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Summary: Going to the dark side wasn't the best choice. It was either her friends or her mom. Of course she chose the obvious. She keeps her cool and people think she's alright and she's "Cool 'n Spicy" but inside, she's about to break. Who will save her?

EDIT! New Summary: Going to the dark side wasn't the best choice. It was either her friends or her mom. Of course she chose the obvious. Working for Easter and ignoring her friends is giving her hell and she's about to break. Who will save her?

Rated T for safety.

A/N: Amu and the Guardians don't know Utau and Ikuto. They have seen and heard of Utau and Ikuto but never spoke with them. Amu, Tadase, Kukai, Nagihiko, and Utau are 15 (sophomores, or 10th grade). Yaya and Kairi are 14 (freshmen, or 9th grade). Ikuto is 16 (junior, or 11th grade).

Just A Typical Day

In April

Normal POV

Beep beep! Beep beep!


A hand reached out and tapped the snoozer button. A figure rose from the bed and yawned loudly and unfeminine like.

"Why the hell does school start so early?" she complained out loud to herself.

"Mou, Amu-chan! You'll be late for the first day of school if you keep sitting here!" a loud, cheery voice ordered.

"Hai, hai. I'm going, Ran." You guessed it. It's the first day of sophomore year for Amu.

"That's what you get for staying up late."

"Shut up, Miki."

"I'll make some breakfast for you, Amu-chan desu. Pancakes?"

"Thanks, Su."

"Hurry up and get to school already," a quiet voice said.

"I'm on it, Dia." (A/N: Yes, Dia is here!)

Yep, Amu's four Guardian charas. Ran, the cheerful cheerleader; Miki, the stubborn and cool artist; Su, the sweet, kind, motherly chara; and Dia, the quiet singer. They're all the same as usual. They hatched when she was at the end of my fourth year in elementary. Dia's egg appeared at the beginning of her 6th year though. Dia hatched when Amu truly shone. However, she went back to her egg. But now, she has hatched again but this time…there is an X on her egg. Also, the other three charas has a change to their outfits…

She got off the bed and walked towards her closet. She took out her black uniform (A/N: It's the same as the one Utau is wearing. Everyone's uniforms are like Utau's and Ikuto's.) She couldn't find anything to change it with a "Cool n' Spicy" demeanor and the school had a stupid code of "students unable to deface, rip, or change the uniform in any way." 'It's so retarded,' she thought.

She went through her morning routine of brushing her teeth and hair, eating breakfast, and getting her bag. The four charas hid in a small plaid box she had received from the Guardians that day long, long ago.

She locked the doors to her house and stepped out into a world of darkness. Everything was dreary. It was as if every single form of happiness was sucked out of them. It was raining so she opened her red and black plaid umbrella and started walking to school.

The sun wasn't out and it was pouring hard. The clouds were huge and enveloped the whole sky.

The only good thing in this weather was that flowers were starting to bloom. But that's it.

The weather matches Hinamori Amu's mood today.

After she arrived at the school, she closed her umbrella and strolled through the hallways filled with students.

"Ah! Good morning, Hinamori-sama!"

"Hinamori-san! It's been so long since I've last seen you!"

She ignored the greeting and continued walking with her umbrella in her left hand and her bag slung over her shoulder on her right.

" 'Cool 'n Spicy' as usual!"

I sighed inwardly. This façade seriously makes my mood worse. The students of Seiyo Academy aren't helping at all.

"Amu-chan, look over there," Ran whispered, with her head poking out of Amu's bag and her finger pointing towards the right. Amu looked at the said direction and her heart skipped a beat.

Rima, Nagihiko, Tadase, Kairi, Yaya, and Kukai stood tall, walking down the hallways elegantly.

"Kya! It's Tadase-sama!"

"What do you think of the guys there, Hinamori-senpai?"

At the call of her name, the ex-friends of Hinamori Amu looked at Amu. Amu quickly looked away. She cursed inwardly for looking in the first place. She met every single one of their stares. Her stare lasted longer on Tadase though.

