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The Festival Part 1.5 =D

Here it is~

~In the back hall~

"Let me g…..mmm…….m…." Rima shut her eyes and tried to yell but the 'person' covered her mouth.

Suddenly, the person spoke and immediate, Rima recognized the voice.

"Rima, I've been waiting for this moment for us to be alone. You shouldn't ruin our precious moment."

Rima opened her eyes and simply stared at the (hideous faced) Kaan. Kaan smirked at Rima's expression and released one of her arms to support himself on the wall. Rima tried to push him with her free hand but he was as solid as steel and didn't budge.

"Heh…you're still weak compared to me, Rima-chan. I'm very sure Shiki-kun won't be coming to disturb us. He's probably enjoyed and enlightened by Saya right now."

"Wha….what are you talking about?!"

"Don't you know? Shiki-kun belongs to Saya…he is most likely having an intimate session with Saya right now. He belongs to Saya just like the way you belong to me!"

Kaan pinned Rima's other hand to the wall and leaned on her body so she couldn't move. Rima's struggles were absolutely hopeless but she was also fighting with herself and her trust in Shiki. She knew that Shiki wouldn't do anything that would hurt her. She thought to herself, "He promised….Shiki Senri promised me…."

~In the auditorium~

Shiki has been standing prepared to play but he was frozen and completely lost in his thoughts because he was getting very worried about Rima's whereabouts.

Ms. Delacroix heard the crowd and the judges murmuring about Shiki's delay so she walked on stage towards Shiki and placed her hand on his shoulder. Shiki flinched a little and blinked at Ms. Delacroix.

"Shiki-kun, are you alright?"

Shiki came out of his trance and monotonously replied, "Oh, uh yeah sorry…"

Ms. Delacroix gave him a comforting smile and walked back to her seat. Although Shiki kept his calm poker face, his mind was not towards his playing. Shiki could still play perfectly because he was playing since he was little.

~Shiki's POV~ (I haven't done a POV in the longest time, haha~!)

Damn it! Where is she?! She was supposed to be here 5 minutes ago! Maybe she went to the bathroom? But she wouldn't miss my heh awesome performance.

Ugh! Why does this song have to be so long?!? End….End….measure 336…almost there! 337…338…339….and DONE! Thank god for that!

Okay…I bow, you people clap…..clap faster….judge faster……etc….etc…etc….great, now I can go!

Walking towards backstage….there's my violin case…..almost there….


"Shiiiiikiii-kuun! You were amazing! Teach me how to play like that one day!"

AHAHAH! That stupid Saya is interrupting me!

I simply answered, "Saya, please me…I'm in a hurry…."

"To do what? Are you booking a restaurant and hotel for us?! Already….shiki-kuun….I'm nervous though…"

"You….just please move…"

"But Shikii-kuuun, I was going to celebrate with you!" Saya's voice is sooo annoying!

What is she…..insane? Dumb? Plain Stupid? Definitely not innocent and naïve…

That's it! I can't stand this!

"Saya…are you pathetic? I have Rima….a top sexy model and my girlfriend! What are you? A whore? Slut? Pig?!?"

Wow I can't believe I just said that to her….my, oh dear, Rima what have you done to me? I like it though…

"Shiki-kun…what are you talking about? Why are you talking like this? I thought you loved me. I completely forgave you for cheating on me with that slutty model!"

UGH STOP WASTING MY TIME! Get lost before I take my frustration out on you….You don't want me to make you cry…

"That bitch is too busy enjoying herself with Kaan-kun that she would rather make out with him somewhere than watch your beautiful…"

Suddenly when I heard Kaan…I knew something was wrong. I shook Saya demanding, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!"

"I said that slut is probably having IT with Kaan-kun right now! You were just her toy Shiki-kun! Don't let her ma…"


"Why do you still care? She's having f****** affairs and doing IT with…."

I grabbed Saya's arm and flung her towards the wall. Did that hurt a bit too much? Nah…the important thing right now is finding Rima. She's in danger…Damn…I betrayed her…I let Kaan get to her…

"Shi…iki…kun…Are we going to…I'm excited! Shall I…"

"SHUT….THE HELL….UP! God dammit!"

I glared at her and punched the wall just missing her head.

"oops…I missed"

~Nobody's POV~

Shiki ran towards the back hall as Saya grew limp and fell to the ground trembling….

"I…Shiki….I have never seen him get angry before….Why….why that slutty whore!"

~At the other end of the back twisty hall from Shiki~

"STOP IT! Let me go…ah…"

Kaan pulled Rima's ribbon out and pulled her hair towards him. He smelled her hair and kissed it before he moved towards her bare neck and shoulders and started to lick and kiss her. Poor Rima chose the wrong day to wear a baby blue cocktail dress that flowed from her waist to just above her knee. The top was almost bare where the only thing holding up the dress was the ribbon tied at the back of her neck.


As Shiki was running down the twisty hall, Rima's voice echoed to him as he ran even faster.

Shiki thought to himself…."DAMN IT! Where is she?! When I see that Kaan I will kill him…"

Shiki was getting closer and closer to the end of the back hall.

Rima was struggling and crying at the same time as Kaan continued to kiss, lick, and feel. He moved his hand from Rima's legs all the way up towards the strap behind her neck. He was able to hold both of Rima's hands above her head with one hand and tried to pull on the ribbon behind her neck.

Fortunately just as Kaan pulled the ribbon, Shiki came a threw Kaan to the other side of the wall causing Rima to fall to the ground. After Kaan fell to the ground, Shiki immediately went to Rima and wrapped his arms around the crying girl.

"Rima….I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I should have came earlier!"


Shiki took his tux jacket off and wrapped it around Rima, but as he was comforting Rima, Kaan suddenly burst into laughter and said, "How pathetic, that Saya can't even do anything. Why are you interrupting us, Shiki-kun? Did you not give yourself in to Saya? Rima and I were having an intimate moment. Please leave…"

Rima held onto Shiki tighter as Shiki's grip around Rima was more secure. He glared at Kaan and said, "This intimate moment of yours is only within the range of your personal pleasure. Rima is NOT enjoying it."

"Did you see her face? She was moaning in pleasure, was she not? You were doing something else against her too were you not? Perphaps Saya can tell us what you two were doing…"

Rima looked at Shiki with sorrow as Shiki rubbed her arm to give her a sign that Kaan is lying.

"Nothing happened between us. Her attempts all failed, therefore, we did NOT do anything and we will not be doing anything either!"

Kaan stood up and walked towards Shiki and Rima but before he was able to touch Rima, Shiki gently released Rima, grabbed Kaan by the collar, and slammed him into the wall.

"Don't…touch….her" It was obvious to anyone that Shiki was indeed angry….very angry to be accurate.

"Whats wrong? Pretending to be the loving boyfriend already?"

"Shut up….Rima is my girlfriend. She belongs to me! If you EVER think about touching her again, I will kill you. Rima is not your fiance. She is mine and I will marry her."

"Heh…her father and I have a deal, if the deal is broken, then I will destroy his family…and for your dumb knowledge, I mean assassinate them and take Rima."

"You bastard!" Shiki punched Kaan hard on his face sending Kaan to the cold, hard ground.

"You'll have to get past me before you can even touch Rima…"

Kaan wiped the blood from his mouth and watched Shiki carry Rima gently in bridal style away.

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