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Laundry Day

It had been two years since the Sohma curse had been lifted. All the Sohmas had succeeded in leading productive lives where they were normally restricted. Yuki and Machi were engaged to be married. Hatori was already married to Mayuko. Ayame and Mine were off having a romantic getaway somewhere. Hatsuharu and Rin were about the same. Hiro and Kisa were still happily dating. Kagura had even found a nice boyfriend that could handle her "loving" temperament. Ritsu had stopped dressing like a girl and actually had a budding relationship with Shigure's editor, Mitsune. Uo continued seeing Kureno and he actually proposed to her. Even Hana had a new boyfriend (though no one knew who he was). Akito had finally dropped her male persona and allowed Shigure back into her life. After a lot of hard work, they mad it over the major problems in the relationship. They were actually happy together. Momiji had grown into a handsome young man and had taken over the role of the school "prince" after Yuki graduated. He still had not found a girl that he particularly liked, but he did enjoy the attention he was getting from the girls.

So all the Sohmas were happy. Their relationship with each other was a more open and relaxed one without the hanging gloom of the curse over their shoulders. All the Sohmas were grateful to Tohru Honda. Though she was not the main cause for breaking the curse, she did put them on the path and even after two years of being away from all of them, they still revered her for her unconditional love and kindness. She was still the girl they loved whole-heartedly and unconditionally, even Akito despite their rough beginning.

Which leads us to our lovely couple. After graduation, Tohru and Kyo had taken off to find a place of their own. Both of them worked to support themselves and over the two years they had been traveling together, they had dropped the awkwardness and shyness that once hindered them. They were more open and comfortable with each other and had even taken the innocent hand holds and sweet kisses to the next level, ending with both of them panting heavily on the couch after a heated make out session. Which was the position they were in at the moment. Kyo was over her staring at her, taking in all her beauty. The two years had been good to her. Now at the age of 18, she was truly a sight to behold. Her body was more curvaceous and voluptuous; her breasts had grown to a nice c-cup. Her face was still shaped like a child but that only added to her innocent beauty. Kyo knew what kind of passion she held behind that childish demeanor. Her large innocent eyes were darkened by the passionate moment they had just shared. Her personality had matured also. Though she was still charmingly klutzy, she was less oblivious to the world, adopting a personality similar to her mother's.. She was in one word: perfect. At least in his eyes.

Tohru was also admiring the Adonis above her. As a teenager, he was wiry but muscular. Thanks to Tohru's wonderfully delicious (and leek-free) meals, he had gained a healthy amount of weight that made his body gorgeous to say the least. His orange hair was still unruly, which Tohru loved, and his unusual red eyes always made Tohru forget how to breathe. His body was not excessively bulky but the fruits of his training was showing. His temperament had changed as well. Being around Tohru for so long had calmed him down considerably. Though when it came to Tohru he still had the tendency to fly off the handle. But that was normal. He loved her.

They continued gazing at each other, their breaths finally evened out, lost in each other's eyes. Tohru smiled softly. "Kyo, I need to get up and do the laundry," she had dropped the -kun after his insistence, saying that they were a couple, it was only natural.

"I'd much rather keep you here," he purred, nuzzling her neck. She giggled. Though the curse was broken, Kyo maintained some of his cat-like qualities and she loved it.

"Kyo please," she giggled again as he started kissing her neck. "You know you're hopeless. Let me up and I promise I will play with you as soon as I'm done."

He sighed in defeat and got off her, running his hand through his unruly hair. He was muttering something and Tohru laughed while placing a lingering kiss on his lips, her eyes promising lots of mischief. That look alone set a blaze throughout Kyo's body and he could feel his arousal rise as he watched her sashay into the laundry room. Oh, how he wanted her. They had not gone beyond make out sessions on the couch because he didn't want to push her too far or maker her uncomfortable. And with the way she was acting at the moment, she wanted it just as badly as he did. He quietly followed her to the laundry room and watched as she unloaded the washer and placed them neatly into the laundry basket before taking the next load and putting them in the washer and starting it. Just as she was about to turn to get the basket, Kyo was behind her with his bard body pressed against her back. He whispered her name huskily and she shivered. She tried to offer some lame excuse about needing to finish the laundry, but he paid no attention. Her breathing quickened as his lips skimmed the sensitive skin on her neck. Her body fully relaxed and he smirked. "I got you now my little onigiri," he purred.