Amu has had a crush on Tadase since 4th grade. However, the crush faded a little starting at 7th grade. Amu still blushes a little when she looks at Tadase, however. She knows it's impossible to be together with Tadase, however.

Amu brushed past them and Nagihiko murmured, "Hi, Amu-chan."

Rima muttered, "Don't talk to her. She's not even our friend anymore."

She simply ignored them and walked away. Inside, her feelings were all over the place. You don't know how much she wants to hug Nagihiko and tell him everything is alright. You don't how much she wants to be Rima's best friend again and laugh with her. You don't know how much she wants to give Yaya a million boxes of sweets and hug her and tell her she's back for good. You don't know how much she wants to call Kairi 'Iinchou' again. You don't know how much she wants to play soccer with Kukai or go through the Joker test again. You don't know how much she wants to hug Tadase tightly and cry on his shoulder. You don't know how much she wants to hug everyone and say "it's alright. I'm back." You don't know how much she wants to break down and let her tears flow. You don't know how much she wants to burn Easter to the ground.

You don't know how much she wants to die.

"Amu-chan…" Miki sensed Amu's depression and tried to cheer her up. "Do you want to go somewhere after school today?"

"That's ok." Amu looked down and saw Ran and Su looking behind them. "You girls can go play with their charas if you'd like."

"But Amu-chan desu…"

"I'll be fine. They don't hate you. They only hate me."

"That's not true!" exclaimed Ran, who flew up to Amu's face. "They can't hate you!"

"You don't know that," Amu quietly whispered.

"I know they don't hate you. It's in my guts and I can tell by their actions."

"You call ignoring me and talking behind my back as not hating me?" she questioned.

Ran's face fell. "I'm sure there's a reason for that."

"Thanks, Ran. But I'll feel a whole lot better if you play with their charas."


Amu opened the flap of her box. "Go," she whispered because since other people couldn't see charas, it would seem like you're talking to yourself. "The Guardians are fine with you four. Just not me."

"If you really want us to," Dia said, floating away.

"Dia!!" Ran yelled.

"It's ok." Amu picked the charas and pushed them. "See you at the end of the day at the school entrance."

And Amu sped away from the charas' disagreements.

Meanwhile, Ran, Miki, and Su were flying to catch up with Dia.

"Why did you just leave Amu-chan, Dia? That's so mean desu!" Su scolded.

"If she wants us to leave then she'll get her wish. I'm just listening to what she says."

"But—" Ran protested.

"I didn't want to leave," Dia softly spoke, like how she usually does. "But didn't you hear her heart? She's still feeling guilty. If we can go play with the Guardians' charas, we can at least life off a little of guilt off of her shoulders."

"I guess I see your point…" Miki said.

"Ok, we're going to play with our friends to the fullest so we can make Amu-chan happy!" Ran cheered.


"Settle down class! I know you're excited for the first day of school, but listen up!"

Amu looked up. She sat at the very back in the corner next to the window. It's been a habit to sit somewhere where she can have some privacy but the classmates' gossip make that impossible.

'Nikaidou Yuu. Former Easter member. Has now become a teacher in my high school.' Amu thought.

Nikaidou cleared his throat. "Welcome back to school! I'm your teacher, Nikaidou-sensei, and I'm looking forward to this year! I first have to take attendance. Also, you can sit wherever you'd like but if you become too chatty, you will be moved," he explained.

"Yamataro Hoshiko!"


"Mashiro Rima!"

Amu's head popped up and looked around. And she was. Rima as at the other end of the classroom in the same row. She was staring directly at Amu.

Amu immediately looked away. A strange feeling rose in her. Guilt? Friendship? Whatever it was, she was resisting it with all her might.

"Himamori Amu!"

"It's Hinamori," Amu grumbled.

"Ok, Himamori-san!"

The pinkette sighed. 'He's never going to change is he?'

And the rest of homeroom went on and on with chit-chatting. Nikaidou let the kids talk while he wrote something on the chalkboard. Probably for the next class.

The "lonely wolf" sat idly by the window looking at the dreary sky.

