinky being held by you and seeing you naked at the same time though' I leaned back against the clone slightly, if he wanted a show then he'd get a show. He shifted taking a step toward me, his hand trailing up my arm to the side of my neck.

'Its it though?' he grinned and leaned in to kiss me. It was a sweet kiss, but dominant. The clone moved behind me, pulling my hair aside and kissing my neck before nipping along my jugular. My legs wavered but I didn't have to concentrate too much with the clone's arms wrapped firmly around me and holding me against him.

[you all haaaaaaaate me 8D]

"Figures" he panted, still pressing me against the shower wall. "Go to take a shower and end up dirty again" he grinned. I laughed and rubbed my foot along the back of his leg, arms still wrapped snugly around his neck.

"But it's the best kind of dirty" I grinned. Kisame laughed and kissed me again. It was a wonderful feeling being around Kisame and with him in so many ways. He set me back on my own two feet and tossed a washcloth at me. I caught it on sheer reflex, raising an eyebrow as if asking him what exactly he wanted me to do with it.

"It's not going to bite you and the hot water's going to run out" He laughed and rubbed shampoo through his hair. I rolled my eyes and tossed the cloth at him, it hit his shoulders with a satisfying smack. I grinned and snatched the bottom of shampoo rubbing a generous amount through my hair. I had a lot of hair so sue me this took awhile. Kisame watched me rather amused before I felt his hands bat mine away. I opened my mouth to protest but was shut up when his hands rubbed the shampoo through my hair. It took much less time with his larger hands but it was enjoyable. I relaxed back against him, earning a chuckle and a quick kiss on my cheek.

It was odd, I wasn't used to having such open displays of affection shown to me. Kissing, cuddling, stuff like that were foreign to me. He rinsed the soap from my hair before turning off the water and getting out, tossing a towel at me. I caught it with my face.

"Good catch" he snickered as I glared and dried myself off.

"Better than your throw, are you a ninja or an amoeba?" I tossed back as he quirked an eyebrow but didn't say anything stepping out of the bathroom. I followed only to be pinned against the wall and kissed roughly. I blinked but gave in before he pulled back and kissed my cheek.

"I doubt an amoeba could do that" he chuckled and let me go. It took me a moment to remember exactly how to stand before I righted myself and strode off toward the bedrooms. I could hear his heavy footsteps following me. It was comforting in the dark base to at least know someone was around as I fumbled in the dark for a light switch.

I heard his rumbling laugh before he simply picked me up and set me on the bed. I assumed it was rather large because I couldn't even feel the bed dip if he lay down on in. It took me a minute but I found the covers and pulled them back, wrapping myself in them. The cavern was actually quite cold compaired to the brutal heat of the desert above.

"You should sleep. We'll be doing a fair amount of tracking tomorrow" he said, a heavy arm wrapping itself around my waist and dragging me back against him.

"Yep, sleep, right" I grinned as he shifted around and it only took a minute but his breathing turned deeper and even. He really was tired from going across the desert. I didn't realize how much it'd taken out of him. I rolled over and lay my head against his arm. Affection was bizarre but I liked it in some odd way.