Tohru shakily nodded, her mind a fuddled mess. Sure Kyo had kissed her like this before, but it was different. His lips moved as if memorizing; they burned her skin until her entire body was flushed. She felt something molten build in her lower abdomen. Then she felt it: his slowly growing hardness pressed to her bottom. She moaned quietly and he growled before sucking on her neck. She clutched the washer tightly, trying to steady herself as Kyo's mouth made her lose all coherent thought. The vibrations from the washer in front of her wasn't helping much either and she felt that molten liquid pool between her legs, dampening her panties. Kyo noticed her squeezing her legs together and his eyes darkened. His hands started on her shoulders and traced down the outline of her body, and rested on her hips. He moved one hand around and cupped her sex. She whimpered slightly. Part of her was shocked that he had made such a bold move and the other part wanted more friction. She bucked her hips against his hand and hissed; it felt good. She wanted more. She moved her hips again and moaned a little louder, her panties growing damper. Kyo was loving every second of this display. He pushed her panties aside and plunged a finger inside of her. She threw her head back on his shoulder, her mouth open and eyes squeezed shut with a beautiful blush on her cheeks. Kyo pumped her steadily. She moaned louder as a coil tightened within her lower belly. The combination of his fingers and the vibrating washer set her off and she came hard and fast. Her knees gave out but Kyo supported her between his body and the washer. He picked her up and sat her on the washer; her eyes were glazed and her breathing was still slightly erratic.

And he thought she never looked more beautiful.

He leaned forward and kissed her. The vibrating washer setting both of them off. Halfway through their little make out session, he felt Tohru's tiny hands shyly slide under his shirt and run them along his heated skin before pulling it up and over his head. They broke contact long enough to get Tohru's top off as well and toss it somewhere. They attacked each other again and Kyo unclasped her bra to play with her breasts. She moaned into their kiss and moved her hands to his pants.

Before either of them knew it, they were both nude and ready.

Kyo looked into her eyes. "Is this really what you want?" he questioned.

She nodded blushing slightly. "You can't get me all hot and bothered and not do anything about it," she countered. Kyo couldn't help but stare wide eyed at the girl's bold statement then smirked.

He rubbed his tip at her entrance and she threw her head back. He chuckled. "My, my little Tohru grows bolder. I wonder how far I can push her," he continued to teasingly rub against her, only pushing the tip into her entrance. She cried and whimpered. "K-Kyo… p-please," she breathed shakily.

His mischievous grin grew. "Please what my precious onigiri?" She whined and tried to push herself on him but he easily backed away and tsked. "Not until you tell me what you want."

"I want you!" she cried. "I want to feel you! All of you. I want you inside me! Please Kyo! Please just fuck me!"

Kyo's eyes narrowed and he thrust into her quickly, growling as he entered her. She screamed from the mix of pleasure and pain; Kyo had forgotten that she was still a virgin, as was he, and tired to kiss her pain away. He sat letting her adjust. She nodded the OK shortly after and he set a steady rhythm, stopping every now and then to prolong his own release. She was tight and hot and it was hard not to spill his load on the first thrust. Tohru was thoroughly enjoying his thrusts and the vibration from the washer. Her body was going into sensory overload as she climbed higher to her climax. Kyo thrust a few more times before spilling his seed into her, triggering her orgasm. The washer finally stopped moving, and Kyo laid on her, both of them catching their breaths. They giggled lightly and kissed each other again. Tohru smiled down at him, tangling her fingers through his fiery locks. "That was nice," she murmured and blushed lightly.

Kyo nuzzled her chest. "Mmhmm," he replied tiredly.

She giggled. "Kyo, you can't nap here. Go to the bedroom," he lazily stoop up and pulled her into his arms, carrying her bridal style to their bedroom. Tohru protested laughingly. "Kyo, I have to finish the laundry."

"Not a chance," he drawled. "Because when I wake up I want round two and I want you right next to me," she blushed and he grinned. "Although I do enjoy laundry day."

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