"Ah, Hinamori-sama is as 'Cool n' Spicy' as ever!" one girl squealed.

"I heard her mom was a famous magazine writer and her dad was an excellent photographer."

"Eh? I heard that got into this huge fight and left Hinamori-san!!"

That hit a nerve. Amu tried her hardest to ignore it but that doesn't seem possible. She wanted to just walk up to them and rant on and on about how their gossip was fake, mean, annoying, etc. But of course she can't do that. She's 'Cool n' Spicy'.

"I heard she was going out with Tadase-sama!"

They wish. Amu wants to believe that but as it was stated, it's impossible.

"Eh? I think she will look really good with Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

Amu's head slightly lifted. Tsukiyomi Ikuto. A member of Easter Corporation. 16 years old and a junior in this high school. Amu has met him only once.

The only time she has met him was in the halls of Easter. Amu was just walking down the hallways to a specific room to see a specific person and then Ikuto passed by. Their eyes met for split second and that was the end of the meeting.

The bell rang for second period. Nikaidou called for Amu.

"Himamori-san? Could you come to my desk for a second?"

Oohs and ahs came from the high school girls as they went out the door. Rima dropped some books on purpose. Amu made her way to Nikaidou's desk with her books.

"What is it, Nikaidou-sensei?" Amu said in a bored tone. Rima picked up her books and went to the tissue box a yard away from the desk. Rima tried to be sneaky as possible. As Rima pretended to wipe her nose behind Amu, she eavesdropped on their conversation.

"I heard over the summer about what happened at Easter. And I'm so sorry—"

"I don't need your sympathy."

A minute has passed. Two minutes left to go class. Rima isn't the type to be late for class but she wants to listen more.

"Ok, fine. I just want to see how you're doing."

"Very nice, thank you very much. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving." Amu shifted her books and turned around facing the doors but still away from Rima.

"I saw you one night at the park with several X-eggs surrounding you," Nikaidou said quietly. Amu stopped moving. Rima stopped pretending and stared at Amu's back from the corner of her eyes.

Amu finally broke the silence. "…and what of it?"

"I just want to know why."

"Why what?"

"You know why," Nikaidou calmly stated.

"Orders are orders."

"I see." Nikaidou scribbled something on a piece of paper. He stood up and gave her the paper. "Here's a pass to your next class. The bell is about to ring very soon. And if you want to go along with his plans, I'm disappointed in you."

Nikaidou went back to his desk and sat down. Amu was shocked and ashamed of herself. She didn't let her expression slip though because she's had practice for years.

"Mashiro-san, why are you still here?" Nikaidou asked, but he already knew Rima had been eavesdropping the whole time. Amu whirled around in surprise and the two sophomores stared at each other's golden eyes.

"Nothing. I just wanted to ask you about something about classes."

"Alright. I'll answer them as best as I can. Himamori-san, you better get on going."


And then Amu left as the late bell starting ringing. Amu left wondering what Rima thinks of her now. Does she hate Amu even more?

Meanwhile, Rima was standing in front of Nikaidou's desk.

"How much do you know, Mashiro-san?"

Rima knew what he meant. "Not a lot."

"State what you know."

"All I know is that she left the Guardians to join Easter. She said that she's sick of saving everybody and that it's a waste of time. But I know that's a lie. She wants to save people's dreams. I'm trying to figure her out but I don't know why she joined Easter in the beginning," the blonde admitted.

"Well at least you know some of it. I'm afraid I can't tell you. Himamori-san has to tell you herself. I have no right to butt in your business. I'm just a bystander. If she needs help, I'll help her."

"I see." Rima picked up her books. Nikaidou gave Rima a pass and the petite girl went out the door. Before completely going out the door, Rima turned around.

"It's Hinamori. Get that right." And she was gone.

Nikaidou simply smiled.

After School

"Amu-chan! We're back!" Ran sang in a jolly tone.

"Hey, you four. How was your day with the charas?"

"It was great desu. We said hi to everyone and played games," Su said happily.

