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Our first teachers in life are our parents they are one of the main reasons we are who we are, there are many people who will come and go from our lives some will have a big effect and some will not. But I've always believed whatever you go through makes you a better person and that everything happens for a reason. Now don't get me wrong I am not a man of god but if you have had parents like mine who have had the most up and downs a person can have you would understand where I'm coming from. They've gone through so much shit and come out the other end that it gives me hope for the human race. If two people so different and yet so similar can make it work then maybe one day there can be hope for everyone.

Well I'm sorry for getting so cryptic let me get straight to the point I am one of for children and I will be getting married tomorrow morning to the most wonderful woman in the world. I am writing this for people to understand why people should take the risk why it is the best feeling in the world to go to bed with the women you love and them being the last thing you see in the morning and the first thing you see when you wake up. You may think I'm being an idiot by telling you this but by the time the story ends you will understand why love is the best drug in the world. When I'm gone in fifty years time I want people to read this and have them feel how I have felt every day since the moment I was born love, hope and whole.

So before we start the story I think its time I tell you who and what I'm going to be telling you about. My name is Tristan Nathan Scott and I am 22 years and getting married to the beautiful Rebecca Jones. I have a younger brother who has just turned 14 and two sister who are 17 and 19 there names are. David, Kelly and Michelle. I have a cousin who is a year older then me his name is James Lucas Scott and he is about to become a father any day now, he and his girlfriend Jessica couldn't be happier. So I guess you guessed it by now who my parents are Lucas and Peyton Scott.

I now you people must be thinking this is stupid and there are plenty of people out there who are in love that have children but let me tell you right now these to give Romeo and Juliet a run for there money. They have been through so much shit it could probably clog up all the toilets in the world. I mean this couple are amazing and I'm not just saying that because there my parent, if I was just a guy on the straight and I read about there story I'd want to meet them.

a/n I know its short but its just a taster I want to see if anyone's interested in me writing the rest of the story.