"Shouldn't you be heading for home?" Dia asked.

"Ah, that's right. Let's go, girls!"

Amu left her post at the school gate and started to walk home. It's not raining anymore but it's still dark outside.

After they were less than a block away from Amu's house, the charas sensed something.

"Amu-chan! I feel an X-egg presence!" Miki alerted. Amu sighed.

"Alright, let's get this over with. Ran, chara-change."


Dark red wings appeared at Amu's wrists and ankle. Amu flew over roofs, looking for the X-egg. Then she spotted it.

"Useless, useless!" it sang.

"What should we do with it?" Miki asked.

"Hmm…I'm not sure. Let's catch it. Ran, character transformation."


Amu's hands went to her lock. "My own heart…unlock!"

A sparkly background appeared and Amu was soon engulfed by bright light. Ran went back into her egg. Instead of pink hearts though, it was blood red.

The light faded away and out came Amu.

"Character Transformation! Amulet Ruby!"

Amu's outfit has changed and same for Ran.

Wherever there was light pink on her outfit (excluding the pompoms), it has turned to dark red. The dark pink spots or red has turned to black. Her visor band has turned black but the see-through part is now a transparent dark red (if you get what I mean). Her pompoms were dark red with small black hearts instead of pink hearts. Her ribbons are black and her shoes match her outfit. The color of the lock has turned from white to blood red. The big heart on her visor is now dark red as well. Light pink couldn't be seen anywhere. Amu's facial expression was bored but with a hint of…sadness?

Ran has changed as well. Her outfit is a lot like Amu. Instead of having a light pink cheerleading outfit, it was dark red. Where there is red on her outfit, black replaced it. Her heart is dark red as well, along with her visor. However, the strip of red on her visor from before is now light pink in this new transformation. The one shred of difference to show people that Ran isn't fully in this plan.

"Ready, Ran?"


Amu smiled. "Ok. Ruby Rod!" The dark pink diamonds on the rod has turned to red and the rod itself was black.


The rod flung around and around the egg, causing it to be confused. Some sparkles also held him in place in the process.

"Catch it, Amu-chan!"

"I know. Ruby Net!"

A red net appeared in front of Amu and Amu flung it towards the X-Egg. Like magic, the net wrapped itself around the vulnerable X-Egg.

Amu thinks this is lame. Catching it with a net? What else could she have done? She couldn't just get a box and catch it. That's too…weird. And it might get away.

Amu caught the end of the rope on the net with the egg tightly secured inside.

"Should we get going desu?" Su asked. "I want to get home as soon as possible desu."

"Same here, Su. Let's hurry."

Amu jumped from roof to roof, barely making any sounds toward a huge building. Luckily, no one saw this.

The character transformation was undone as Amu landed in front of the entrance. The X-Egg was still in the net though.

"No matter how many times you catch one, it's still really weird to walk in the building with an egg."

Amu chuckled. "You are so right, Miki."

Amu stepped inside the building and made her way to the elevator. She clicked on floor 15 and waited for it to elevate.

After it reached the 15th floor, Amu stepped into a dark room. There was a mahogany desk in front of a window, the size of a wall. There were plants in the corner of the room and it's surprising that it still lives. The lights aren't on either. The only thing that is illuminating the room is the sunlight from outside and that's not that much light.

"Here you go." Amu tossed the X-egg into a box next to the desk.

"Thank you." A man was sitting in behind the desk. He appeared to be in his late forties and he had a big forehead. He also had brown hair, brushed back with gel. "But only one? I expected more."

"I'm only doing what I agreed to. Nothing more," Amu explained briskly.

"Aren't you feisty?"

Amu didn't respond to that comment. After a few seconds, Amu spoke. "I'm going home." She turned around.

"You're forgetting something," the man said suddenly.

Amu sighed, frustrated, and turned around and bowed. She hated saying this. And especially the last part. It makes her sick. "Good-bye, Kazuomi-sama."

And she left the room in a blink of an eye. She couldn't stand to look at him any longer. The middle-age man was simply smirking the whole time.

End of Chapter

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